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  1. Thanks a lot.
  2. Sorry, i am in new these script things. Where do i have to put this command? i am trying to learn the basic things.
  3. Hey There, One question maybe it is silly idk. Can you disable taxi script some maps in mapcycle? i mean not manually, for example map 1-5 taxi ok map 6 taxi disable.. Thanks in advance for your help. 7
  4. Cant find it, taxi v3. I guess it was from shaft. I will search it again. It should be this one. Found this https://pastebin.com/jK3BzU8v
  5. No problem, I just wanted to give feedback and I gave feedback to his topic:) now i see it records it stats but it doesnt give things like best time laps. I think it is useful to have this for CTF, slayer etc.. Nice one. Thanks anyway. The one i have from Altis is good, can use that. Thanks a lot.
  6. Thanks ALTis, this script worked. One question; how can we erase best laptime too? Do we install it again or is there a command to do it? thanks. @Tucker; This stats didnt record racetimes, i have wrote it on subject. Can you check please? Thanks. @aLTis,
  7. Hi, This script didnt work with me. It didnt record the racetimes. Can you check please? Or maybe i did something wrong. Thanks in advance. 7 It worked after a while but cant use it good, it is me who cant use . Thanks for the great script.
  8. Hi, We have taxi script v3 on our server if I am not mistaken, which has an issue in 4v4 racing. We need 2 hogs to team up (driver and gunner). When a 3rd person wants to taxi, instead of becoming gunner of second taxi, he taxis to 1st hog as a passenger. How can we give priority so that when people taxi that they go to gunner seat instead of passenger seat? I hope I've explained that well enough. Thanks in advance for your help. 7
  9. I am gonna give it to my friend to try. Thanks a lot. When it is tested I will give you feedback. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for quick reply, I will test this but I need a script so that if you join a game, SAPP says best lap, this person, with this time. Thanks again.
  11. Is there a script that we can use in our race servers ,recording lap times or fastest lap times.. And if there are more people like more than 6 ppl, that script disappear.. Thanks in advance.. 7