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  1. Part of the campaign levels turned into multiplayer maps series. Authors: Legend996 & Pro Shooter Map: Eluded (this map is a continuation of Cartographer) Version: 3.4 Supported gametypes: All Description Eluded takes place on the picturesque island on the level The Silent Cartographer, one day after John-117's and various other forces' assault on the island in order to search for the cartographer that would lead to Installation 04's control room. Gameplay The map supports all game modes, both team and free for all, but is best played on big team based modes such as Team Slayer, CTF and Race. The symmetries of this map are very complicated and hard to explain, but through many months of planning and thinking, it can be said that both teams are balanced well relative to the map in most if not all game modes. Red base has a more "defense" nature, it's more open and has more territory to cover and defend from enemies but the team itself tends to be more a bit exposed on the beach. It is easier to infiltrate but harder to escape from successfully. Blue base has a more "offense" nature, it's more closed and easier to defend, but once the enemies manage to break in it becomes hard to hold off the attack and the team could be sandwiched inside the base. It is harder to infiltrate but easier to escape from successfully. Below is a picture with the approximate layout suggesting the various dynamics and strategies that can be used: There are 7 hidden weapons on the map, 7 deadly sins, 7 means to apocalypse, as well as a hidden vehicle. Look out for the clues. Acknowledgement The following vehicles are heavily modded and improved variants or counterparts of already existing vehicles from other maps or sources: -Phantom, Spectre, Gausshog and Civihog from Extinction by (DA)Ender -Pelican from Hugeass by Tiamat -Wasp by Mothergoat -Shadow by Advancebo -Flamehog whose author we couldn't find Additional info -Press your flashlight button when in a Pelican or a Spirit to pick up vehicles (only works at their original spawn points, and once dropped cannot be picked up again unless at original spawn point) NOTE: This feature is experimental and will get improved in the future to be able to dynamically pick up any vehicle at any place and time. -Smoke and vine will take you to apocalypse -Lost ordnance deliveries and failed recon missions... ? Download: Eluded_v3,4.zip