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  1. Thanks. My head hasn't been into the game lately...stupid COVID-19 stress related. I'll check out the script this weekend. I haven't quite figured out what all I'm going to do right now. One sort of side comment I'll make is, I'd been noticing that, I believe SAPP can handle a lot of the edits that I had to do manually, some 15 years ago, which was nice. For instance, I saw some script about infinite weapons, and I believe I saw another regarding fall damage, to which I swear I saw a script on. I mean, it doesn't matter anyways because the maps were already modded by me, years ago. I also had implemented the right-click banshee shoot on a ghost, to which I'm guessing this is possible to do via script now, instead of modifying every single map through...I think I used HHT for this, back in the day. It's been years, so my memory isn't all that great anymore on it. Plus, I more recently researched my old clan's forums, and I think i'd left some info on those. Unfortunately, all of the InvisionFree boards were deleted. I think they offered backups, but I'd missed the cutoff. Sorry, just kinda rambling on. I'll let you know if I have any further comments regarding the script. I believe that I am looking for a simple all-in-one script, at the end of the day, but this sounds like a good start. Thanks again. EDIT Couldn't sleep. Ugh. So, I'm looking at the new code. OK, so I'm not interested in renaming bad player names to simply just "Blocked1", "Blocked2", etc. I'm thinking of two different possible scenarios for this. They both would probably work, but you tell me: Renaming all players to a random pick of a name in a table. I think this would be more fun, actually. For instance: newNames = {Sucker, GoHome, ISukatHalo, Cortana} ....you get the picture. A player with a banned name is randomly assigned a name from this table I would also need to check if the name to be used is not already in use. Correct? How? Renaming all players with banned names to New001 and letting Halo rename them systematically as additional New001 players come in. Will this work if there already is an existing New001 player? I'm looking at he coding and I can see where/how the two variables replaceWith and newReplace can be modified to make this happen. I just might only need one of these variables, since I'm not attempting to just add a number to a player name. Again, I probably want to go off of my own list (first bullet point) vs New001. How would I do this?
  2. I've been running the .10 exe since it was posted. No further updates. Ok, this is REALLY strange. It literally was a fluke. It happened yesterday, so I made this topic. Before I went to bed, I downloaded a small update from Windows update, and that did nothing. I went ahead and tested running the game just now and had no problems. I honestly don't know what to think or why this happened to begin with. Really bizarre, but it somehow fixed itself for now. I was thinking about reinstalling but I have no idea where the disc is. I'm glad I don't need to, now.
  3. When you say separate script, are you saying that you'd have to create a new script to do both in one script? Sorry, I'm unable to play Halo right now, the game keeps crashing. I posted a topic on it in the Halo PC General forum, so until it's resolved, I'm unable to test anything.
  4. 5/22/20 EDIT: The problem has somehow fixed itself. Not sure why it's fixed or how it happened in the first place. I'm on Windows 10 and have been since the day it came out. Halo worked fine until today. Now what happens is, I load the game, I see the first screen, then the game minimizes. The other normal stuff happens to existing open windows, for instance if I have a webbrowser open, it reduces itself to a smaller size. When I click on the Halo Task along the Taskbar, I then see the Halo window restore itself, in a smaller window (I'm not purposely trying to run Halo in a window), and then I hear the normal Halo theme music playing. I still don't see a screen, though. Not even minimized. I don't know how to insert a screen shot in these forums, I don't think it's allowed. I tried both Halo PC and Halo CE exes and I get the same thing. Any hints on how to fix this? EDIT: I just tested launching Halo in a window with another shortcut I made long ago. That worked fine. It just won't load full screen correctly, without the '-window' added to the target. I never used to have to do this, which is weird.
