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  1. This release of Warren is an update to the beta version submitted in the recent Reclaimers map contest. I've made a few minor layout changes and fixed lightmap artifacts, as well as adjusted the placement of weapons, spawns, and objectives. I think it plays best with 8-12 people on CTF or Slayer. Assets and tags for the map can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/csauve/warren Mirror: https://t3hz0r-files.s3.amazonaws.com/halo/releases/warren/warren.zip warren.zip
  2. Apparently it failed to build a leaf map when compiling a TSC:E BSP, so we suspect it's limited to smaller BSPs.
  3. Yea, I *think* the core issue is that ray collision tests against planes with a -1 back index (outside the map) make some assumptions about convex spaces which don't always hold under tool's normal structure compilation. This may have been done to reduce tag size, or to make projectile collision tests cheaper. You can have an "exposed" dividing plane with -1 back index that extends into the playable space depending on how the space got cut up. This exposed exterior plane is what phantom BSP is. The alternate code in tool seems to duplicate surfaces a bit more across sibling leaves, but I still don't fully understand how it chooses to do this. With more research, a community tool could probably do the same for BSP tags.
  4. phantom_tool.exe is a modified tool.exe which will not produce phantom BSP when compiling JMS to scenario_structure_bsp tags with the structure command. It turns out the code for this has been in tool.exe the whole time, but was unused. This mod enables the hidden feature, but has the downside of producing slightly larger BSP tags. I still recommend you tackle the source of phantom BSP in your model (usually nearly-coplanar face warnings) and using regular tool.exe as the first attempt to remove it, then use phantom_tool.exe if that's not working. How does this compare to Ghostbuster? Ghostbuster works on BSP tags directly rather than the JMS-to-BSP compilation. It is also prone to missing phantom BSP and can produce collision holes, so again use it as a tool of last resort and only if you do not have access to source JMS files. This has been tested on a few maps with known phantom BSP, but let me know if you spot any issues. It also appears to fix BSP holes/leaks, which is another class of collision error where items or the player may fall through the map, but I'm not sure if this is just a side-effect of the BSP tree being different and if holes might still appear in other places. BSP holes can also be fixed by just altering triangulation in the area. Usage phantom_tool.exe is used exactly the same as tool.exe. Add the exe into your CE folder and compile structures: phantom_tool.exe structure levels\test\tutorial tutorial Download phantom_tool.zip
  5. This does not fix BSP leaks, and after more testing I will add that it doesn't fix phantom BSP very well either. Ghostbuster can create BSP holes/leaks so I can no longer recommend it unfortunately.
  6. That looks spot on! I'm impressed with the quality of textures that could be reworked from those old videos.
  7. Uhh what's up with the Hitler box?
  8. Cold Shoulder is a small competitive-oriented MP map based on an unfinished Installation 01 map layout by Blaze Lightcap. It takes place at a Russian power plant and has a symmetric layout, supporting all game modes. This map was made for the CE Reclaimers Season 1 map contest and might have a few issues since I was rushing to finish it. Map sources: https://github.com/csauve/cold-shoulder Download mirror: https://t3hz0r-files.s3.amazonaws.com/halo/releases/cold-shoulder/cold_shoulder.7z cold_shoulder.7z
  9. Alpine is a large outdoor map with asymmetric bases, designed around CTF and Race but supporting all game modes. Credits to Jesse for the HUD and Refined project for the base tagset used. More info and map sources: https://github.com/csauve/alpine Download mirror: https://t3hz0r-files.s3.amazonaws.com/halo/releases/alpine/alpine.zip Vaporeon's fork with better quality lightmaps and textures (MP compatible): https://github.com/Vaporeon/alpine alpine.zip
  10. A long time ago, I created a set of faithful texture recreations for the CE port of H3's "The Pit": http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6900. You may have seen this map's skybox in a few maps: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5082 I'm now releasing the BSP and scenery texture set, which includes all sorts of concrete and warehouse-type textures and wall decals. This was posted to the Reclaimers discord late last year but that's not really a place to archive releases. Hope this is useful for someone! Download mirror: https://t3hz0r-files.s3.amazonaws.com/halo/releases/the-pit-texture-pack/the-pit-texture-pack.zip the-pit-texture-pack.zip
  11. DEPRECATION NOTICE Although this tool can detect and fix some phantom BSP, it can produce negative side-effects such as collision holes/leaks. It also misses some phantom BSP because the tolerances in detection can be tight and finicky to tune. I can no longer recommend this tool to users and suggest you only use it as a last resort if preferred solutions are not working for you, or you do not have access to the source JMS file and only have a BSP tag to work with. If you have the source JMS and are unable to otherwise resolve your phantom BSP issues, try using phantom_tool instead. ---- I did a deep dive on what causes phantom BSP a few weeks ago and was able to develop a tool to fix it in compiled scenario_structure_bsp tags. I still suggest you first use the classic tricks like adjusting geometry, ensuring faces in flat surfaces are co-planar, avoiding high poly dense geometry, and preferring 90 degree or shallower angles between faces. However, in a pinch you can use Ghostbuster to fix the tag for you. The tool works by looking for bad BSP3D nodes with dividing planes which incorrectly assume one side is outside the map, and sets that side's child to be the same as the opposite side of the plane. Ghostbuster is a Python command line tool based on Moses' Reclaimer library. You can find installation and usage instructions at the GitHub repo: https://github.com/Sigmmma/ghostbuster/ I've also created a c20 page for it: https://c20.reclaimers.net/h1/tools/ghostbuster/ I have tested the tool on Danger Canyon and Blood Gulch and observed it removed the known phantom BSP in those maps once recompiled. It has been used on 1 custom map to my knowledge.