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    Easy. Make a second account called "Tucker the Lesser" and walk the earth as though you are man.
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    The compression quality on Imgur is pretty bad tbh. This is on my Thinkpad X240.

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    I liked the last one, but this looks even better.
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    @killzone64 and @SBBMichellepresent: Hornet's Nest, a remake of Halo 3's Rat's Nest, except it's a space station!
    ---This map is not finished---
    You have no idea how happy I am to show off this map in the state that it is in, even though it isn't finished

    The map works best on CTF and Team Slayer.
    It is set up to work with:
    Slayer/Team Slayer,
    Oddball (Not suggested),
    King of the Hill/Crazy King,
    And any derivatives.

    More screenshots!:
    Download link for all the versions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1StGxaknpW5iY2uJ108QN04XrbuaVNGin
    Known issues with this version:
    -The portalling is bad, so the map will de-render at times.
    -Some small phantom BSPs.
    -The warthog can be put under the platforms in the main loop.
    ---Change Log---
    Version 0.1.0: First release.
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    Easy. Make a second account called "Tucker the Lesser" and walk the earth as though you are man.
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    Probably the brightest desktop I've ever had.

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    Google Pixel 2
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    A collection of every known tweak, fix, mod and patch designed to get the most out of Halo CE for modern PCs in 2019.
    Halo PC Manual
    Halo CE's latest official version is v1.10 (2014), and has 3 community patches: HAC 2 (2016), OpenSauce v4 (2015), and Chimera (in active development). Open Sauce and HAC 2 are incompatible with each other, therefore it is recommended to switch to HAC 2 when playing multiplayer (adds map downloading), and OpenSauce when playing singleplayer (enhances graphics, and some maps require it). Chimera is compatible with both community patches and should never be disabled.
    Servers do not check your CD key! Both multiplayer and singleplayer work perfectly on any CD key.
    "But what about Halo PC?" Halo Retail (PC) has been superseded in every capacity by Halo Custom Edition (CE). There is no longer any valid reason to play Halo PC over CE.
    After you've completed this guide, check out part 2: The Halo CE Ultimate Content Guide
    1. Update Halo CE
    No previous patches required.
    2. Run Halo CE's Redistributable
    In Halo CE's root folder there is a folder called 'redist'. Run 'msxmlenu.msi' inside. This will enable in-game chat.
    3. (Optional) Make Halo CE Recognise Your Graphics Card

    If your video card was made post-2006, Halo CE will register it as ''Unknown'' in config.txt located within your Halo PC/CE folder. To fix this:
    1. Double click Halo PC/CE while holding left Ctrl.
    2. A small widow will appear with a code such as ''0x05e2''.
    3. Copy this code and open config.txt in your Halo folder.
    4. Under your graphics card vendor, before Unknown = "Unknown", create a new entry named after your graphics card, e.g 0x05e2 = "GeForce GTX 260".
    5. Add the following:
    UseAnisotropicFilter -- Improves the quality of oblique textures (Alternatively, Chimera build 50 console command: chimera_af 1)
    DisableBuffering -- Reduces input lag (Alternatively, Chimera build 50 console command: chimera_disable_buffering 1).
    4. (Optional) Make Halo CE Recognise Your Sound Card
    1. Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Sound Controllers, right click and open the properties of your audio card.
    2. Go to the Details tab and make a note of the 4 characters after VEN_ and DEV_ under Hardware Ids under Properties.
    3. Go to config.txt in your Halo PC/CE folder. If your vendor is matched by an already-present vendor, create a new line underneath in the same fashion as the rest. For example, if DEV_AA01 is my device ID, I create the following line 0xAA01 = "High Definition Audio" beneath that vendor.
    4. If your vendor is not present, create a new vendor line. For example. AudioVendor = 1002 "AMD"
    5. Add the following:
    To test if you've done everything correctly, add OldDriver, save, and launch Halo. You should see a warning message. Hit exit.
    5. Install HAC 2

    Author: Btcc22#3086 (Discord), maintainer: @Devieth.
    Features include improved chat, medals from later games, map downloading and engine budget upgrades. Despite its name, an anticheat component was never implemented. To install, unzip onto into the 'controls' folder in your Halo CE directory.
    Optimised HAC 2 setup file: If the following folders are not there, run Halo with HAC 2 once first.
    preferences.ini. Drop into %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac
    Recommended HAC 2 Functions
    The console is accessed by pressing tilde (key left of 1). Chimera (listed below) will unlock Halo's console.
    font_size x -- Adjusts font size of custom chat.
    copy -- Will copy the server's IP and password onto your clipboard. If a friend sends you a server address with this command, copy it, and right click to paste in Halo's console.
    about -- Shows HAC 2 version.
    fov x  -- Sets FOV, where x is your desired fov, 90 is recommended for 16:9 aspect ratios.
    show_hud 0 --  Disables HUD.
    devcam 1 -- hold middle mouse button to move, scroll up/down to adjust speed.
    F6 -- Adjust FOV.
    F4/F5 -- Bookmark servers.
    ALT Enter -- Minimize the game if in fullscreen mode. Enter borderless window if in windowed mode.
    Optic is a feature of HAC2 whereby medals and sound effects from later games can be added in. For information on how to use this see here.
    6. Install OpenSauce v4

