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  1. Thanks to you both!
  2. Antfarm is a map I made for the Reclaimers Discord server's season 2 map making competition. It is based on layout number 1. This is basically a shitpost turned into a serious entry, the original idea was to make a shitty map with a bunch of memes in it but in the end I found myself rigging custom bipeds, running vray lightmaps and putting in way more effort than it probably deserved but it was totally worth it. There are more easter eggs than actual assets so do go look around. The map itself was originally too "spicy" so I had to make a safe for work version without controversial / politically incorrect easter eggs in order to stay in the competition. I took so long to post this because I am the king of procrastination and I accidentally deleted all the footage we recorded for the trailer, so here are Storm's reviews of both versions. SFW Version: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/314vd38xkj7ya5w/antfarm_sfw.rar/file Real/NSFW Version: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7a6thnbwyt8nitt/antfarm.rar/file Thanks to everyone who helped out testing, debugging, reviewing and giving me ideas for this map: The SBB team Altis Blitz Burney CC Gonza Holy Crust Kinnet Lolslayer Pope Sean Storm Vuthakral Xander Biaanca (Orange Juice) Giraffe Nix Everyone else I inevitably forgot Dennis Powers (RIP) PD: If you don't understand what the outside of the map is referencing, go watch this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBd40bbB4nE
  3. Tired of your sapien.config getting bloated up to the point where you can't even start Sapien anymore? Tired of constantly having to delete it and lose the camera position for every scenario you were working on? Now you can just debloat it without ever having to delete it again! This program gets rid of redundant entries in the sapien.config file that contain no real data and just serve as a time bomb and to make your sapien load slower every time you launch it . You can either run the debloater on its own, run it every time you open up sapien, or run it and delete some of the other problematic files that get bloated up such as debug.txt, heap_dump.txt and cleaning up the virtual store so that you don't have to chase ghost bugs anymore. Sapien.config Cleaner.zip