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  1. The game's master server seems to be down. Unknown reason at the moment.
  2. Although this map might look simplistic, it's always nice to see new people getting interested into Halo CE modding. Everyone started somewhere, so welcome to our modding community!
  3. Nice! We'll patch our custom tool to give this a try. Our tagset currently is using 21.92MiB of tag space, so I'll just fill the rest with duplicated objects. I'll come back here to give a report
  4. I totally agree with all of this! Especially when it comes to the extended tag space limit thing. We've been developing an entire Forge mode for Halo CE by using scenery objects, and with hundreds of objects in-game, we're running out of tag space (23MiB). That's preventing us from porting new objects (since we also have some plans of having a "season-like" system to provide fresh and new content/assets to this project by using an updating system we've been developing to avoid the necessity of uploading new map builds everytime. So any expansion to the stock 23MiB limit will be REALLY useful for us. Here's a pic btw:
  5. So... First pic seems to be broken
  6. You could edit custom maps with HEK, yeah (just make sure you extract the map's tagset with MEK's Refinery or Invader's invader-extract. The thing is: once you edit such stats, that custom map will become a "new" custom map. It won't be compatible with the "original" custom map since those edits would desync between the two versions.
  7. Dude, this tool will be HUGELY useful for upcoming projects. I thought there was no way to automate this tedious, painful process. Thank you for posting this!
  8. This is a really nice script! It can also improve our current Forge menu, as this script could allow us to add support for scrollable lists. Keep up the good work!
  9. Thanks for pointing that out! I guess we'll need to take a look again into the code, since the point was to only use Chimera for these scripts and not lua-blam. Alright! Updates were applied and the scripts now don't need to use lua-blam in order to work (Chimera is enough). The OP contains the new scripts. Thanks to @.þsϵυdø.þrø×϶n for notify that problem.
  10. These scripts contain the following features: Show FP animation permutations for maps (and specifically weapons) that support them (this is a known cool feature in OpenSauce). Enable first person sound reverberation for non-reverb sounds in weapons, by changing the class type on-the-fly. Of course, you need either Creative ALchemy or DSOAL to enable EAX effects. You'll need Chimera -572 or -581 to use these scripts (in fact, any Chimera with Lua script support should work just fine). Drag and drop the files into Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global - DOWNLOAD (GITHUB REPOSITORY'S ZIP): https://github.com/Sledmine/Workarounds/archive/master.zip - GITHUB (CONSTANT UPDATES WILL BE AVAILABLE HERE): https://github.com/Sledmine/Workarounds VIDEO:
  11. I wonder if that subtitle system uses a new tag type.
  12. It's nice to see an old project from us (ShadowMods) coming back to life, even if you release it "as is". We'll try to restart these "sound mods" soon
  13. I enjoyed every single moment of this Firefight, for real. And I loved the way you mixed both Bungie and 343i art styles using a consistent tagset. It shows that you put a lot of effort into this, and it's quite noticeable. Great work and I hope you can follow your dreams in other places
  14. I hope this helps (both the body and hands were upscaled to 2048px). cyborg.zip
  15. Despite the fact that a devcam command will be present in the final release of Chimera (1.0), you can use this simple Lua script for older builds (like -572 or -581) in the meantime. This is useful for people like me that only kept using HAC2 because of its "devcam 1/0" command. To use it, you can type the following commands (you can type whichever command you prefer): To exit devcam mode, just replace the "1" with a "0". Drop this script in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global Author: Sled. DOWNLOAD: devcam.lua