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  1. Weird how this script works perfectly with Custom Edition but dosen't work with Combat Evolved.
  2. Change VNC port on a Linux VPS. this is the tutorial video I use in Ubuntu. I change my port to a much higher number. Example 8887 <-not the port I use haha this helps to secure your VNC port to avoid bot attacks.
  3. Thank you, I was able to convert the map, now I will set up the server and test it.
  4. I have used spark edit to mod PC maps for years, along with echaton and HMT 3.5, then used combustion to convert the Maps to CE.
  5. I have seen some maps from CE converted to PC like the Bigass map, I am trying to convert a Bumpercars map fro CE to PC. anyone know how to do this?
  6. Why not? Not much anyone can do with the CD keys. Besides, there are several clans that publish CD keys they ban from their servers.
  7. a Bot you place in your server, mine are added via multiclient and a thinclient pc.
  8. 1. Wine 6.0.1 2. Ubuntu 18.04 with LXDE desktop 3. Wine 6.0.1 seems to work perfecly with sapp 10.2.1 I run on Digital Ocean VPS
  9. above is what I get when I run the name blacklist script, I'm sure it's a simple fix maybe it's time I start learning lua lol. I'm using sapp 10.21 on this test server. above is what I get when I run the name blacklist script, I'm sure it's a simple fix maybe it's time I start learning lua lol. I'm using sapp 10.21 on this test server. Nevermind, It works great I broke it, I re-installed it without changing any settings and all is great, Thanks Chalwk
  10. That looks like it will work great, I just got the script and will look at it in the next couple of days and try it out, thank you
  11. If you run MultiClient you can run multiple instances of halo and have those join as bots, if you name each bot you want as bot1, bot2 etc gamtracker won't count them as actual palyers.
  12. There are certain players that use the same name but login with different ip's and hash keys, these are the ones I am targeting, pretty useful if you let them log in and play for a few minutes and then auto boot them. {BK) DIEGO is just one of several of them. event_join 'w8 300; k "New001" "Go get a real name"' <-that will let them play for 5 minutes and show a reason they were kicked to everyone on the server. this is what I did to {BK} DIEGO it lets him play for 5 minutes then auto kicks him with a message, it's pretty funny to watch him come back saying WTF lol. He eventually tires out and even when he changes ip and hash key he still gets the boot. I rarely ban players because they just come back with a new IP address.
  13. I have an event that I would like to be made into a script with a name database to kick hackers. here is my event that works great but don't want to add a new event each time I want to add an abuser to be auto kicked. event_join 'w8 90; k "HACKER" "JERK HACKER"'
  14. Yes I realize that but I just needed something basic, wasn't knocking your script at all, your scripts are awesome, this just gives an option to use older sapp versions. BTW I am going to test out your alias script soon, I have a player that likes to come in just to mess up game play. I know I should have been using it already, I know your alias system is really good at cross reference player data.
  15. Timed messages via events - made by BUZZARD! Buzzard wrote some event's that work exactly the same as the script does and is much smaller than the script. event_start 'var_add msgtimeticker 4' event_join 'var_set msgtimeticker 1 $n' event_alive 'var_set msgtimeticker +1 $n' event_alive $msgtimeticker=60 'say $n "message 1"' event_alive $msgtimeticker=120 'say $n "message 2"' event_alive $msgtimeticker=180 'say $n "message 3"' event_alive $msgtimeticker=240 'say $n "message 4"' event_alive $msgtimeticker=300 'say $n "message 5 "' event_alive $msgtimeticker=360 'say $n "message 6"' event_alive $msgtimeticker=480 'say $n "message 7";var_set msgtimeticker 1 $n' this works with 8.72 and 10.1 thankyou Buzzard