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  1. How to use Chimera with Halo CE Multiclient? Is it supported? I need it for testing scripts and to practice shooting with bots. Thanks!
  2. Thanks I will also try that :))))))
  3. ok thanks bro
  4. Ok bro can you post the link to the Chimera discord server? thanks!
  5. Hey guys how's everyone doing today so does Chimera allow custom map downloads in halo pc and/or ce or does it not? and can I use it with hac2 yes or no? thanks!
  6. Thank you for the likes guys but as far as I can see no one has subscribed and I am really short on subscribers I am uploading and live streaming at the time and this is the end of the world for me so please just subscribe to me right now
  7. Thanks in advance for all supporters and I am gonna be uploading more Halo related content in the future!
  8. Hey guys just sharing how to edit mapvotes.txt easily So here's my my mapvotes.txt file content: damnation:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Damnation | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 chillout:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Chillout | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 bloodgulch:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Bloodgulch | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 dangercanyon:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Dangercanyon | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 ratrace:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Ratrace | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 timberland:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Timberland | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 beavercreek:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Beavercreek | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 putput:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Chiron TL34 | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 wizard:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Wizard | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 sidewinder:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Sidewinder | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 hangemhigh:Classic_Slayer_Pro:HangEmHigh | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 carousel:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Derelict | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 prisoner:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Prisoner | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 gephyrophobia:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Gephyrophobia | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 longest:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Longest | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 deathisland:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Deathisland | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 [h4]_pegasus:Classic_Slayer_Pro:[h4]_pegasus | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 Disco:Classic_Slayer_Pro:Disco | Classic Slayer Pro:0:16 and now I will edit it with this website It's a tool website that can replace text if it's not working for some reason then you can use any other replace text website. Thanks!
  9. Hey how's everyone? I'm streaming lets show some support
  10. I'll let you know how my Halo CE hosting goes with BuyVM, at first I didn't know what anycast is but I just read about it. Seems like the new stuff, like automatic load balancing. It's great that they offer such a feature for free...if things go well, I might just migrate all my VPSs to them. Hey, I'd like your opinion on this question I asked a while back. Thanks! Hey, I just checked and most if not all BuyVM VPSs are out of stock! And it looks like this is a common thing...since there are websites dedicated to letting you know when the stock will be back...
  11. The Wireguard VPN setup with Linode and Vultr sounds effective but seems very complicated lol, On the other hand, BuyVM looks very promising and has no complex setup so I think I'll go with that. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys! I'm currently renting my VPSs from Vultr, they're quite good in everything but their DDoS protection is an extra $10 per month. They also mention in their Vultr Docs that their DDoS protection works against Layer 3 and Layer 4 attacks not exceeding 10Gbps(they plan on upgrading in the future). I'm thinking of trying out new VPS providers now for better DDoS protection in terms of affordability & quality. The main goal is to prevent my Halo CE server from being DDoSed. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!
  13. When I unzipped the Optic Pack file everything became clear. Here's a quick write-up on how to make your own Optic Pack: So the script is ready all you have to do is change the files and edit the displayed messages in the script file. Notes to keep in mind are: The pictures should be in PNG and should be size 96x96 pixels. The audio files should be in MP3 (I haven't tested other formats, they may work, but these are the ones that are used by everyone) You can use free online converters to convert your files to PNG and MP3. Do not change the name of any of the PNG or MP3 files or you'll have to go through the trouble of editing the script. Some sounds don't work with the Optic Pack. The sounds become slow and low-pitched even though the files are OK. I just replaced the malfunctioning files when that happened. Here's a video showing the Optic Pack I made xD I'll attach it to this message in case you wanna try it.
  14. Hey guys! How's everyone doing today? I've installed the Halo PC/CE Optic Pack mod a couple of months ago and it's really nice. Been using it non-stop since then. I'm guessing making the initial Optic Pack was not easy and required some coding, however making the newer Optic Packs probably only required changing the sound files, medal images, and the messages displayed on the screen. I should be able to do that much so why not xD Can someone send a link to or write up a tutorial on how to make an Optic Pack? Thanks!
  15. So I've written 2 blog posts, and invited many people to the blog. Still little to no activity...I need to get in contact with people who are interested in the topic of the forum. So I made this video! xD