    Author: kornman00#4155 (Discord) and TheFieryScythe, installer by Yumiris.
    Features include post processing, advanced shading and support for high definition .yelo maps. Many custom maps require Open Sauce to function. HAC 2 and OpenSauce are incompatible with each other. To install them both and avoid incompatibility, remove Open Sauce's dinput8.dll from Halo CE's folder, and HAC 2's controls.dll from the controls folder as required to disable either mod, or create two installations. Open Sauce has two menus to access its settings. Press F7 in-menu to access general settings, and press F7 in-game to access game settings.
    Recommended OpenSauce Functions
    If you are getting lag while using OpenSauce, press F7 to access general settings and untick ''GBuffer Enable''.
    7. Install Chimera

    Author: @Kavawuvi
    Features include unlocking 30fps animation cap, widescreen HUD scaling, faster map loading, warp elimination, controller setup automation, disabled mouse acceleration and more. It is recommended to join their discord to remain up-to-date with the latest developments. If you're planning on using a controller, stick with build 49 located in the header-link above. To install, unzip onto into the 'controls' folder in your Halo CE folder.
    The latest Halo CE build is -581.zip
    Optimised Chimera setup file: If the following folders are not there, run Halo with Chimera once first.
    chimerasave.txt. Requires build -581. Drop into %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera.
    Execute chimera to get a full list of commands. See this documentation for a complete list of build -5xx commands.
    Recommended Chimera Functions
    Adjust your mouse sensitivity with chimera_mouse_sensitivity x y instead of using in-game settings, with x being your vertical sensitivity and y being your horizontal sensitivity.
    If you're getting lag, execute chimera_disable_buffering 0.
    On certain maps, execute chimera_block_mo 1 to disable glitchy sniper zoom bars.
    8. Install The Universal User Interface

    Author: Mooseguy.
    Features include update-check removal (no more official updates), menus for community maps (download these from halomaps.org or haloce3.com), and gorgeous graphics. To install, unzip into your Halo CE maps folder.
    If you prefer the feel of the original UI, here is an updated version by @Vaporeon with campaign button enabled, disabled update checks, UI button placement fixes, a higher quality halo ring bitmap, and fixed custom maps filter description. To install, unzip into your Halo CE maps folder.
    9. Update your Halo CE Multiplayer Map files

    Part of the Halo CE Refined project, these community-patched maps have been altered to include: fixed multipurpose maps, uncompressed bitmaps, shader fixes, @Jesse's high resolution HUD and an updated font.
    10. Enable Discord Rich Presence in Halo CE

    This tool by @giraffe lets other people on Discord see information about the server on which you are playing.
    11. Enable EAX Effects using DSOAL
    EAX is environmental audio, things like echoing footsteps and reverberating bullets. If you are on XP you don't need to install this. Microsoft rewrote the audio code on Vista+, hence the incompatibility with this XP-era video game. This workaround is superior to Creative ALchemy. To install, download the latest version and extract into Halo CE's root folder. More information here.
    12. Recommended Console Commands
    The following is an optimised setup file for Halo CE:
    init.txt. Drop into Halo CE's root folder.
    rasterizer_fps 1 -- Displays a detailed FPS counter.
    CTRL F12 -- View your FPS.
    13. Command Line Parameters

    Right click on Halo's shortcut, and add the following to the ''target'' field as desired. A space is required before each.
    -nowinkey -- Disables Windows keys.
    -nojoystick -- Disables joystick detection.
    -novideo -- Disables movies (.bik files).
    -screenshot -- Press ''print screen'' in-game to take a high resolution .tga screenshot saved to your Halo directory.
    -window -- Launches in a window. Press ALT Enter while windowed to enter borderless window mode (HAC 2).
    -timedemo -- Launches in benchmark mode, the results of which are saved as timedemo.txt in your Halo directory.
    14. Enable Antialiasing

    Standard MSAA/SSAA does not work on Halo PC/CE and will result in an instant crash or a black screen.
    NVIDIA users force FXAA in your control panel.
    AMD users force MLAA in your control panel.
    15. Online Performance

    Set Halo CE's network settings according to your internet upload speed. In multiplayer servers, type ''/info'' into chat ingame to check if the server uses nolead. Nolead, part of SAPP server software, patches Halo CE's notorious netcode problem whereby players must apply ''shot leading'' by shooting his target slightly farther than one would think naturally, this worsens the higher your ping. Nolead fixes this and for new players especially, servers that uses nolead are highly preferable to servers that don't.
    Take full advantage of Halo's glitches, especially backpack reloading
    16. Join the Community

