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  1. I understand the hate for OS from a multiplayer standpoint 100% but from a SP POV I think it opens a bunch of things up (although it can be annoying sometimes from a dev standpoint). Plus a lot of the H2 assets look like ass without bump maps, all the vanilla levels will be non OS anyway so a majority of this will be vanilla. Its not really a team per say, Banshee is a good friend of mine and dips in here and there, Altheros and Killer5000 did most of the OS tags but aren't around atm. I would say I'm the person with the most HSC experience and will probably do most if not all SP design. Right now me and stunt man are working on Mountain Climb but that is at his work pace as he is the main designer on that. We basically have a few builds and we bounce ideas off each other based on the original concept. I have a few concepts (crudely drawn in MS paint and on pen and paper) or if a designer would come on board with their own idea for a SP level I would work with you (as long as its in the scope of Halo 1's gameplay). Stunt man is only focused on that 1 level as its based on a concept I have, but if other people were to come on board I could definitely juggle multiple levels (HSC obviously being easier than BSP). I am practicing on my own BSPs but its nothing I'm confident in publishing as a part of this.
  2. Halo: Tales From The Universe: A bunch of grounded Halo SP levels around the universe during different time periods providing players with a unique "Halo" experience per level. From Covenant factories in swamps to urban human colonies, we are looking to cover every corner of the halo universe. These levels are balanced around Heroic/Legendary and are made to be a fair challenge at the peak of Halo:CE's sandbox. Little to no story per level, not a linear campaign. Halo 1 has a serve lack of "Vanilla" SP levels (Lumoria is the only one that comes to mind and sort of The Flood Campaign's 1 level) which is a real shame since Halo 1's sandbox and gameplay loop is one of the strongest in the series. We are shooting for a Old School feeling, along with a few expanded levels on top of the vanilla experience. TAGSETS: HALO 1 (Vanilla): The basic bungie tagset, no new additions, just vanilla halo 1 Goals: Resemble halo 1 gameplay/flow "30 seconds of fun" (Thank you Refined team!) HALO 1.5/ENHANCED (OS based): The rules for this tagset is to keep the core halo 1 sandbox intact without breaking the golden triangle established by Bungie. No new player usable weapons, just new enemies/ vehicles to diversify the game play loop. Anything deemed not fun/ useful will be tweaked/ cut. Should feel like a add onto halo 1's existing base not a whole new experience. Not all tags will be used on all levels, only were they make sense. AI: Brutes: Whats Halo:CE without brutes spammed everywhere? Brutes from Halo 2 balanced around Halo 1's sandbox (brute minors are a 3sk majors are a 4sk with helmet break). They use Plasma rifles, Needlers, and have a berserk AI animation. They also use brute shots which detonate like fuel rod guns and are not usable by the player. Brutes are used as shock troops similar to Reach, they are elites with no shields (not bullet sponges) and are meant to compliment them on certain levels, not outright replace them. They are the middle troop between jackals and elites. From left to right: Brute leader, Major and Minor. Leader has weak energy shielding. Drones: Drones from halo 2 balanced around Halo 1's sandbox. They use Plasma Pistols, Needlers, and Plasma Rifles. They are more of the Halo 2 swarms instead of the Halo 3 Swarms, basically flying grunts. Gives the covenant an air unit and diversifies the encounters. Flood Combat Elite (Shielded): New flood unit, basically similar to Halo 3 were some combat forms have shields. These combat forms will retain their armor to let the player know they have shields. WEAPONS: Type-42 Plasma Cannon: A handheld portable plasma turret used by elites as a support weapon. Basically a "double PR" in the sense that it has double the rate of fire, careless pushes will result in the player's shields getting melted, these elites are tagged to hold angles and suppress the player. Detonates on drop (non explosive) Brute Shot: The halo 2 brute shot, Detonates on drop Concussion Rifle: Reskinned brute shot rarely used by higher ranked elites. Detonates on drop Carbine: Mid range rifle for the covenant, used by elites and jackals (Iffy on this as it goes against Halo 1's gameplay of long range encounters) Detonates on drop Gravity Hammer: Close range option for brutes. Detonates on drop (non explosive) Elite Minor with Plasma Cannon, and some elite variants, flood combat form is a WIP still need to skin the feet HALO 2 TAGSET(OS based): This is being considered for Halo 2 stylized levels but a majority of the work is done (minus some zteam assets as placeholders) Halo 2 isn't the best replicated in the CE engine and just isn't that fun, might just dump these in a release. Early Level Development- Mountain Climb (Vanilla) A linear trek through a canyon, the player is to enter a UNSC Aerospace Command Center and stop a spec ops team from gaining navigation data. A colony towards the end of its glassing, there is no backup and all loose ends must be tied. Inspired by Half Life 1's canyons, get prepared for some platforming and diverse geometry. We are looking for people familiar with BSP/level design, and HSC who have a similar mindset/understanding on the strengths of how Halo 1's SP sandbox flows. Any artists who are interested in Halo 1's Art style should reach out as well (would like to replace some of these H2 assets) Thanks to: Banshee64 (Tagging, BSP) Altheros (Tagging) Killer5000 (Tagging) Stunt_Man (BSP) Elote (Tagging, BSP, HSC/Level Design) Halo 1: Refined Zteam (Some placeholder assets)