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  1. Frank 791 liked a post in a topic by Devieth in Anti-Speedhack   
    So it was brought to my attention about a month ago that people were using HAC2 and Chimera (-572 and its derivatives, including mine) to cheat by setting their tickrate to 31-35 (30 = default, 36 and above and Halo's built in speed_hack_detection kicks in and ignores packets.)  Today an idea popped in my head about a memory location I abused in the past to freeze players, checked the area around and sure enough, a counter that well, counts the number of updates it gets from the client, and my anti-speedhack was born.

  2. Frank 791 liked a post in a topic by Sunstriker7 in Unlocking halo ce maps   
    Are you still using this script? If so what you want is this:
    No tools required. Very thoughtful of them.
  3. Sunstriker7 liked a post in a topic by Frank 791 in Team Killer Eject Button   
    hello, I would like to know if someone could support me, this lua file, has served me for my server, but the penalty is very severe, so I would like to know if someone could help me to modify it so that being punished more than twice per kick, the player is given the ip for 20 min, and not ipban the first penalty, I hope you can help me because I do not know much about luas, please 
    I would also like to disable the CDKEY ban because it will affect the current halo CE community, as many share the same CDKEY
  4. Frank 791 liked a post in a topic by Kings in Get in the vehicle   
    Try this script, I hope this works for you.
    Note: I haven't tested it, so I don't know if it has errors.
    Link: fve.lua
    This instead of pressing (E) to enter the vehicle remotely press the (Q) "Flashlight"
    Credits: Chalwk
  5. Frank 791 liked a post in a topic by Kings in spawn vehicles   
    This is the second script you need.
    With the first one I can't help you.
    I found the other script you need, hope you know how to set it up, I am giving you version 1.3 as it seems easier to set up than version 2.
    I have not tried it but I hope it works :v
    I hope it is the script you are looking for.
    In case you know how to configure it, I'll leave you the link for version 2 of the script.
    Credits: H®_Shaft and Giraffe