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  1. Those Halo 3 style barricades fit the map so well!
  2. Hi everyone! ShadowMods would like to announce we are in the beta portion of Co-Op Evolved. The purpose of this project is to bring fully functional AI sync to Halo Custom Edition allowing up to 16 players to participate any map with AI. From Extinction with AI to the Lumoria, every single player map can be retooled to work with this project. If you're intersted, join the ShadowMods server to download and try during out test sessions! Features of the current public build Working AI Synchronisation across network Biped switching (/blist for biped types, /<biped> to set active biped) Working cinematic & script synchronisation (this requires the map to be recompiled to work with Mimic) How to download ShadowMods use a command-line executable called "Mercury" to download, install and update our projects. You can find downloads for Mercury here. Once Mercury is installed, from any directory, you can open cmd.exe and type the command below. It will automatically install all dependencies including Chimera. mercury install coopevolved ================== IMPORTANT ================== Mercury installs mods to the location Halo CE is installed on your system. If you have mods that conflict with Chimera, we recommend removing conflicts before attempting to play. Backup your Chimera.ini file as Mercury will replace it. (Mercury does do automated backups but better safe than sorry) =============================================== We are currently in the active beta stage; we host test sessions on multiple maps to test AI sync and attempt to port as many maps as possible to the Co-Op Evolved architecture. ================== IMPORTANT ================== This mod is currently in active beta and server-side setup is complex. We do not recommend attempting to host your own servers at this time. ===============================================
  3. ShadowMods use an executable called Mercury that acts as a command-line distributor of their projects. It needs a GUI for user-friendliness but it could be an interesting addition to this Halo Hub project
  4. If you're writing a narrative this tool lets you archive and backup from any location; mobile, desktop, even samsung fridge. It has online only and desktop versions. It's primarily designed for branching narratives like Mass Effect, but it still super useful if you're trying to write a linear narrative and are just mind-mapping between devices.
  5. Hey guys! I'm looking to get a concept artist on board to help me out with generating ideas for future ambitions. Specifically, I am searching for someone who's comfortable drawing UNSC/COV vehicles and buildings. If you're interested in what the project is about, the best hint I can give is this. Feel free to message me on discord, Schulzy#0501, message me here on the forums or track down my personal address and hand me your previous work in person! I look forward to hearing from you guys!
  6. I appreciate these words.
  7. You know it king.
  8. Oi oi Some of you may have already seen this posted on some Discord servers but here I am announcing Halo: PP Edition. Have you ever thought to yourself "I think the plasma pistol is drastically underutilized and deserves more love. Imagine no more. Halo PP Edition takes the classic Halo 1 plasma pistol and turns it on its head. This beta includes four modded original maps: Boarding Action, Chillout, Prisoner and Ratrace. Each map features the following weapons - Original PP: unmodified original plasma pistol - Uzy PP: Automatic plasma pistol that deals high rate of fire but low damage per overheat - Big PP: Double shot plasma pistol that fires Fuel Rod projectiles - Blue PP: Plasma pistol with a powerful, close range blast - Gold PP: Headshot capable plasma pistol that fires rounds similar to the carbine - Purple PP: Pseudo-grappling hook. Objects are launched toward you and you are launched in the direction you aim Please download and enjoy!
  9. Hey yea so here's a basic "tutorial" about Halo CE. This is mainly designed to generate interest in modding CE in the lead-up to MCC release and a potential HEK for the game.
  10. Hey guys! I'm currently making a bunch of flowcharts to help newcomers to Halo Modding so they have quick, easy reference material for the steps on modding the game. So far I've copied the one that comes with HEK, and made one for level content creation. I'm planning to make another few for campaign design, multiplayer design but I don't know everything. If you'd like to contribute DM me and I'll give a link to the Google Drive folder. I'm using to make these flowcharts. It's an intuitive interface so if you haven't used it, it should be fine. I figured this is technically a "support" thread as it's intended to support and not teach new modders. I'll move it to Tutorials upon request. I'll update this thread with each new flowchart and will eventually combine it into a whole document hyperlinking each flowchart together. Edit: Added Campaign Flowchart General Map Design Level Content Creation Making a Campaign Mission
  11. You ever need that harness inspected you give me a call
  12. I think a lot of us started modding Halo as teenagers. We've all left school and become successful enough adults to keep doing this hobby and even running a bunch of websites like this one we're on now, and So what do you guys do as a day job? I work in heavy industry as an equipment inspector. I check out chain slings, wire rope, regular rope, shackles, height safety gear and a broad area of lifting and heights equipment.
  13. Oh yea man just thinking about the logistics scares me. If it was necessary we could organise a GoFundMe for those who can't easily afford to fly to the states. Otherwise we should start saving now to go to Outpost Discovery next year (if it's on)
  14. Hey Guys I had one of those 2am epiphanies and I wanted to share it with you. We have a great opportunity of a small Custom Edition panel this year with the American-based modders attending the Chicago Event. It helps the community put a face to the names of Masterz, MattDratt, Slowbullet and whoever else is on the panel. But if Outpost Discovery is back next year or the year after, we could have an even greater opportunity; CE3 Live at Outpost Discovery. We would have to organise a single event to attend, hotels, accomodation and technology but it could be the opportunity to bring life back into CE modding moreso than SPv3 did. Obviously this year I feel it's a bit short notice, but if we all knuckle down and contribute to each other's projects we can really show the Halo world the beautiful things CE has going on. Not to mention we could host the first panel on what it's like to mod MCC should modding tools come out. Like I said this is a 2am epiphany but some ideas you can't just forget about.