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  1. The link is dead
  2. Hey, thanks! That worked to fix 'Time Limit' and 'Captures to Win'. Do you know how to edit starting equipped items/ grenades?
  3. Hello, first of all thank you for the tutorial as it was very straight forward I'm having trouble with a few things but I was mainly wondering if there is a way to check to see if the server is public or not. I can't find it in the game lobby when searching. Of course I can join my game via Direct IP. I can message you my discord once OpenCarnage enables me to. Thanks again! Edit - Ok, so I 'fixed' my problem. I've been readjusting the Server Port and Client Port and it works for the duration of the server running. I don't know where the right place is to ask my further questions. 1.) I'm wondering how I can edit the starting equipped weapons (so it is assault rifle only) and starting grenade counts (to 4 frag and 4 plasma). I've already tried the grenade_capacity.lua file in the forum. 2.) Edit - SOLVED, using Flare [Another issue is the 'Time Limit' and 'Captures to Win' settings edited in 'Edit Gametypes' do not properly adjust the settings. Setting 'Time Limit' to 'None' in practice sets it to 15 minutes and setting it to 45 minutes sets it to 25 minutes. Also 'Captures to Win' is stuck at 1 when set to 5 or 15 flags.]