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  1. Is there a way to DSR the game ONLY without changing my desktops resolution?
  2. How do I DSR Halo? I have it enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel but it doesn't acknowledge that in game.
  3. I have two questions here: 1) Can I cap Halo to 60FPS? V-Sync is supposed to cap it at my monitors refresh rate which is 60. It doesn't and No-Vsync does the same as V-Sync and the FPS is in the thousands causing coil whine. 30FPS is disgusting. How can I cap it? 2) Is it possible at all to use DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) Or enable Ant-Aliasing some how?
  4. Been a very long time but I think Sceny or Tucker brought me here...Hell it could have also been Nessa or Pepsi too.
  5. I've been around for a long time just never been relevant. I found this site thanks to the following: DeadHamster Sceny WaeV Tucker933 Pepis Nessa
  6. What's that? Another BloodGulch Mod!? You bet it is! Many years ago I wanted to do something different but I didn't have the know how. So a good friend of mine DeadHamster helped me out majorly. He taught me how to put AI in a map. He also did me a huge favor. I wanted something from one map in another map. I won't say what it is because I believe this is self explanatory. This is still very much a WIP. I am still seeing where I want to go with this. But it still has it's issues. The decals on both are correct. However the light strips going up the ramp to the Banshee landing pad are blue on both bases. One of the ramp lighting strips doesn't work on the blue base at all. There is also a strange light on the Turret pad below with no light emitter on the map. In this particular map the bases are an actual piece of the map. Hamp did me another solid favor and made it into an actual scenery item to place wherever. The light strip on the inside upper part of the energy tower is also blue on both bases. Since the old days I have 3DS Max experience in GTA modding. Not full blown like some. But I kind of know my way around. I could attatch lightbars to cars via Hierarchy. I could do materials and such. But the issue with this map seems to be a minor case of wrong colored.
  7. Someone on HaloMaps helped me. It was a bug caused by bloodgulch/bloodgulch.bitmaps I needed to rename and re-reference them. It's okay I guess now but I can't seem to get the map any darker than this: I don't need it vastly darker but maybe a bit. Here is my current settings: 0.5ish and lower seem to yield no difference.
  8. Okay so having some fairly big issues. It looked normal in Sapien. Not sure what the hell to make of this.
  9. How long is this supposed to take? It started doing them and had a lot of numbers on the top left counting down. It finally hit 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 It flashes every now and then. I can't move my mouse or anything. I can hear TeamSpeak but I can't go to it. It might look like night in this image but it's not. It has more of a brown China smog look but so much thicker. It's just sitting on this screen. I started about 2:30ishPM. It's now 2:58 as i type this. Is it broken? Also is the color I chose too dark? The original was a very light brownish color. Should probably mention I am using the Updated Sapien Client "DarkSL" I saw it on the HaloMaps Forums since the original Sapien is no nice to multi cores. I do have a multicore patch for the original. If this is the case I will cancel this and use it.
  10. Well if I really needed to I could do the Light Maps in CE. I just need to be pointed to a tutorial. I have used tool and Ran the light maps before but it's been a long time.
  11. So for a LONG time and I mean long. *Cough* Halo Trial Days *Cough* I have messed with halo and skinned it. I have tried numerous times to make a night BG and other maps. I know it's extensive work because BG has like 16 Light-Maps. I originally just painted a black opaque layer on the LM. I realized that wasn't doing the trick. I thought a dark bluish-purple tint would be better for night. I can also do a good job with the sky bitmap. I know how to add new planets and re-size them. But I was wondering if you guys had any tips that doesn't involve Halo CE. I can import the Night Ring from the Campaign and if I really needed to which I don't import night skies. Would fog add to the scene of night? Perhaps import some night time sounds from another map if it exists. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks Tucker, I can always count on you guys for this kind of stuff. It seems to me it would be better to null it out like I already have. However like I already said thanks for the information of moving the "sun".
  13. So I am interested in making legitimate Night, Morning and evening maps. I tried a long time ago but didn't have the experience. I have all the tools for bitmap editing such as Photoshop CC. But the sun is an issue. Is there a way to actually move it? I looked into Eschaton and found: Is it here I need to do something? It has quite a few chunks. Do I move them one by one to the same coords? If this cannot be done I can simply disable the sun, I will have to for the night version.
  14. Why not since I have gotten all the parts picked out that I need.
  15. Live action modding?