    For its age, Halo CE has a vibrant community. Players use https://discordapp.com/ to contact others (RIP Xfire). You can contact me on Discord via Zetren#0584.
    Various Discords
    Open Carnage
    Rebel Army
    Halo 1 Hub
    SBB - Storm and Blackbird
    Check out Halomaps.org for map downloading and their active forum, CE3 for map downloading (faster than Halomaps) and map reviews, and StormUndBlackboard's YouTube for map reviews and fortnightly gamenights.
    Take a look at our sister projects: Project Cartographer for Halo 2 PC and Eldewrito for Halo Online.
    17. Jump into Halo CE's Content
    Halo CE has a whole host of content that you can enjoy for free today. Part 2 of this guide aims to present the finest iterations of creative work ever produced for Halo Custom Edition.
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    If anyone is looking for an alternative, DuckDuckGo works pretty well. Doesn't track you, and you can get the raw images. Done deal.
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    So...what's stopping someone from just making a Chrome or Firefox addon that adds the button back?
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    It's been an honor to please and enrage you all. Here's to 660 more years!
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    Here's my purty voice talking about widescreen fix stuff
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    Probably the brightest desktop I've ever had.

  20. Tucker933 liked a post in a topic by swamp in Desktop Screenshots   
    Probably the brightest desktop I've ever had.

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    Honorable Bulletproof Van
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    Thank you for posting this. I want to further elaborate the situation, as every news source I've come to about the plant generally says the same thing over and over again, both in english and german. We're just not known for having the most transparent journalism in the world, to which in this image showing someone making a typo and every other news outlet not even attempting to correct it. "Oberserviert" does not exist as a word. Heck, the article I've posted is also a plant. "Grundremmingen" is also a typo and should've been "Gundremmingen". Same thing has happened with a bunch of other news outlets.
    I've worked inside the Gundremmingen plant many many times, as the company I work for is responsible for inspecting, controlling and reengineering powerplants across the continent (also non-EU) and produce the various parts inside them. To confirm my bias, yes, I believe nuclear power is the future. It’s safe if built correctly, nuclear is one of the cheapest energy sources, it’s reliable, and it hardly pollutes CO2 emissions. Yes, there is a problem with storing nuclear waste, but in the future, we will find a better way to store it.
    I understand the anti-nuclear sentiment, the fear of another disaster or meltdown like Chernobyl and Fukushima. The disasters of Chernobyl and Fukushima happened due to faults in the design. It should have never happened in the first place. If a nuclear disaster does ever happen again in the future, the consequences can be catastrophic, however, as I wrote earlier, nuclear power plants are safe if built and maintained correctly. For every nuclear power plants that are built today, the better, safer and more innovative the next one and future generations will be. Except in Belgium. My God are their safety scores horrible.
    Germany wants to promote and use renewable energy, but at the same time they shut down nuclear power reactors. To fill in the gap, we must use other energy sources such as coal which pollutes CO2 heavily. In 2017, hard coal and ignite made up 37% in electricity production. Germany is also one of the world’s largest producer in ignite. I understand that the process of energiewende is slow, however, they shouldn’t be replacing nuclear power plants with coal production especially if they are promoting clean energy.
    If they do intend on removing nuclear power plants, they should have gotten rid of coal production first and then moved onto removing nuclear power (even if it'll lose my job). It would have saved us billions of euros in the long run. This money could have been spent on further expanding our energy revolution. It would also have made meeting our 2020 target to cut carbon emission 40% from 1990 levels achievable.
    Moreover, I find it hard to believe using just renewable energy will be sustainable and reliable. What happens if there is ever a long period of time where there is no sunshine or wind? There must be a backup source that provides energy to keep the system running in the long run and that backup system is nuclear power. You do not have to build 100 nuclear power plants.
    Ultimately at the end of the day, I do not share the same vision as the politicians. The vision of a utopian world where energy is sourced only from renewable energy. I admire our efforts to reduce its carbon emissions and promote renewable energy which in turn, lead other countries in doing the same, however, we must understand that energiewende without nuclear power is not sustainable. There must be a balance.
    As for the plant in question, it's actually 33 years old. The oldest plant shut down in 2011 is now 42 years old. Safe operation is possible up to 60 or even 80 years if certain components are replaced on a regular schedule (which we do).
    With the exception of passively safe reactors, most safety systems have been retrofitted, so I have no clue where they'd find that claim from.
    So just an industrial accident that could happen literally anywhere. Unit A was ten years away from starting to operate when the workers were killed 43 years ago in 1975. Their deaths have literally zero to do with the decision to shut down this aging reactor.
    Unit A ran from 1966 to 1977, when a catastrophic series of failures rendered the reactor unrepairable and contaminated the facility. It was this unit that killed the workers in 1975. It took around 30 years to do the bulk of dismantling and decontamination, and work is still ongoing (not my work though).
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    Easy. Make a second account called "Tucker the Lesser" and walk the earth as though you are man.
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    Yeah. Sometimes I'd rather wait 2-3 days for an item to ship than go to a store and get it, even if the store sells it at the same price.
    Yeah. Here's a pretty cool ~11 minute video about this. The guy repairs a MacBook Air board and talks about "geniuses" and authorized repair centers being a joke:
    He also made a video where he repaired a motherboard drunk. The Genius bar supposedly said that the board was unrepairable to someone who later brought it to him, and he repaired the board while drunk: