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  1. I thought it was pretty funny.
  2. I remember seeing trailers and laughing really hard. Ill probably never ever watch it.
  3. I really dont understand matchmaking.
  4. The one thing he will not be doing in prison is living.
  5. Legendary Eagle in CSGO.
  6. Real fucking rainy as of late.
  7. http://www.indystar.com/story/news/2015/07/07/police-investigation-under-way-at-home-of-subway-pitchman-jared-fogle/29807473/ subway weight loss guy is a pedo
  8. Ale is beer. Youre probably thinking Ale vs lagers. The difference is in the yeast. Source: Friend works in a brewery so we talk about it a lot.
  9. I typically hit the craft beer section at the LCBO and grab whatever they have, mainly being seasonals. I always grab a couple of Hobgoblin's and Crazy Beard's because they're straight delicious. Boneshaker has a special place in my heart for being able to shake my bones. Fuck sailor jerry's. Drank way too much of that shit when I was 16. My go to spirit is a gin. Gin and tonics are way too good.
  10. Gangsta is pretty gangsta. and this gem
  11. Ya, new season literally just started. Coppelion was kinda grim. Okay anime but poor animation(but a lot is guilty of this). https://d.maxfile.ro/cuwrjbypqi.webm