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  1. File no longer available :c I was curious to see what kind of vehicles and weapons were in there
  2. Always fascinating to see people creating seemingly 1:1 replicas of these ancient models with nothing but a handful of screenshots, and then doing Photoshop magic to turn those same screenshots into textures for the model.
  3. This is incredible: I had seen the occasional screenshot previously, but having had a chance to load into the map myself and look around, it looks like a whole 'nother engine. I especially appreciate the attention to detail with the various weapons.
  4. The biped alone kinda makes me wanna get back into modding
  5. I like the idea of Marine-centric gameplay and I also like the idea of a tank battle map. If these two things are being combined, though, I think you'll need more than just makeshift outposts: this may be a scenario for trenches. May also consider removing the viewports from the gunner's position to differentiate between the two hatches, since he's going to be looking through a gun sight anyway.
  6. Skin edit for the stock assault rifle, with the flashlight replaced by a grenade launcher muzzle. Made many years ago. Decent enough stand-in if you want to emulate that ~1998 aesthetic.
  7. Super delayed because I didn't have an account when this was released, but I remember this as being one of the more interesting mods I ever played. Creative twists on classic assets. Good stuff.
  8. But I need you to win so you can invest in my pyramid scheme
  9. V2 feeds from a belt and incorporates a shoulder stock source: my dreams
  10. Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave
  11. Ancient Sanctuary looks pretty hawt
  12. Mk.2 Combat Equestrian (c.2552, colorized)