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  1. Well ... I inform the author (Chalwk) by imbox that this error occurs when a player enters the moment the game begins (this occurs mainly when there are many players), What I did now to make it happen less was to set the start time of the game at 10 seconds (I had it at 5), this made it happen much less, but it still happens, and the console shows no errors when this happens, what else can i do to help?..
  2. They gave me a video where the error occurs. (Zpocalypsev1.6 Simple) here it is:
  3. The error still occurs in the current version... :/
  4. I did not report it, I was going to report it, but another user had already reported it, if I remember correctly, the report was made more than 20 days ago...
  5. Note: This script was created by Chalwk, but a user already reported this error in GitHub a long time ago and has not yet been fixed. Sometimes, when the last human is infected, the game doesn't end, someone could help me with this since I don't know about this ... (In case someone wants to help me) Script: ZpocalypseScript.lua Thanks!