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  1. This is my first custom weapon for Halo Custom Edition. Other than the first and third person model, it's basically a pistol reskin and depends on the default pistol tagset. Good news is it already has a separate weapon tag and thus the pistol and it can exist in the same place at the same time. I've also included a map file for those who don't have the time, resources, or just prefer not to compile their own. I want to thank the members of the Halo Archive server for motivating me to do this, General_101 as well as other members of CE Reclaimers greatly for helping me every step of the way in porting it to Custom Edition and putting up with my several pings a day, and Daldott for helping me test it out in mcc multiplayer and providing the third person screenshots you see here. pistol_custom.zip tutoritest.rar
  2. Needed somewhere to put my custom modeled pistol tagset