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  1. Not at the moment, but I am willing to learn.
  2. If anyone has suggestions on what optic pack I should make, please send them in as a reply to this thread. I'm quite eager to keep this optic thing alive for as long as possible before HAC2 finally dies. No one might care about it, but scripting things as small as this is quite fun to me. Thank you.
  3. As requested by @DSalimander, I bring you the Tasty Optic Pack for HAC2. Nothing too special. Just a little something to relieve all the stress by cheering you on with moans and groans. All moans and groans were from: And here's gameplay of it in action: Enjoy! tasty.zip
  4. Salutations! My name is Derj, I'm currently 14 years of age, and I am from Macau, China. I've been a Halo CE fan for nearly my entire life. Thanks to my father, who let me play his Xbox at the age of 3. I also manage a Halo CE server with the person who referred me, @DSalimander. I decided to join Open Carnage after seeing a lot of neat threads, and I hope to see more throughout the coming years of Halo CE modding. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.
  5. Neat.