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  1. Oh man, it has been done. Today is a great day.
  2. I looked at the extracted tags myself, and yeah it looks like the base was built on a lot of things like monochrome bitmaps and some s_t_g. I was able to get it to work in CE: since most of the tags are stock, except the stuff directly related to the map itself (bsp, scenario, some shaders, etc.) what I did was drop the scenario stuff into a CE tagset, and spot fix some dead references (mostly switching a couple of s_t_g to chicago). If it's OK with you I can upload the version I got to compile for CE.
  3. It was pointed out that these will also work with MCC as-is, so I'm posting it here as well.
  4. I'm glad you guys like this! I went a bit crazy and made an even bigger one. This might be pushing it a bit but I figured what the hell, let's do it anyway. I updated the OP to include these files as well
  5. I've always like the plant_broadleaf class of scenery, but it's always bothered me that the collision geometry for plant_broadleaf_tall is a lot larger than the render model, which causes a lot of problems if you're trying to shoot around it or move past it on the map. So, I fixed the collision geo to match the render model, fixing this problem. The files in here can repalce the original scenery, or you could rename it if you want to keep it separate. The only change in the scenery tag is to reference the fixed collison. Going on from there, I decided to make more plants of this type. I made one called plant_broadleaf_medium that's intermediate in size between plant_broadleaf_short and plant_broadleaf_tall. Here it is: I also decided to make a larger one, called plant_broadleaf_supertall. Here it is: . Here is a size comparison between the main plant broadleaf family, from biggest to largest, with both the stock ones and mine: EDIT: added an even larger one . I'd also like to point out that these will work in MCC as well, and I've crossposted it to the MCC assets section (thanks Vaporeon, Takka).
  6. I love the CE modding community. Over 20 years, different people have noticed the smallest things about the game and fixed so many little things that bothered them. I like messing around with stuff like this! I probably will use this thing eventually; it fits a lot better with most map aesthetics.
  7. I'm glad you all seem to generally like the map! When I get the chance I'll release an updated version-- probably with it set to end the map when the second bunker is defeated, and add some health packs.
  8. It can be as simple as just building the map with CE tools, or using invader and setting the map type to custom edition. If you have stuff that CE can't handle like shader transparent generic you'd have to change that, but I don't think this map has it.
  9. I really like this map-- the asethetics are spot on and the layout and flow are very nice. By the way, do you have a custom edition build of this map too?
  10. Gorge is a single player map for Halo CE. It's the fist level of the custom campaign I've been working on. It's designed to fit the stock CE aesthetic while still having lots of custom weapons and some custom enemies. Legendary difficulty is recommended, since that's what I balanced it around and tested on. MCC download link: CE download link: EDIT: fixed minor version issue with MCC version. Replace if you downloaded it earlier. Credits: H2 brute models+anims: Elote Testing: Elote MA5K + spiker: CMT
  11. The unarmored marine variant has an issue that's bothered me for a long time. I've tried to fix it several times on and off, but it's evaded my multiple attempts to understand and fix it, Until now! The problem is that the long-sleeved no-hat Stacker permutation is severely overrepresented when spawning unarmored marines. I think it will get selected more than half the time. I've managed to correct this issue, and have the distribution of permutations be much more reasonable: Replace the regular marine gbxmodel with the attached one to use the fix. For those interested, here's a somewhat long explanation for what the problem was, and how it was fixed, copied from the reclaimers discord server: the issue comes from the interaction between the arm permutations and the head permutations. These are the arm permutations on the unarmored marine gbxmodel. the base permutation corresponds to the short-sleeved arms. The base permutation of anything serves as a default case that will be used if nothing else can be selected. It doesn't have to be named "__base". the default case will be whatever is in the first position of this array. These are the head permutations. "__base" in this case is Stacker's head with no hat, which would have a systematic name "head_marcus" followed by a number. Now I will explain the numbers, and in general how the permutations are generated. The game