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  1. Well, where’s the update on your daughters progress? I want to fucking know how rad she is.
  2. 1. Wait for Black Friday or Christmas for the best deals 2. Look at Amazon or Newegg for best deals
  3. What did you guys get for the black friday sales? I bought two Motorola 6's for $259 ($290 tax) and I'm just going to sell them for $350 on craigslist for a $100 profit (rounded.)
  4. I never said that they are terrorists. The point is that taking in refugees without paperwork from countries where terrorists are THE issue is only asking for trouble. And frankly, it shows you would rather help immigrants than your own people. Not that there is anything wrong with helping people but to people your own country at risk is just not worth it.
  5. It would have saved lives in the end. The refugees are coming into other countries in a high quantity. With so many refugees coming in, some (a lot) don't have papers or any identification because they are in a rush to leave their country, and there are many cases where they are still allowed into another country without the requirements. Sure, there are other ways to get into another country but can you imagine how much easier it is now?
  6. illgiveitagoihopeiwinbeenwaitingforages
  7. That comes with any master server shutting down so you should have known before asking .
  8. It could work. But you can use softare like Tunngle to emulate a lan network, have your community join the same network channel and you will be able to connect to the server. Of course the server has to be running tunngle too. This means you can't rent a game server. You will need to rent a VPS (virtual private server), install tunngle on it and then run the server. But Windows servers are a little costly because getting a Windows license is pretty expensive. All in all you're better off hosting it from your own computer and inviting a few friends, unless you want to spend around $20-$30 a month.
  9. There is a work around for multiplayer since gamespy shut down.But of course it involves work to get it done, but it's there.
  10. First dual monitor setup for dev work =D
  11. I didn't make a mod but rather a map for a mod for Chivalry Medieval Warfare. A user made a SuperSmashBros mod for the game so I tried to replicate some of the maps but I can never stay dedicated enough to actually finish any of the maps and what I wanted as a minimum. But GreatBay is still the most popular for the mod apparently.... GreatBay: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300679627 HyruleCastle: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=302187375 This one I put more effort into because I was creating models for it but again I failed. On the other hand, my friend made two maps that are rather impressive because he knows how to model unlike me. Chocolategod's: Final Destination Alpha: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300952335 Kongo Jungle (Screenshot is old but the current version has platform support with the moving platforms too: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=302530994 Video for Kongo Jungle (random person's video) Video for an older version of GreatBay: Forgive me for this long post ;-;
  12. But your SSD can't beat my Crucial MX100!
  13. They are saying for you to tell them the specific error that is being displayed. Just saying it's red text won't help them figure it out.
  14. tl;dr trying to turn electricity into thrust force
  15. Happy birthday, dude.
  16. Don't forget that the Husk can also commit suicide to take you and your team out.
  17. I would create a world about nothing more than to sail on a boat forever fighting other pirates and their ships. A pirate Valhala if you will.
  18. You know, it's hard to talk about depression because it's different for everyone. I never really knew depression until I got involved with a girl (I was feeling pretty dead on the inside ) and things happened. But for this kind of depression, it's about the will to want to continue on and to accept what happened so you need to tell yourself to let it go or learn how to deal with it as time goes on. Like I said, this is the only form of depression that I have truely suffered from and it wasn't a good feeling at all. All you can do is deal with it until you want to feel better. edited because I didn't proof read and I did grammatical and spelling mistakes..
  19. That's what we said. It's karma. It would have happened one way or another. But this only makes it personal. It's one thing to destroy a mans home, but to take it? I have an assault coming in a few days to claim it back as I know the weakspots and where to hit. Too bad I will be in Sacramento all day tomorrow though.
  20. Posting greentext style just because I'm used to it and it just feels like a proper, easy read format. >Playing Rust with friend for the first time in a year >We build a base that's basically a test to see how the new system works so not anything to cry over >Survive for 2 days and murdering random people because we are assholes >Today we login >We are dead and we spend an hour looking for the base >Friend gives up and goes to bed >I keep looking because I have awesome tracking skills >Find it 20 minutes later >See my base >Nothing is broken but there is a keypad on our door >Either they only broken down our door and put a new one + a keypad or they hacked their way in >Our humble aboad
  21. To be honest, I haven't done anything to beat it for the past few years. I will usually just man through summer sitting in my chair sweating with my headset on. All the while wearing nothing but my boxers and my ceiling fan on max.
  22. I actually enjoyed it.
  23. Pretty much how I see it. Of course, everyone is entitled to the way they want to run their server. I just personally don't believe in censoring profanity because chances are the game will use profanity and supports killing people. A few curse words won't harm anymore more than being killed in the game.