  5. I'd like to see this integrated with banned words on chat, maybe with a way to easily turn on/off both filters through a script For example: RenameBadNames =TRUE/FALSE (or "On" / " Off") RejectBadText = TRUE/FALSE (or "On" / " Off") I know there's a script out there that will send text to the player typing bad words and not display what they typed on the screen. It just would be nice to have to end up having to edit only one table of banned words. Nice job on the script, though. BTW, I just noticed that on another thread that you mentioned my name and made this script at my request. Thanks!
  6. I know, I have two topics on here on renaming players. This one, is a little different. The other topic, I'm just blindly renaming players. THIS ONE, however...if the player's name (or any part of it) is found in a bad words table, I want to rename the player. I think what I don't understand, is how to initially GET the player's name. I might be able to figure out the rest. I'm guessing PlayerIndex is just a numerical value assigned to each player's name, and not the actual name, itself. Any help on getting the player's name? Thanks.
  7. With regards to a naming script, I've actually made pretty good headway. I've got it to do what I want it to do, now I'm looking into error checking, or in this case, checking to see if a player name already exists. I have a players.txt file where I currently store a list of player's names (their new names), and want to search those names and not add names to my holiday names table if they already exist. I've updated the contents of that topic, to which is already linked above.
  8. I'm with you 100% on this. I pre-ordered Halo MCC on Steam and I've tried to play Multiplayer, but I just can't. I'll just list everything I don't like about it: I could care less for Unlocks/Ranks. I just want to play. Social/Competitive Games - I'll pass. Matchmaking is the reason I never really got into Halo 2...if I remember correctly. Custom Games is a joke. I can only invite my friends and I have to start adding randoms just to be able to invite players? No thanks. No Server Browser, therefore no way for me to only play in servers with settings that I know I like (in my case, CTF with heavy weapons) is an instant turn-off for me. I created a custom game for it, but what's the point if you can't find anyone to play with? Not only that, I leave the server and the game is over, so others cannot enjoy it in my absence. Sorry, this is pathetic. I've heard that this is a newer general trend of game makers, that is, to no longer allow dedicated servers so Multiplayer players have to rely on playlists. If this is true, I'm finding a new hobby, particularly after they manage to pull Halo: Combat Evolved from my cold dead hands. The ONLY good places to play are in dedicated servers...unless of course the dedicated servers are run by corrupt individuals, but that's kind of rare, anyways.
  9. I feel like I can probably figure out a way to make such a script work if I can at least get the initial part it it done, that is...figure out the name changing part. It's been awhile, but I used to be decent in programming and so I'd have to relearn a lot.
  10. @Enclusion I actually figured out how to do the sever message from another thread, I started just looking at every thread just to see if I could start trying to piece something together. I was playing around with a bad words filter (lua script) and i tried to enable it based on your video. For some reason, I was unable to join my server. I then tried replacing the existing INIT text file in the SAPP folder with the one i was using. That didn't work, either. What I ended up doing, was initializing and calling the lua files from the second init.txt file (the init file in the same directory as events/mapcycle/mapvotes/commands/events), and just leaving the rest of the init commands in the main init file. Not sure why I had to separate them, very odd. I'm actually looking for a script to rename players to random names in a list, based on date. I posted this here:
  11. 5/7/2020 EDIT: Found a script to rename players. I've heavily modified it to do what I want it to do but I'm still working on it. This post has been updated. My original post was looking for a script to rename players based on Holiday. I found a script in these forums called OnNameRequest. The script by itself does nothing, but editing the OnNameRequest function will return a value, thus rename a player. What I've done so far: Created a sub-directory called "Holiday", stored various text files in it, each with related Holiday names. I've so far edited the script to be able to return the current system date. If this date falls on a holiday (Easter Sunday & Thanksgiving must be hardcoded), the corresponding Holiday file will open, load into a table and the player's name will be randomly selected from this table. The selected name is