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  1. Adulting and such. But I've recently gotten a lot more time on my hands and in a killer mood to get CE3 Crew and Live back on track.
  2. Dratt and I were actually thinking about how cool it would be to do CE3 Live at halo outpost. There were times where no one was on the mixer stage for a good 2 hours. Who knows, maybe a ce3 live 2020 might just be in the future.
  3. Hey everybody Slow Bullet here, once again late to the party, but those of you who know me. I am the party. I had no idea this site was a thing, and seeing people still uploading things brings me much joy! I'm excited to go through all the files you all have worked so hard and dear on. I can already smell a new HMU on the way, and who knows maybe some other new things.