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  1. Udrakoloader is a mod, Currently Compatible With SAMP and HALO [Possibly With many more games]. Provides the ability to load scripts (DLL) developed in .Net into the game. Based on ScriptHookvDotNet and SharpNeedle. Basically consists of CLR Hosting, to run the .Net plugins. Installation: Extract everything in the Root folder of the Halo CE or PC. | [ It will ask you to Replace the controls folder, you will say YES ] How to use ?: Compile your .Net DLL and put it in the "UdrakoLoader" folder, then run your game. Remember that your DLL must have the code architecture that I will give as an example. Some examples: [Compile DLL and put inside the "Udrakoloader" folder] For C# Plugins, you must provide the correct Namespace directory. In this case Replace "namespace ExampleProject.Udrakoloader" with "namespace <Your Root Namespace Project>.Udrakoloader" UdrakoLoader C# Plugin Example: // Plugin.cs using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace ExampleProject.Udrakoloader { public class Plugin { public static int EntryPoint(string pwzArgument) { string processName = Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName; MessageBox.Show("C# Example | The current process is " + processName); return 0; } } } UdrakoLoader VB Plugin Example: 'Plugin.vb Imports System Imports System.Collections.Generic Imports System.Diagnostics Imports System.Linq Imports System.Text Imports System.Windows.Forms Imports System.Reflection Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices Imports System.Security Namespace Udrakoloader Public Class Plugin Public Shared Function EntryPoint(ByVal pwzArgument As String) As Integer Dim processName As String = Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName MessageBox.Show("vb Example | The current process is " & processName) Return 0 End Function End Class End Namespace Attention: The .net DLLs must be compiled under the .Net Framework 4.0. The name of the Plugin DLL must be the same as the Root Namespace. Example: They can be guided by this example: SAMP Dll Injector Do not forget to comment and if you have doubts or cannot make it work, you can contact me at my discord: Destroyer#8328 I do not ensure that it works in 64 bits. and this is for windows only. I don't take credit for this for the following reasons: Most of the code is from the SharpNeedle project, Modified with parts of ScriptHookvDotNet for more compatibility. Download : [Bring the example DLLs, which I already put the code above.] UdrakoLoader for Halo.zip
  2. I have updated to 1.0.4, download the new version.
  3. I already uploaded the libraries (GunaUI and HTMLAgilityPack) to the repository in a ZIP (libs.zip) Anyone having Problems Compiling the source code can contact my discord. I will help you.
  4. I have updated, Please download the new version. Any Bug or problem found, please comment or contact me by discord [Destroyer#8328] I have already published the Source Code, Check!
  5. I will take it into account, but I do not assure you that I implement it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not plan to publish the source code. at least not for now.
  6. HLPCE is a Launcher & Server Browser for Halo CE and PC. You can set the argument options. You can put your background photos, you just have to put your images in the folder "Background" As a special feature of this launcher, it has 3 window shapes for the game: -Windowed [Window mode] -Full Screen [Full Screen Mode] -Fake FullScreen [Full Screen False Mode] [Allows you to superimpose other applications [That have the TopMost property active] on top of the game] The program is not finished yet, it lacks more features to finish. If you have any idea / suggestion in mind, don't forget to comment! The multilanguage option. will remain in the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ v1.0 beta Firs Version v1.0.3 Realse Fixed bug not updating players and player list. The bug that does not allow deactivating the checkboxes of the comandline options has been corrected. Fixed the Fake FullScreen function. Now it works perfectly. [Allows you to overlay other apps with the TopMost property, on top of the game.] Half Optimized the function that lists the servers. A Button was added in the Settings section [Force FullScreen] for when you are playing in windowed mode. Added the option to launch with Halo CE or PC. v1.0.4 Realse Fixed All bug . The weight of the program was considerably reduced. The Multi-client Option was added [It allows you to open several instances of HALO] . Preview : About the Multi Client : Fix bug in createProcess. and add the ability to run from any directory. [LPCTSTR lpCurrentDirectory // pointer to current directory name] Converted to multilanguage API to call from .NET. Thanks to Oxide for the multi client source code. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Source Code : HLPCE | GitHub Download : Current Version 1.0.4 Realse HLPCEv1.0.4.zip