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  1. Hey, thanks for your help. I'll answer each question to the best of my knowledge. 1. Actually this started around 3 days ago, I had installed Windows Server Datacenter 2022 and I had some issues with it that I couldn't fix, I couldn't enable UPnP due to some missing dependencies, once I realized that I cannot troubleshoot anymore, I decided to reinstall the operating system, but this time Windows Server Standard 2022, the issue was there from the time I was using Datacenter and it still persists after installing the Standard version of Windows Server. 2. I was testing earlier today with multiple Multiclients in the server when the console stopped updating and I lost connection, the console did not crash, it just stopped updating and the Multiclients started quitting one after another. 3. It's random. 4. I don't think so, usually when my server crashes, the console crashes too and it closes. In this situation, the console just stops updating. It does not crash. 5. The laptop is Lenovo ideapad 500-15ISK Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.60 GHz Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.86 GB usable) System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor The laptop came with an HDD. 6. I think it's bare metal. Here are some of the results of the "systeminfo" command: System Manufacturer: LENOVO System Model: 80NT 7. Fresh installation. 8. I am using Wired but I can also use Wifi. I have both adapters on the laptop. Here are some more results from the "systeminfo" command: Network Card(s): 2 NIC(s) Installed. [01]: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Connection Name: Ethernet DHCP Enabled: No IP address(es) [01]: /////////////////////////// [02]: /////////////////////////// [02]: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Connection Name: Wi-Fi Status: Media disconnected 9. The Modem is Etisalat, not sure how to access its model. The router is also Etisalat, got this information from the Router status page: Hardware Type Etisalat-S3 Hardware Version v1 10. I think I am using NAT, I just googled my IP address from my PC and my laptop, both are showing the same IP address of the DMZ I have setup a while ago. Even though I only configured the DMZ to be in my laptop. In my router settings page this option is there "Enable IGMP Proxy on wired LAN port." and its turned on. 11. Firewall settings: There are many firewall settings that were configured automatically in my laptop when I installed the windows server OS. Should I mention those? I have allowed the following ports in my windows defender firewall for different reasons: Inbound: PORT 5985 TCP/UDP PORT 80 TCP PORT 2310/2312 TCP/UDP PORT 2302/2303 UDP PORT 21/22 TCP same for outbound. Portforward settings for my laptop are: UDP 2302 2302-2303 IPoE_DHCP TCP 80 80 IPoE_DHCP UDP 2310 2310-2312 IPoE_DHCP 12. I have not installed any antivirus software, but windows defender's real-time protection is on in my laptop, I have not added the server files as exclusions, will add them now and will let you know if that fixes the issue. 13. I went to Event Viewer ==> Windows logs ==> Application/System there are many events logged there, I searched for "halo" in both logs, and I found nothing. Here is a short video showing how the ping disappears when I click on the server multiple times:
  2. Hey guys! How's everyone doing today? I recently installed Windows Server 2022 Standard operating system on my old laptop in hopes of turning it into a VPS to host more game servers (currently Halo PC game servers). It is connected to LAN and my internet speed at home is fast. I can access it through Remote Desktop & FTP. The problem is that the game server disconnects from time to time for some reason. It manifests as everyone on the server losing connection. This never used to happen in the VPSs I purchase. I also noticed that the ping does not show all the time in the server list. In the Halo PC server list, when I click on the server, the ping shows, but if I click it 3 to 4 times consecutively, one of the times, the ping will not show. In my laptop VPS, all the required ports are forwarded through the router, and DMZ is enabled on the laptop. I have also allowed the required ports through Windows Defender Firewall and I have also enabled UPnP while troubleshooting and it did not fix the issue. My question is: Is there a specific setting/software in windows that allows "persistent connections" that do not disconnect no matter what? I am hosting the same game server (the same files) from my VPS that I purchased online, and I never experienced this issue. The VPS I purchased online is a $6 VPS so I have more resources in my laptop VPS. I can host more game servers in the laptop VPS as I have more CPU cores and Memory. I did search online for an answer but did not find anything useful. What is the difference between actual VPSs that you purchase online and my laptop that has Windows Server Standard 2022? Maybe it's the Bandwidth/Internet speed? The VPS I purchased online has 2.00 TB Bandwidth and my home internet speed is: Download speed is 6.80 Mbps and Upload speed is 15.10 Mbps Is my home internet speed not good enough for hosting dedicated game servers? And if yes, Is there a way around that? I'd like to hear your opinions on this, thanks!
  3. Hey guys! How's everyone doing today? I recently started hosting from a remote windows server and I'm trying to find a way to connect to the console from my PC. I've found these 2 softwares that are present in this link But it's either that I cannot install them right or they are not compatible with the latest SAPP which is 10.2.1 Can someone share the installation instructions, if they are compatible with the latest SAPP, or show an alternative way to connect to the console remotely using windows 10? Thanks! Hey, I just searched up a little bit more about the issue. The problem was that I had to allow the TCP port of my Halo PC server in the windows firewall for the softwares to work. The connection to the remote consoles relies on the same port that you use to host your Halo PC/CE server, but TCP. Both softwares are working fine with SAPP 10.2.1
  4. Yeah, I'm currently using that script, it's pretty nice but it doesn't have all the features. It changes the weapons types, but the weapon number is always 2 weapons. Also, it doesn't change the player speed/invisibility/overshield/color or weapons ammo. Maybe I should rename the topic to "Random Weapons Script Improved" since there is already a Random Weapons script in the forum.
