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    i need help to make a firefight map in halo ce
  1. Thanks bro This maps contain the BR tag with the H1 ammo metter test br.zip
  2. I have one last Question and Help haha Look, battle_redflashes_black_background.rar
  3. it's perfect, thank you very much! alright, i check it out, thanks
  4. I need a little help, some modder can help me to create this bitmap of ammo metter, I am creating the hud for the battle rifle of h1, and only this is missing, and idk ammo metter.rar
  5. thanks bro, i really appreciate it
  6. I need help, to make my own halo ce firefight map, idk how to make that, please if you know how to do, explain me... i want to make a map look a like portent firefight or cryobay firefight