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  1. This is so sick dude, amazing work. Nice to see some Perfect Dark in Halo CE
  2. Literally ANYTHING from the Halo 2 soundtrack. I go for more of the ambient/relaxed tracks like Unforgotten, Sacred Icon Suite, Ghosts Of Reach. As for non Halo, I listen to a lot of Nu Metal, Grunge, Punk, and Aphex Twin
  3. Got a new PC and been doing school so I havent been as active as I'd like, I enjoy stuff similar and more in horror! I pretty much enjoy everything except like corny shock factor gore films or videos. I also really like Creepypastas, and other spooky stuff on youtube!
  4. Video Of Issue Described I've asked in multiple Halo discords but got no replies, I have this issue where textures will slightly flicker on parts of levels, single and multiplayer, and I've looked around and even scoured google for answers. I'm using Chimera, interpolation is on, Chimera_af enabled, model detail default, and all graphics set to high with vsync on. Tried not using vsync, tried editing Radeon settings, (turning vsync on and off there). This only happens with custom edition, MCC H1 is fine. Any help would be amazing, thanks so much and sorry to bother! Also I have uninstalled/reinstalled and done the same with Chimera. Really sucks cause I want to get into modding for this game and I cant play it without this issue happening, noticed it on certain maps like Damnation, Silent Cartographer, and various Custom Maps. Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor, 3200 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 16.0 GB GPU: RX 580 EDIT: Problem has been solved thanks to someone in the Reclaimers discord! Using DgVoodoo2 has eliminated the problem entirely!
  5. Thank you so much! Glad to be here! And sadly I havent made anything for HCE yet, but I really would love to get into it, just haven't found any mapping or modeling etc tutorials. Im a fast learner so if I find some in depth guides I'd definitely get goin on that. And mainly I just use the site to see what people have made, maps, bipeds, tags etc etc. Also like to see if there are updates to things such as Invader, Open Sauce, etc etc. Or use it to get said maps and things
  6. It's about time I made an account here, I've been using the site for quite some time LOL. Hello Everyone! I'm RXK1NG, or Dillan, either is fine. I've been a long time fan of the Halo series, specifically Halo 1/Custom Edition, and Halo 2. I started playing on PC, around maybe age 8 or 9ish? Im 22 so I've been playing for quite some time, mainly Custom Edition. I'm super easy going, and I'm big on kindness. I enjoy Gaming, Art, Music such as Rock, Punk, and Oldies Rap. I also enjoy anything horror related, and technology stuff in general. Hope to get to know a lot of you, and possibly make some friendships here! Feel free to message me or reply to any of my posts on the site in the future. Much Love!