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  1. Would this work on newer versions of the bigass map i downloaded from discord? Particularly the curremt bigassV6.2 or... Something like that
  2. Hello World Im Bart, been playing halo since halo was first on the xbox, now i spend most of my days waiting for the insignia xbox live project to finish up a release lol Im actually still playing halo on pc tho, used to tinker with map mods and model injections, about 12 years back now with ol sir undertow. Now im old, and i have the stability to purchase a dedicated host, so i did that. But i havent touched the server side for more than 10 years. If theres anyone out interested in assisting, i have tons of questions, and will be providing one more to the public server listings. You can find me on discord anytime or likely in an aurora server on the not so custom side.