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  1. Thanks guys...will check out those other programs
  2. Having trouble trying to convert this sound file to a "looping_sound" file so I can import into using it for my tank. I tried a couple of tutorials on Halomaps and even a video tutorial on Youtube, but to no avail? any help appreciated! Thanks in advance! Tank_Sound.zip
  3. you can use a lua script and edit the "distance" from inside lua...this one is called Dynamic Vehicle Entry https://pastebin.com/HEVbgTwE
  4. Not sure if this is the correct area to post this (feel free to move if not)...but have a question on Halo Main Lobby: there are servers that have "blank names" but when you hover your mouse over that same blank image a "name" does appear a few seconds later? How is this accomplished? I did some research and found some info on "events" by using $svame or by using the "wait" command but not sure if this is what is used to set this up or even if it is.. what are the correct line command arguments in events? Thanks for any help