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  1. I don't understand how you changed the format, but thank you very much, my friend. I've never had that detail before, but thank you very much indeed
  2. hello, i'm mounting a dedicated server from a virtual machine with ubuntu linux server, i've managed to mount and run my server, the problem starts when i try to activate the mapvote, since it never activates and stays in the initial map that i define, it throws me the following error when i activate my server " Error: Less than 2 mapvote option was loaded. Map voting is now disabled! SAPP Version 10.1 CE by seh鰰, originally by Termy || halo.isimaginary.com", I have verified, maps, gametypes and the structure of my mapvote.txt in my opinion is correct; I was investigating and found that this error is due to detecting the active mapvote and mapcycle at the same time, when in my point of view it is not like that, can someone guide me in this situation, please? since I have been 4 days without finding the solution", I leave the content of my files: Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) SAPP init.txt SAPP mapvotes images with active mapvote without active mapvote
  3. Hi, I need support with a problem I have encountered when using a vehicle generation file by pressing the c key, this file is called "Vehicle_Spawn.lua". The problem is that the file does not work in all maps, I have verified that the map is attached to the file and is enabled, but still does not work. Does anyone have any idea how I can solve this? Going into more detail, I don't know if it has anything to do with it, I notice that in the file "Vehicle_Spawn.lua" it refers to a "vehicles\rwarthog" address So I decided to review each map using the HKEPlus software, but I noticed that the maps on which the vehicle generation does not work do not contain the same files as the maps that do. I leave the sample of the content of the bloondgulch vehicles folder in which the vehicle generation works and the content of the rvb-wintergulch map in which the vehicle generation does not work (NOTE: not necessarily rwarthog, the problem is in all vehicles, the files do not match). I hope someone can help me. Pictures.rar
  4. It doesn't seem to work for me either :/ I tried to change the SAPP version of my provider but it doesn't work either. But thanks for the file. :/ I take back what I said, if that file worked, thank you very much my friend, I appreciate the time of those who supported me.
  5. hello, I need help to get a lua file, that allows to point to a vehicle and press the e key, the player gets into the vehicle, what happens is that I tried a file named dynamic_vehicle_entry_for_sapp, but for some reason when I activate it in my SAPP server it makes it stop instantly. Someone could do me the favor of passing me the file or know some solution about the mentioned file so that it does not stop the server.please?
  6. I use the SAPP version 10.2, I thought it was the hosting place and I tried with another provider but it gives the same error, as for the load of that file if I know how to do it, only that at the time of activation, the server does not even allow to initialize the server. It sends me the following message "the service could not be started".
  7. Oh, great. Thanks a lot, man.
  8. hello, i am new to this lua file use, but i hope you can support me, i am looking for two files, one that allows to request a vehicle and appear in the position of that player, with a limit of requests. Also, another file that allows to point to an allied vehicle and by pressing a key allow to upload to that vehicle, I hope and can support me in this, in advance thanks.