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  1. Hi! Yes, Chimera does include a custom map downloading feature, but as of now it's a bit buggy and tend to crash (we're fixing that right now indeed). Current Chimera builds aren't compatible with HAC2, so in case you want to use both, you'll have to download older, unoptimized Chimera builds such as -572/581. I highly suggest you to join the Chimera Discord server, because an upcoming update might be available soon with fixes!
  2. CEnshine: Xbox Shaders for Halo Custom Edition CEnshine is an add-on/fixing project which restores some of the most known visual regressions from the Gearbox port of Halo on PC (2003/2004). With it, Halo Custom Edition will finally get a lot of restored shaders after 18 years. CURRENT FEATURES: - Bump map shadows: Bump mapping shadows are now visible with both dynamic lights and lightmap data (light direction and tint) - Specular lighting & features: Specular properties have been restored and render properly. Dynamic lighting, reflections and lightmaps tint. - Bumped cubemap reflections: The "bumped cubemap reflection" type on shader_environment tags will tint cubemaps. Perpendicular and parallel brightness take angle into account. - Self-Illumination animations: These now behave as expected. Plasma animations will scale and/or loop properly. - Bumped glass reflection: shader_transparent_glass tags now use the shader's referenced cubemap instead of the "rasterizer vector normalization" bitmap (the rainbow-like looking). - Shader transparent plasma rendering: Biped shields should render properly (hasn't been tested in depth). TO-DO FEATURES (FOR POTENTIAL UPDATES): - Shader Model rendering: The way detail maps mask on shader_model tags still needs to be restored (ie: proper "detail after reflection" rendering). - Ripple map mipmaps on water shaders: Still reversed (smaller mipmaps being used at closer distances). - Shader Transparent Chicago properties: Some functions such as "multiply" are still broken. - Water sorting issue with Atmospheric Fog: Still bugged. - Fog screen layers effect for simulated volumetric fog: Still missing, Gearbox removed the drawcall. A potential fix could be possible but not easy in the short term - Shader transparent generic: Gearbox totally removed the drawcall for this shader. A potential fix could be possible but not easy in the short term. - Other misc stuff. OFFICIAL RELEASE VIDEO: SOME COMPARISON PICS: DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Download CEnshine 1.0.0 here (GitHub repository): 2. Download the "EffectCollection_ps_2_0.enc" file. 3. Go to the "shaders" folder located in your game's installation folder. 4. Paste EffectCollection_ps_2_0.enc and replace the original one (make a previous backup of your original file in case something happens). WANNA CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROJECT OR RECEIVE NEWS AND UPDATES? - Source code (GitHub): - Discord Server: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Sledmine - Project leader, reverse engineering. @Jerry - Composer tools creator, tools for decrypting and encrypting shaders. @MrChromed - Halo CE Shaders veteran, providing support for validating shaders fixes. @ReclaimerOmega - Another Halo CE Shaders veteran, support and validation. C20 Reclaimers Wiki - List of known shaders issues.
  3. This is quite a nice new feature ngl, it's gonna be really useful!
  4. Infinite CE - Sentinel Biped Tags Plain and simple: the Halo Infinite Sentinel ported to Halo CE. Uses H1 bones so it's totally compatible with the stock Sentinel animations (also included in the pack along with other references). I've also included LODs for this model. The Sentinel has a nice, gray/metallic looking with some worn out detail on the edges. Some pics: (Some nice hexagon details for those hexa-phobic people) (Idle pose) DIE, HUMAN! NOTE: The Sentinel uses a gray color which is controlled by the letter "A" in the "Change Color", permutations section (.biped). If you want to mess around with other colors, you can change it here: CREDITS: - 343i/Xbox Game Studios: Original game assets - MrChromed (myself): Porting, rigging, texturing, shaders and sounds. DOWNLOAD LINKS: - Source textures (PSD format, compatible with Adobe Photoshop): - Tag download: Did you miss my previous releases? > Mark VII Core Spartan Bipeds: > Monitor Bipeds:
  5. Halo Infinite Monitors (Adjutant Resolution + Despondent Pyre) biped tags Following the release of the Mark VII Core Spartans bipeds from yesterday, today is the turn of the Zeta Halo Monitors seen during the campaign. Both Monitors have new SFX ripped from Infinite, alongisde some custom particle work and other stuff. I've also included Infinite's Monitor dialogues to both Monitors for different actions, but due to the fact that Despondent Pyre only has cutscene dialogues, both use the Adjutant Resolution ones. Feel free to use them to whatever project you're working on! ADJUTANT RESOLUTION DESPONDENT PYRE CREDITS: - 343i/Xbox Game Studios: Original game assets - MrChromed (myself): Porting, rigging, texturing, shaders. DOWNLOAD: Join to our Discord server to see more projects:
