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  1. Hey yea so here's a basic "tutorial" about Halo CE. This is mainly designed to generate interest in modding CE in the lead-up to MCC release and a potential HEK for the game.
  2. Hey guys! I'm currently making a bunch of flowcharts to help newcomers to Halo Modding so they have quick, easy reference material for the steps on modding the game. So far I've copied the one that comes with HEK, and made one for level content creation. I'm planning to make another few for campaign design, multiplayer design but I don't know everything. If you'd like to contribute DM me and I'll give a link to the Google Drive folder. I'm using Draw.io to make these flowcharts. It's an intuitive interface so if you haven't used it, it should be fine. I figured this is technically a "support" thread as it's intended to support and not teach new modders. I'll move it to Tutorials upon request. I'll update this thread with each new flowchart and will eventually combine it into a whole document hyperlinking each flowchart together. Edit: Added Campaign Flowchart General Map Design Level Content Creation Making a Campaign Mission
  3. You ever need that harness inspected you give me a call
  4. I think a lot of us started modding Halo as teenagers. We've all left school and become successful enough adults to keep doing this hobby and even running a bunch of websites like this one we're on now, ce3.com and haloce.org. So what do you guys do as a day job? I work in heavy industry as an equipment inspector. I check out chain slings, wire rope, regular rope, shackles, height safety gear and a broad area of lifting and heights equipment.
  5. Oh yea man just thinking about the logistics scares me. If it was necessary we could organise a GoFundMe for those who can't easily afford to fly to the states. Otherwise we should start saving now to go to Outpost Discovery next year (if it's on)
  6. Hey Guys I had one of those 2am epiphanies and I wanted to share it with you. We have a great opportunity of a small Custom Edition panel this year with the American-based modders attending the Chicago Event. It helps the community put a face to the names of Masterz, MattDratt, Slowbullet and whoever else is on the panel. But if Outpost Discovery is back next year or the year after, we could have an even greater opportunity; CE3 Live at Outpost Discovery. We would have to organise a single event to attend, hotels, accomodation and technology but it could be the opportunity to bring life back into CE modding moreso than SPv3 did. Obviously this year I feel it's a bit short notice, but if we all knuckle down and contribute to each other's projects we can really show the Halo world the beautiful things CE has going on. Not to mention we could host the first panel on what it's like to mod MCC should modding tools come out. Like I said this is a 2am epiphany but some ideas you can't just forget about.
  7. For those who came from Halomaps you'll already know me. For everyone else, I'm Hiralis. I'm a modder who works mostly in Halo CE! I mainly do BSP modelling but I'm working on a pretty 'uge singleplayer project at the moment. I can't wait to share my progress with you guys!
  8. Images fixed. Storm is right
  9. Crosspost from Halomaps <3