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  1. oh yes, I would appreciate it, I did not know that that existed, lmao
  2. No, this is to show how the map is going bro, we still need to change the textures and others
  3. This map was created based on the Ascension Classic map (anonymous author) with a Halo spv3 style. Weapons: CMT BR SHM AR CMT Magnum CMT Shotgun CMT Sniper Rifle CMT DMR Images: Credits: CMT, Zteam, aLTis, ShadowModsTeam, Spartan2705 (Benjamín), Perla117 Ascension_Revamped.rar
  4. ok ok, this will be maybe the last release of the month, new things? yes. -Fixed spike rifle name -Fixed SMG name New Weapon: Halo 3 Shotgun. oh by the way, thanks for your support in this, they help me a lot. ODST_BattleCreek 2.1.rar Tags By Zteam
  5. This Tag is one of the first that I use for my custom map, I put it here if you want to use it, or to put it in a repository - It's a Halo 3 ODST style SOCOM - In Case Of Graphics Mods, you have the amount of bullets as the stock -In case of mod sp or custom map, I also leave the folder h3, it contains he magnum of halo 3 which you can use for bullets, animations, etc. etc. odst pistol.rar oh by the way, this gun was taken from a bigass beta created by aLTis, sorry for not mentioning it in the post
  6. I spent a little more time on this map, my beta testers and I believe that it is ready to release a new release everything that this map contains -Halo 3 Assault Rifle -SOCOM -Halo 3 Magnum -SMG -Mauler -HellJumper Biped -Spartan laser -Covenant Carbine -Battle Rifle Halo Reach Plasm Pistol -Halo Reach Plasma Rifle -Halo 3 HUD -Halo 3 Sniper Rifle. -Sentinel Gun. Special Thanks To ShadowModsTeam Tags by Zteam.
  7. tags are from zteam, excuse me, don't specify much jsjs
  8. Download: ODST_BattleCreek 2.1.rar Tags by Zteam.