  6. Halo Infinite Spartan bipeds for Halo CE (Mark VII Core - Version 1) I've been working on these models since a few months and I feel it's time to make a release of my work. As some of you may know, Halo Infinite uses a new PBR system called "Procedural Materials" (ProcMats), so I had to convert all those multiple layers into classic diffuse + multipurpose textures and the results are pretty satisfactory IMO. This first version (I want to bring more updates in the upcoming weeks or months) includes 16 armors (from the Mark VII Core), 11 shoulderpad pieces and 4 kneepad pieces. Current armors list: - Anubis - Aviator - Cavallino - Enigma - E.O.D - Firefall (ODST) - I.S.R - Mark V Zeta - Mark VII - Scout - Soldier - Trailblazer - Unknown armor name 1 - Unknown armor name 2 - Warmaster - ZVEZDA Armor pics: It also includes FP hands: The bipeds use H1 bones so it's compatible with stock animations and stuff. You'll also see some interesting stuff going on when you look at the hands in third person view, but it was made to avoid wristle rigging twistings because of stock bones and poses. I optimized the polycount considerably so you shouldn't have to worry about these models in-game too much (performance-wise). Although I want to include LoDs and more optimizations (especielly drawcall-wise) in the upcoming updates alongide chest/thigh/arms/helmet attachments and some other stuff I really can't show right now because of EULA reasons. README file included in the zip file just in case. Credits: - 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios: Original game assets. - MrChromed (myself): Rigging, porting, texturing and shading. - Snowy: for using her Invader kit <3 DOWNLOAD LINK: If you wanna see more of my work, updates, news and other projects I'm working on right now (Coop Evolved and Forge CE), please consider joining to our DISCORD SERVER:
  7. Fireteam Raven FP hands for Halo Custom Edition NOTE: The following topic is strongly related to this other one: Yesterday, I released a tags pack with all of the four Fireteam Raven bipeds for Halo CE. Unfortunately, that first version didn't include their FP hands models. Today, I finally managed to port them into Halo CE. Communication/COMM FP hands: Demolition/DEMO FP hands: Heavy/HVY FP hands: Tactical/TAC FP hands: Now the entire pack is complete. I'll post the new link with both the bipeds and FP hands, and I'll also make sure to update the link in the other topic I made yesterday as well. Have fun! And remember... Feet first into hell! Credits:- MrChromed (me): model porting, rigging, texturing, shaders. - Gravemind2404: author of "Reclaimer", extractor used to rip the FP hands. LINK:
  8. Fireteam Raven bipeds for Halo: Custom Edition. *NOTE: Promotional colors. They'll use in-game multiplayer colors instead* Here's the full set of Fireteam Raven armor sets from Halo 3 MCC, ready to use in Halo CE. I was working on them since the MCC flight days, but I couldn't release them because of the MCC Flight rules. This first release includes: Communication/COMM Armor: The ensemble for an ODST that wants to reach out and outch someone with artillery and ortillery support. Demolition/DEMO Armor: Obstacles to progress are measured by the number of satchel charges they rate. Heavy/HVY Armor: A they say during ODST screening: the best defense is an overwhelming offense. Tactical/TAC Armor: The ensemble of choice when you need to stomp the Covenant, but on a budget. They use stock bones (therefore, stock cyborg animations), so you can use them without having to deal with OpenSauce stuff. And they also were made for multiplayer, so they change their colors. The pack also includes FP hands of every armor set. For installation instructions and contact info, I've included a README file. In the meanwhile, have fun! And remember... Feet first into hell! Credits: - MrChromed (me): model porting, rigging, texturing, shaders. - blackninja: author of "Ninja Ripper", used to rip these models. LINK: UPDATE 04-09-20: Hey there! A new version is available, now including FP hands for each armor set. The OP has been edited with the new link.
  9. Yeah, link seems to be broken, or the file itself was deleted.
  10. It's nice to see you again, omarga. I remember you were active in Discord but suddenly you went AFK.
  11. The game's master server seems to be down. Unknown reason at the moment.
  12. Although this map might look simplistic, it's always nice to see new people getting interested into Halo CE modding. Everyone started somewhere, so welcome to our modding community!
  13. Nice! We'll patch our custom tool to give this a try. Our tagset currently is using 21.92MiB of tag space, so I'll just fill the rest with duplicated objects. I'll come back here to give a report
  14. I totally agree with all of this! Especially when it comes to the extended tag space limit thing. We've been developing an entire Forge mode for Halo CE by using scenery objects, and with hundreds of objects in-game, we're running out of tag space (23MiB). That's preventing us from porting new objects (since we also have some plans of having a "season-like" system to provide fresh and new content/assets to this project by using an updating system we've been developing to avoid the necessity of uploading new map builds everytime. So any expansion to the stock 23MiB limit will be REALLY useful for us. Here's a pic btw:
  15. So... First pic seems to be broken