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  1. I'm not going to be able to make the deadline Oh well, i'll still finish and release this map and will participate in the next competition which hopefully will not be in the too distant future.
  2. Thank you, I recon I can make it. Here is some more images of development. Mesh-smoothed my map and used Soft Selection to add variation to the terrain and cliffs. Started making a base for Red and Blue Team. Textured my base. Pro-optimised my map down to 23.5% Started to attach my bases to the ground.
  3. Hello there! This is the development thread for a map titled Vantage that I will be submitting to the 2019 Map competition. I started on this map today so it will not be very polished. I plan on making the map bigger (and better) for round 2 (assuming I get into round 2) to accommodate vehicles, both ground and air. I have worked on other maps before but I did not finish them. This will be my first released map. Here is some development images!