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  1. xd i have cheapo pair for £1 i had to use tape to hold them together xd
  2. its weird when you see people and you think "i did not imagine they'd look like that"
  3. i only give my first name age and country ,thats it xd unless i have know theme for a long time and built "virtual trust" then ill tell them reougthly what part of the country i live in but thats as far as they get..
  4. just played assault cube and apb_reloaded
  5. oh and i have the ebuddy app on my mobile
  7. LOL, done nothing really except been on the pc >_<
  8. LOL same here :\
  9. exactly, like i say parents need to teach 'wrong from wright' if parent don't do this it is going to lead to problems. the fact is some people are irresponsible when it comes to that , such as monitoring what your child does on the pc, tv and outside. Im not saying be like a dictator but really this needs to stop. I do think that "crap" like this should be removed from the media but really like i say parents need to teach that.
  10. MSN GMAIL YAHOO FACBOOK and i use EBUDDY tolog into all of them at once
  11. done some more work on my forums http://gamerzdepot.co.cc/forum.php
  13. played some RoR and joined some forums