  5. Hey guys! How's everyone doing? I just started hosting in Halo PC again and I have a script idea that would probably make the game more fun. I remember back in the day there was a server with a pretty nice Random Weapons script, probably written for Phasor PC/CE, the script features included: Randomized player speed, invisibility, and overshield Randomized types of weapons Randomized number of weapons Randomized weapon ammo (could be infinite) Randomized player color (maybe) Would be nice if someone could recreate that script for SAPP PC/CE. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I'll look into those points, dunno if I'll be able to fix them though, I don't know how to edit the theme myself...but maybe I'll find a workaround for them, and hey you can build a much better site if you know WordPress theme editing, all I did was purchase the theme and install it on my VPS, after installing Webmin/Virtualmin, and then WordPress. There are also many other premium scripts on CodeCanyon and themes on Themeforest, those of which are about CyptoCurrency and Ad Listing websites, restaurant management scripts that come with their mobile apps integrated with the website. Many business ideas to choose from. But the problem lies in marketing, no point in purchasing any of them if no customer will buy the product they offer. Just sharing what I've been researching lol, I was planning on hiring someone to do email marketing for me, to send emails to a targeted audience. Have you ever tried doing that? And do you know of any other effective marketing strategies (other than paid ads)?
  7. Hey guys! Been a while since I posted on OpenCarnage, how's everyone doing? I'm doing great! So I've been trying to start my own SAAS (Software As A Service) business since it's one of the most passive income streams, and I got the idea of developing my own freelancer marketplace website, mainly because I want to freelance and I like making new websites. So I went ahead and made it. Check it out! The website is made using WordPress with the Premium Exertio theme that I had to purchase from ThemeForest. It's fully functioning with PayPal as the only payment gateway currently. If you are interested in using the website I made a coupon that is valid until 7/1/2022 on our top packages, don't miss out! I've read some posts on this forum of Web Developers sharing their experiences, this is my first commercial project so do let me know if there can be any improvement in the website! I accept both positive and negative comments so don't worry lol but calm down with the negative ones xD Also, any advice on how to market the website would be really useful. Thanks and have a good day!
  8. Thanks! I was using haloceded.exe version 0.11.2 which can be found in this link: http://xhalo.byethost18.com/
  9. Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I recently started some threads in this forum about errors that show up in my SAPP server, like server crashing and hash check being turned on. These issues turned out to be because I am using a very old version of haloceded.exe and strings.dll while using SAPP version 10.2.1 The reason why I initially chose to use the old haloceded.exe and old strings.dll is because the new SAPP (10.2.1) (I mean all the files put together haloceded.exe, strings.dll, and sapp.dll) doesn't work in Ubuntu 20.04 with wine version 5.0 which is the newest version of wine that is easily installable. My friend told me he's using wine version 1.7 in an Ubuntu 18.04 VPS and his servers are running perfectly. But I searched online and couldn't find how to install wine version 1.7 in Ubuntu 20.04 or any Ubuntu...Wine version 1.7 seems dead now. So my questions are: 1. Which version of wine are you guys using to host your Halo CE servers (I'm talking to those who are using Linux to host servers)? 2. Which Linux operating system is best for hosting Halo CE servers? 3. How to install wine version 1.7 or the version that you are using in an Ubuntu 20.04 VPS? That's all and thanks a lot. Thought this issue would be happening to many people that's why I decided to make a post about it. Hope it helps!
  10. @mouseboyx Thanks bro! I have one more question though. I want to make a new script that does this function (disables CD hash check) and load it into my server instead of putting the command in a random script because I just tried that and the script stopped functioning completely. So will the below code work? function OnScriptUnload() end function OnNewGame(map) Map = map --Patches writebyte(hashcheck_patch, 0xEB) -- Disables Halo's hash check (0x74 to reenable) COMPLETELY USELESS NOW THAT GAMESPY IS DOWN. end
  11. Hey guys, the issue still persists. Can someone please find the 1.10 address for me? Honestly, I don't even know where to look for it. Thanks!
  12. @AntiMomentum Hello, thanks for your response. I managed to get a SAPP server up and running by copying the entire Halo CE directory into the server files directory. Dunno what exactly happened there, but it was fixed, with only one issue, the server keeps crashing. I am currently trying out docker to see if it will fix the crashing, but I can't seem to be able to load the Lua scripts. Where exactly am I supposed to put SAPP's init and the Lua files I want to load for my server? As well as the mapvotes, commands, etc. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys! How's everyone doing today? Is it possible to make a SAPP error log script? My server keeps crashing and I can't seem to find the cause. I'm hosting from a Linux VPS, Ubuntu 20.04. Lua API Version: Halo Version: Thanks!
  14. When 2 people with the same CD key try to join my server, only the first one can join and the second one has to wait for the first one to leave in order for him to be able to join the server. This issue has persisted with me since I started hosting and I've been trying to find a solution for it. I've read that only Phasor has CD Key check and that it is disabled in SAPP. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!