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  1. The Wilderness Highlands And all of their kings Humans conquered this deployment plateau, to command Sentinels to defend Alpha Base. The Covenant have disabled the platform, leaving the base defenseless and under attack. Destroy them all. Located near the first half of main campaign. First look at the Singleplayer Prototype from The Flood: Feet First Into Hell. It's Work In Progress. Still need a lot of details. Rework and add some new geometry A little video:
  2. Updated Plasma Rifle Model I updated the plasma rifle model and animations also added the heat meter from Halo Infinite plasma pistol. Still WIP. Thanks to Samuel2213 and Installation 01.
  3. Bleed It Out Updates Some updates on Bleed It Out, so here we go: -Added player spawns -Supported gametypes: Slayer, KOTH, CTF & Oddball -Added weapon spawns -Added new scenerys
  4. Bleed It Out Another map that I been working, I took some geometry from Halo Reach Forge World, some H2A textures and more custom shit.
  5. I started to do some third person animations for the fusion coil. Stand Idle Move front
  6. Plasma Coil: The past year I made a fusion coil prototype, but it's function was a lot inconsistent, now I re-implemented with a more stable weapon and fun to use. Still need to make the second effect after explosion (leaving a big plasma rock and fire that causes damage).
  7. Magnum Animations Update: 4 years ago I made some animations for the Halo 5 Magnum Gunfighter that I would later reuse for The Flood, now I have decided to renew them.
  8. Disruptor/Arc Zapper Animations (WIP): Some animations I made for the Disruptor seen on Halo Infinite. Still WIP, need to polish some things and finish couple more animations.
  9. VK78 Commando Animations
  10. Thanks!
  11. This mod is a re-imagining of the story behind LT. Melissa McKay and takes place during the events of the novel “Halo The Flood” of course this is a campaign but it have multiplayer too. I will post here all the progress related to the mod, multiplayer and singleplayer. First of all, I've been working on this map called "Treason" (a reimagined H2 Foundation) multiplayer map with all new textures and areas. This map requires Chimera 1.0 to works, it have lua script for gameplay purposes like dynamic crosshair, sweep FP arms, health regen, rotating weapons on pads (WIP), hide radar on zoom, mark system points like Halo Infinite (WIP). All MP maps from this project will be released vía mercury and supported by Insurrection (provides a new multiplayer experience as service to play with friends in any map anytime whenever you want for free). General Map Pics: Tagset: Note: some weapon names are fanon. -Magnum M6S -Assault Rifle MA38 -VK78 Commando -Shotgun M90 -Battle Rifle 65H -M41 SPNKR -M739 LMG (SAW) -Sniper SR99C -Frag Grenade -Plasma Pistol T25 -Plasma Rifle T25 -Needler T54C -Storm Rifle T55 -Plasma Caster T53 -Stalker Rifle -Disruptor (Arc Zapper) -Plasma Grenade -Plasma Coil -Skull Next weapons to be added: -Raveger -Skewer -Railgun -Double Barrel Short M90 UNSC: Covenant/Banished: Vehicles: Note: only one vehicle on map and is a turret. -M247 HMG Bipeds: Note: only a test options, need to be defined. -ODST Legacy -ODST Nova -ODST SPI -ODST Orion -ODST MKV This is all for now. I'll post updates more frequently. More updates here: Keymind Dev Team
  13. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Helioskrill Armor V1 I did this biped three years ago; just made a few small features, Model compatible with stock animations Model Optimization New Shaders Optimized Textures FP arms included Doesn't have LODs yet, but it will Note: Doesn't Include HUD; all shaders are vanilla (not OpenSauce). - - - The assault rifle shown in the pictures can be found on next link: Installation: Extract the Zip file in your tags directory. The biped is in this route: tags\keymind\halo_5\characters\unsc\helioskrill FP Arms are in this route: tags\keymind\halo_5\characters\unsc\_fp Permissions: You are free to repurpose and use this mod in any way you want; just give the proper credit. Credits: -343i: Biped, FP arms models and textures -ReclaimerOmega: Model work, asset port, and shaders. -YI$$U$™: Techsuit rigging -Keymind Dev Team: BSP, plasma pistol, and HUD for the pictures. -MosesOfEgypt: MEK (Mo's Editing Kit) Please give me feedback if you'd like.
  15. ASSAULT RIFLE MA5D Here is the assault rifle from Halo 5, I did this three years ago, just made a few small tweaks for this first public version. New Animations LODs Model Optimization New Shaders Optimized Textures New Muzzle Flash New Casing Effect New Sounds Note: Not Include HUD, all shaders are vanilla (not OpenSauce), random animations are vía Lua scripting. - - - Installation: Extract the Zip file in your tags directory. The weapon is in this route: tags\keymind\halo_5\weapons\rifle\assault_rifle Permissions: You are free to repurpose and use this mod in any way you want, only give the proper credit. Credits: -343i: Assault rifle model and textures -ReclaimerOmega: Model work, asset port, animations, shaders, sounds, effects. -Keymind Dev Team: BSP and character and HUD for the pictures. -Gravemind: Adjutant -MosesOfEgypt: MEK (Mo's Editing Kit) Please give me feedback if you want.