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  1. Where to watch? Crunchyroll nyaa.se or bakabt.me Recommendations? /a/ Recommendations Anime News Network Useful Links MyAnimeList Anichart Where to discuss? Link Playback? Dont use VLC. Use either(pick whatever floats your boat) Kawaii Codec Pack MPC-HC+CCCP Summer 2015 anime Spring 2015 anime Winter 2014/15 anime Fall 2014 anime Summer 2014 anime
  2. I remember seeing trailers and laughing really hard. Ill probably never ever watch it.
  3. I really dont understand matchmaking.
  4. Legendary Eagle in CSGO.
  5. Real fucking rainy as of late.
  6. Ale is beer. Youre probably thinking Ale vs lagers. The difference is in the yeast. Source: Friend works in a brewery so we talk about it a lot.
  7. I typically hit the craft beer section at the LCBO and grab whatever they have, mainly being seasonals. I always grab a couple of Hobgoblin's and Crazy Beard's because they're straight delicious. Boneshaker has a special place in my heart for being able to shake my bones. Fuck sailor jerry's. Drank way too much of that shit when I was 16. My go to spirit is a gin. Gin and tonics are way too good.
  8. Gangsta is pretty gangsta. and this gem
  9. Ya, new season literally just started. Coppelion was kinda grim. Okay anime but poor animation(but a lot is guilty of this). https://d.maxfile.ro/cuwrjbypqi.webm
  10. Dropped 2 out of my past 15 games.
  11. too much Ive spent about ~2000. Essentially everything is from sales. https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198040956774/?cc=us
  12. Anyone looking to learn a language should check out anki. Flashcards are an effective way to learn but you also need to hear the language spoken and practice speaking it yourself. A great way to do both is to sing.
  13. 5 tv's 4 in use.
  14. Anybody looking for some trouble better self med We could double dutch in a minefield, hell gets Just the right temperature, break beat minister Riverdance cleats on your face for the finisher
  15. Last night I got drunk and played bloody knuckles now my knuckles hurt
  16. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=58c_1435994984&use_old_player=1 murica
  17. Watching: Durarara!!x2 Ten Gatchaman Crowds insight Non Non Biyori Repeat Gangsta Symphogear GX God Eater Idolmaster Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz! Honestly, this season doesnt look too hot. A lot of sequels. Ill probably pick up 2-3 more once everything starts airing.
  18. Last winter on the way to my brothers house with two friends. Happened at a intersection of sorts. A few cars were waiting to make a left hand turn onto a street on my side of the road. That blocked the view of another car in the oncoming lane that was waiting to make a left into a plaza. We were traveling at about 40km/h, 10 under the limit due to snow, in the right hand lane. The car in the oncoming turned into us as we drove by. Friend tried to avoid but it was too late. The guy hit us and we drove into a hydro poll. Fairly slow collision but enough to render the car completely useless. As the bastard turned into us my friend and I both muttered fuck. Fucker had the nerve to say we were traveling a little fast to the police. Felt a little like a roller coaster.
  19. I mainly play RPGs but I have tired gamer syndrome so I fill the void with the occasional game of CSGO.
  20. Return of the Jedi