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  1. Hi Kavawuvi How can I increase the brightness? some maps are dark and i wish i could level the brightness, because it seems to be disabled since video settings. and you could add "spam to join" for entire servers.
  2. Thanxs! really work it. Hopefully they can implement the "spam to join" and the execution of the lua scripts. Chimera is really amazing for all the settings it has.
  3. Maybe it's due to my game settings being at a low resolution of 640px. I had to change the server port to 2302 to fix it, but I have 2 sv with the same ip but different port, and in both only data from the 1st server appears. About the "spam to join" is there a way to implement it? n.n
  4. Will it be possible to add a waiting room like hac2 to wait for a slot in full servers? https://imgur.com/831FdET and I have a problem with servers with a port other than 2302; for example my favorite server has port 1000 and when I add it to bookmarks it doesn't look in the bookmark list it just shows a space. https://imgur.com/wmqYyHQ
  5. Yes, i have version 1.0, Do you know where to find a stable version for luas scripts?
  6. How can I know which build version I have? To activate it? I created the folders "lua and global" in "my documents / my games / halo ce / chimera / lua / global" and put the script there, but I can't get it to work.
  7. Hi friend, I'm new to Chimera, can you tell me how to activate it please?
  8. when i add a server to bookmarks with port other than 2302 it doesn't show up, it just shows an empty space but if i select it with alt + (number) it works. Servers with port 2302 have no problem. too happen with the history list
  9. good, Thanks a lot. It works now. but I have a little problem, could you help me again? I don´t see the list of bookmarks,it works, whit alt + #, but not appears. I attach the image in rar. bookmarks.rar
  10. Hello, do I need a special command for hotkeys? It is activated from chimera.ini, but it doesn't work for me in the exe. for example for bookmarks, "alt + shit + 0" to add a bookmark, I press it and nothing happens. only if I write from the console "chimera_bookmark_add" does it appear to be saved, but if I put the line "chimera_bookmark_list" it comes out empty.
  11. hello,

    Can you help me with the arcade ctf lua?

    how can i make it work

  12. how to make this script work?
  13. it's ok it doesn't matter But can I move the flags without their bases? How do i do it? please
  14. Oh thanks, but can spawn 2 new flags? one for each team? If u can, how to specify that one be for red and one for blue?
  15. help!!! Anyone know how to change the positions of the flags please?? I tried to add a code in the event file with the sapp spawn mode, but it doesn't work well, the flag created does not work for a specific team, have how a bug, and the original flags follow in the same base position. I also tried with the lua "itmc" and it seem work better. But how replace the original bases? I would greatly appreciate your help