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  1. You could edit custom maps with HEK, yeah (just make sure you extract the map's tagset with MEK's Refinery or Invader's invader-extract. The thing is: once you edit such stats, that custom map will become a "new" custom map. It won't be compatible with the "original" custom map since those edits would desync between the two versions.
  2. Dude, this tool will be HUGELY useful for upcoming projects. I thought there was no way to automate this tedious, painful process. Thank you for posting this!
  3. This is a really nice script! It can also improve our current Forge menu, as this script could allow us to add support for scrollable lists. Keep up the good work!
  4. Thanks for pointing that out! I guess we'll need to take a look again into the code, since the point was to only use Chimera for these scripts and not lua-blam. Alright! Updates were applied and the scripts now don't need to use lua-blam in order to work (Chimera is enough). The OP contains the new scripts. Thanks to @.þsϵυdø.þrø×϶n for notify that problem.
  5. These scripts contain the following features: Show FP animation permutations for maps (and specifically weapons) that support them (this is a known cool feature in OpenSauce). Enable first person sound reverberation for non-reverb sounds in weapons, by changing the class type on-the-fly. Of course, you need either Creative ALchemy or DSOAL to enable EAX effects. You'll need Chimera -572 or -581 to use these scripts (in fact, any Chimera with Lua script support should work just fine). Drag and drop the files into Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global - DOWNLOAD (GITHUB REPOSITORY'S ZIP): https://github.com/Sledmine/Workarounds/archive/master.zip - GITHUB (CONSTANT UPDATES WILL BE AVAILABLE HERE): https://github.com/Sledmine/Workarounds VIDEO:
  6. I wonder if that subtitle system uses a new tag type.
  7. It's nice to see an old project from us (ShadowMods) coming back to life, even if you release it "as is". We'll try to restart these "sound mods" soon
  8. I enjoyed every single moment of this Firefight, for real. And I loved the way you mixed both Bungie and 343i art styles using a consistent tagset. It shows that you put a lot of effort into this, and it's quite noticeable. Great work and I hope you can follow your dreams in other places
  9. I hope this helps (both the body and hands were upscaled to 2048px). cyborg.zip
  10. Despite the fact that a devcam command will be present in the final release of Chimera (1.0), you can use this simple Lua script for older builds (like -572 or -581) in the meantime. This is useful for people like me that only kept using HAC2 because of its "devcam 1/0" command. To use it, you can type the following commands (you can type whichever command you prefer): To exit devcam mode, just replace the "1" with a "0". Drop this script in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global Author: Sled. DOWNLOAD: devcam.lua
  11. Original Author: Sled/Sledmine. I'm posting it in here with his approval, since he doesn't use OpenCarnage. What is Taurus? It's a command-line app that will help you to handle image files and convert them into TIF textures to use them with Halo Editing Kit. What can I do with it? - Convert any PNG, BMP and TGA image into a TIF texture and keeping their respective alpha channels (in case they use transparency). - Merge multiple images into a single TIF texture, so you'll have "multibitmaps" that can be compiled with tool. - Create TIF textures for UI buttons. Using Taurus To download and use Taurus in your computer, you need to download the Windows binaries (usually located in the "bin" folder) and run taurus.exe in your favorite command-prompt program (EG: cmd.exe). Taurus has three main commands: It will convert any supported images into TIF files. Once the process is completed, you'll find your new TIF images in a new sub-folder called "converted". It will merge the supported images located in the specified folder into a single TIF texture, really useful for multibitmaps. You'll find your new TIF texture in a new sub-folder called "merged". Please, make sure you name your files in a correct order. If you want to merge, let's say, 13 images, name them as "00, 01, 02, 03... 