written to the file players.txt The text file's output will look like this (no quotations around the names): Jolly Tree Stocking Below is my current code. I've just added the "Get Current Players List" section. Mind you, I used the same line variable, not sure if that'll work or not. What I want to accomplish is: As I'm adding items to the holidayNames table, I want to know if the item already exists in the currentPlayers table, first. If it exists, skip that item. -- Get Current Players List local currPlayers = io.open(filePath "players.txt", "r"); local currentPlayers = {} for line in currPlayers:lines() do table.insert (currentPlayers, line); end -- Get Names from selected Holiday file local holFile = io.open(filePath .. holiday .. ".txt", "r"); local holidayNames = {} for line in holFile:lines() do table.insert (holidayNames, line); end
  12. Honestly, as a noob to this...and to a point a feel a bit embarrased about admitting to that because I knew the basics (before SAPP) very well about 13 years ago... These are the videos I'd like to see: How to install & enable SAPP for Halo/Halo CE (keep in mind, a lot of people manage MULTIPLE servers...in your original video, you illustrated how to make a batch file to start one server. Being able to start/stop all at once via script would be nice. Adding Scripting functionality: How to / What for? / What has been its common usage? How to use SAPP or how SAPP can be used in place of INIT commands not available for Halo (in otherwords, INIT commands only available for Halo CE), what are the text files in the SAPP folder for, and basically where to use and how to use the commands in the SAPP document (mainly on pages 11-22 / 28-39). I have a few specific questions regarding these page ranges: Add/Remove Admins, RCON vs SAPPRCON (Advantages/Disadvantages, most practical uses) What do these files do: users.txt, locations.txt, areas.txt (Server Folder\sapp folder) ? Maybe just have some examples already done and show how you've made use of it. What do these files do: commands.txt, init.txt, events.txt, mapcycle.txt, mapvotes.txt (SAPP folder in the same folder as SAVEGAMES) ? Maybe just have some examples already done and show how you've made use of it. How do you set up & make use of Remote Management ?
  13. EDIT: Take a look at my comments here as well, I think they're a little bit more thought out: I finally got access to a server yesterday and actually did set up two Halo: Combat Evolved servers on it. I'd already figured out how to set up SAPP and got it actually running. That was pretty easy. Beyond that, I'm honestly kinda lost. I noticed in my servers, I don't have a "lua" subfolder, so I guess I need to manually create one, correct? Forgive me if I missed that part of the video. I did watch your video and I at least understand how to run scripts, now. Can I request a few more videos or maybe just throw it into one? Here's a list of what I'm looking for: Server Message on Chat when player enters: I'm setting up Halo servers, not Halo CE. Halo servers don't have a fancy intro screen and also don't have the MOTD part, to which I'm sure you're aware of. To compensate for this, I'd like to use a script for the information to appear in the chat. Can you explain what the purpose is of all of the text files are in the SAPP folder and just kind of basically what to put in them? Mine has Admins.txt, areas.txt, ipbans.txt, locations.txt and users.txt. How can I display messages based on events? Say "<PlayerName> will be kicked for having the ping of <Player's Ping>" or send a message to the individual player's chat window "<Player Name> watch your language!" How to enable chat logging and where would I go for the log files? Is there a difference between the server RCON abilities and SAPP Rcon abilities? (If possible), how do I add/remove admins? Does it have to be done manually? Can admins have custom passwords? Are admins passwords protected or displayed as plain text in a file? I feel like some of my questions may be answered if I just understand what lua scripts are out there vs what SAPP can do. Would be nice if SAPP's documentation would just simply say "this set commands go in <blahblah>.txt" and gave examples. I watched your video on Chimera as well just because I had no idea what it was, it doesn't look like I'll be using it anyways because it only works on Halo Custom Edition. The volume on it was a little low, though.
  14. I haven't run a Halo server in several years, before SAPP, Phasor or anything that's been put out. I want to use SAPP but I don't know where to really begin on it. Yes, I downloaded the PC file and installed that and yes I looked at the documentation. Aside from all that, I don't really understand what files I need to put together to make SAPP work or what additional directories I may need for scripts. Plus, I wouldn't really understand what to put in the files. Can someone help me?