will generate permutations starting with the first region in the regions array. In the case of the unarmored marines, it is the arms region. It will randomly select between the possible permutations in the permutations array. I believe that perms with numbers over 100 are special in some way and get selected less often. In the case of the marines they are used for Sgt Johnson and Sgt Stacker (with baseball cap). I don't yet understand the behavior of numbers over 100 fully. So essentially in this case the game will randomly select between the base and long sleeve 19 perms, and sometimes pick johnson. Next, it moves on to generating the perms for the next region in the regions array. in this case it is the head. What happens here is the game will search for a permutation with the same number as the permutation in the pervious array (in this case arms). If it does not find it, it will select the default permutation in this array. If the permutation in the previous array had no number, it will select randomly from the permutations in the current array. THIS IS WHERE THE ISSUE COMES FROM: Since the long sleeved permutation has a number of 19, and the head perms (excluding the Sgts) have numbers 10-18, what happens is if the marine will have long sleeves, it is forced to select the default case of the head permutation, which is no-hat Stacker. This is why you get so many no-hat stackers. I figured this out by swapping the order of the regions in the array, putting the head first. what happens in this case is that it will pick randomly from the heads first, and then go for the arms. since 19 never shows up in the heads, the marines will all be short-sleeved. The way to fix the issue in this case is to delete the number 19 in the long sleeved arms, so it now reads "arms_full_sleeve". Since there is no number, it will no longer try to match the arm perm to a head perm number that doesn't exist, and won't fall back to the default permutation.
  12. I've been making a bunch of custom weapons, trying to find things that would be somewhat unique in the sandbox and make things that fully fit into the CE style. I just came up with this. It's a burst fire machine pistol, whose visual style came from a fusion of the halo SMG and the ruger MP9. I was going to wait until I finished my full set of weapons and upload them all, but when I posted a demo of this on the Reclaimers discord server, a lot of people seemed to like it, so I figured I'd release it now. For those interested in how it was made, the lower half is an altered form of the ruger mp9's grip and magazine, just kind of manipulated the mesh a bit until it fit better with the rest of it.. The top half is from the H2 SMG model. I heavily modified the mesh there, the barrel, the sights, the body, etc until it fit. I bascially changed things both to fit the lower part of the mesh, and to make it look distinct enough from the SMG that it doesn't look like a copy, but similar enough that it fits the halo art style. For the top half, Instead of the Halo 2 or halo 3 smg texture I went with a slightly modified version of the CE+ smg texture, since I think it fits a bit better with CE's aesthetic. I think I packed in all the non-stock tags that it needs, but let me know if it's missing anything. EDIT: it was missing some, I added more. EDIT2: fixed one directory error. It is complete now.
  13. I was inspired by Yukizume making the EOD helmet in CE, so I decided to back-port most of the halo 3 spartan helmets. In addition to what is in the video, I also included the scout helmet, and also some experimentation with shoulder pieces. If I wanted to do chests and shoulders properly, I should probably do this as permutations, rather than all separate GBXmodels, but I don't really know how to do that yet. Let me know if there are any issues with the tags.
  14. I really like this! I think that things tend to look best when they're using mostly stock assets. This fits extremely well with the normal cyborg; you could have them side by each on a mission and they fit perfectly.
  15. Even though the engineers were cut, they were pretty much fully functional-- they have AI, animations, blood and impact effects, textures/shaders, etc. They even had a function that makes the explode on death which was pretty much fully implemented but wasn't working correctly due to some errors in the tags. I gave them effects for their shields, fixed the death explosion, and made them able to hold their plasma rifle correctly. Basically I fixed all the broken stuff that prevented them from working right and made some best guesses as to how the shield effects and weapon placement would look. These tags are fully separate from the base engineer, even though it's like a 99% direct copy, so as not to interfere with the base tags or any other custom stuff that people have done that relies on it.