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  1. I personally think that a light theme should be added. Nothing that would make us look like another forum niche, but something that still says Gaming. Maybe we could have some game screenshots for the forum icons, or in the header.
  2. May I suggest that The Administration consider adding a new smiley set? The default set is nice and all, but it would add to the feeling of a customized forum.
  3. I would say that they prefer Windows simply because a good fraction of computer users use Windows. I've heard many call Windows The universal OS, which does support why they would focus mainly on Windows. They would also look at how much money they make.
  4. I rented a game once many years ago for my Nintendo 64. Unfortunately, once we returned it a day late, turns out the lovely staff had tacked on a $5 fee. Let's just say I refuse to do business with them anymore.
  5. I want to congratulate you on creating this. Awesome mod, and I hope to see more of your work soon.
  6. Thanks Tucker!
  7. I bought an iPod, but ot me, it wasn't anything really special. Reason being it was too clunky for me. However, my friend just bought an iPad, and it wasn't cheap. I must say though that Apple cleaned up its act for the iPad.
  8. Hi Everyone! I am Giorgios, your friendly Internet Greek! It's nice to be here at OC, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!