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  1. New update has come out! We got a new campaign set on the silent cartographer island and whole new animations and a whole lot more made by Gravemind. This is probably some of my favourite stuff I've ever made so be sure to check it out
  2. Yeah man love to interact with new communities Thanks man, great to hear you like the campaigns Ill make sure to post some vids and pictures soon onto this thread tomorrow
  3. Too be honest, this is my first fully fledged project in Halo pc lol
  4. Just incase you didn't know I thought I'd post it here too. My mod The Flood Virulence got an update recently with genuine halo 3 infection with animations, as well as new and improved infection forms both from the same guy The_Gravemind on halomaps. This mod allows you to play as the flood through different times in the halo 1 story all lore friendly currently in three finished campaigns and an unfinished campaign called decay. The three finished campaigns though are called release, recuperation, and infestation. Release shows the flood being beset on the facility after being released by the covenant and allows you to surge through the facility and wait until Captain Keyes arrives. Recuperation takes place in the library whee you have to infest the forces you lost to the masterchief in the campaign mission, use the forces of the covenant that have been sent to retrieve the holy icon from the library with no knowledge of what awaits them. Infestation takes place on the truth and reconciliation as the first flood crash into a docking bay and reek havoc throughout the ship, be one of the first to infest the ship and see the protomind in two stages of growth. If you like playing as the enemy or love the flood as much as i do definitely check it out and give it a playthrough! It can be found on moddb here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-flood-virulence if you want to give it a download. Also new campaign in the works called vitriol which takes place on the silent cartographer where you infest the local cov garrison and push up to the surface after building your hive deep within the facility. No guarantee that itll be done soon but I've currently finished 2/? missions. Also I've been wanting to make this for quite a while so just know that any similarities to the mad good SPV3.2 mission The Commander are coincidences