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  1. If you wish your custom/modified Halo CE/PC campaign map to be able to use localized subtitles in MCC: All .sound tags you want to have subtitles needs to be in the "sound\dialog\" tag folder (or its subfolders) [#invader-refactor can be helpful for moving sound tags from existing maps] Only audio played via script (sound_impulse_start) or AI_Conversations system are eligible for subtitles. Subtitles themselves are referenced in the initial_textures.s3dpak, located in "[MCC]\halo1\prebuild\paks" Each sound tag is referenced individually by its path in the tags folder ex: sound\\dialog\\x50\\sgt01 The subtitles are separated from the tag reference by some spacing (Tab 3x), and the subtitle text itself is contained within quotation marks. If you wish to have "quotes" appear in the subtitles, the will need a \ before them. Some other special characters may also need this. "Watch your mouth, Son! This \"stuff\" is your history. It should remind you grunts what we're fighting to protect!" Using SuP you can extract/import the "strings_english" (or "strings_your language") file, and you can edit it with any text editing program (I advise Notepad++). SuP: Invader:
  2. Tutorial on using SuP to edit s3dpaks and such