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  1. Really nice results indeed. I hope you used some of the uncompressed textures available using MEK's TexSource.
  2. Sure thing. Let me port the PC maps to CE using Refinery. I'll post a link here in case you want to mirror it. Alright, here's the link with the campaign converted to CE using Refinery. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XyrmkJNzurAZIA5uXjellExl-D4bZHg1
  3. No. I mean, Renamon's port is REALLY broken. By the time that port was released, HEKPlus was used to extract some assets. And we all know how shitty HEKPlus is. The Renamon campaign shouldn't be considered a decent port. - It has a lack of AI throwing grenades. - Some AI squads don't follow you. - Sentinels (in The Maw) not moving from their spawnpoints. - Switches (Forerunner holograms) with rendering problems. - Really weird positioning of Med Packs on A10 (all of them are placed on the floor, when they should be placed on walls). - Black-bordered lightning textures (you can see this in 343 Guilty Spark, The Library and The Maw). - Navpoints not appearing. - Music not sounding when necessary. - Some other minor bugs. That's why I think the Renamon version of the campaign shouldn't be shared to the community like, ever again. Nowadays, we have better extraction programs such as Refinery. You can just grab the PC maps, extract them with Refinery and then compile them with tool. And you'll get a perfect port instantly.
  4. Isn't that Renamon port broken? I highly suggest to use the Refined Campaign instead. https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloCERefined/comments/9lpf14/halo_combat_evolved_refined/