10,11,12, 13". If you do in other way like "1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 10, 11, 12, 13", the final result will be quite different: It will create TIF textures for UI buttons. For this, you'll need to create two folders and name them as: - "default": this is for the button texture that is in "idle" mode. Basically, the button shown when the mouse cursor isn't placed over the button itself. - "over": this is for the button texture that is shown when the mouse cursor is placed over the button itself. Every folder needs to contain its respective button image. Once you run the command with the specified folder location, it will look for the "defult" and "over" folders contained in that main folder and it will create a TIF texture as output in a new folder called "button". The zip file I'll leave will contain example folders and files in case you want to experiment with it. Terminal support You can run it in any kind of terminal and see the available command to use. Building Taurus To build Taurus using Sled's GitHub repository, you'll need to instal a couple of things to being able to create a Windows binary executable: - LuaPower distribution. - ImageMagick Tools. - MSYS. - MinGW. But hey! This is quite similar to Kavawuvi's Blue-gen or even Invader. What's the point of creating something that already exists? Well, Taurus was first developed and used on April of this year as a private prototype app to help "SbdJazz" (a CE developer) in the process of compiling UI buttons for SPv3.2. I just wanted to finish this project once and for all in case some other people find this app useful. Besides, Taurus doesn't support sprite creation (yet). You can use whatever app you find more useful anyways. We'd really appreciate if you give us some feedback! So, try this new app if you're interested. LINKS: - GitHub repo: https://github.com/Sledmine/Taurus - Zip release: Taurus1.0.zip
  12. Could be this improved in future builds? Nice release btw!
  13. Since a lot of people have been using Master Noob's H4 Master Chief biped for quite some time (2013), we (ShadowMods) have decided to make a better port (well, in our perspective). This includes better shaders and textures in higher resolution, better rigging, LODs and some polycount optimizations. It uses the stock H1 bone-set, so it will be compatible with cyborg tags (collision_geometry, model_animations, etc.). We know a lot of people don't like 343i's art, but we always wanted to provide a better-quality biped. The biped will be released in different separated versions (because why not?): SINGLEPLAYER: - Normal: The SP Master Chief. Made specifically for singleplayer projects. - Clean version: The SP Master Chief, but without scratches and damage on the right side of his chest. This was made as a request of some people. MULTIPLAYER: - Normal: The MP Master Chief. Made specifically for multilplayer purposes. - Clean version: The MP Master Chief, but without scratches and damage on the right side of his chest. SOME PICS (VANILLA SHADERS): (MULTIPLAYER VERSION. THEY INCLUDE A "CLEAN" VERSION AS WELL, BUT I WON'T POST IT SINCE IT'S POINTLESS). NOTE: Keep in mind that the visor uses a color-change mask and a color permutation function ("D"). So, in case you use the gbxmodel in another .biped file, make sure you set up a new "letter D" function with proper colors. HOW TO USE IT IN YOUR PROJECTS? Just extract the .7z file(s) and place it/them into your "tags" folder. Enjoy! CREDITS: - 343 Industries: Original model. - Gravemind: Author of "Adjutant". - MosesOfEgypt: Author of "MEK (Mo's Editing Kit)". - Solink: Rigging, Polycount optimization and LODs. - MrChromed: Textures and shaders. LINKS: - Halo 4 Master Chief MP: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a2kZoLPpucLpOB3uAI7UC4wWH7YuZe-h - Halo 4 Master Chief MP (Clean Armor): https://drive.google.com/open?id=16IfPbjCiRTobKnMP9TPsXRLkOgkjWmTp - Halo 4 Master Chief SP: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fDwtBuqMdocS7joQI-cZx860HB760X8O - Halo 4 Master Chief SP (Clean Armor): https://drive.google.com/open?id=162h_CCPzT1kcJ0L69KesnJX6-dY-BNTB - Halo 4 Master Chief (entire SP and MP set): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ctX62uP6ZZDYJgOZYrzxaPjoflbmsYQX
  14. Nice update! Btw, I hope you can add Xbox Safe Zones soon. I really miss that feature.
  15. Really nice results indeed. I hope you used some of the uncompressed textures available using MEK's TexSource.