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  1. Made at the request of @CartmansPieHole This script will changed anyone who joins your server's name to something else if their name contains something in a list of banned words/characters. Server moderators can use this to ban bad words in names or just names you don't like. This will log a message to the console when a players name is changed. Download: https://github.com/TagiaNetwork/Tagia-Server-App-Scripts/blob/master/Open Carnage/BannedNameChanger.lua Video: Credits: OnNameRequest by @Devieth badwordsarebad by @Kavawuvi BannedNameChanger.lua
  2. Multiplayer has always been what the halo experience was about for me.
  3. What is a good method of detecting if a plasma weapon is in hand. Also, how do I check if a weapon is in the backpack? Is it possible to force a player to swap to the item in their backpack?
  4. I'd have a separate script read from the same banned word list. You'd have to load both. I updated the script to version 1.2 which prevents blocked name count from going over 99. Since most servers have 16 player count it goes into double digits so i let the count go to 99 but reset it after that point to prevent triple digits. This will make sure you can always use the highest character count for the replaceWith variable and not have it break once your server is on long enough to hit 100 banned names. I ended up just doing what you asked and implemented @Kavawuvi's badwordsarebad script into mine. I also added the ability to toggle name banning or chat banning on or off. As always I am open to suggestions and comments. BannedNameChanger.lua
  5. I can get that done. I will probably have it be a separate script and just allow it to read from the same file, fairly simple.
  6. Right now I don't see the need for this as I've only just recently began working on Sapp scripts but I'll keep this in the back of my mind. Thanks, this looks great!
  7. So what you're basically saying is..... KAVAEUVI IS LITERALLY MAKING A SAPP MODERN DAY REPLACEMENT WITH MANY GREAT IMPROVEMENTS AFTER YEARS OF BEING A TOP INTELLECT IN THE HALO COMMUNITY?!?! A man can dream, I guess Keep up the good work. I highly doubt I'd still be playing as often as I do without the wonderful work you and the others have done on chimera.
  8. Script that does what the title says. The situations would be either when speed command is enabled (/s in SAPP) or when getting out of a banshee. Would like option to disable and enable these individually. Thanks if you do this, no worries if you don't.
  9. Pretty sure someone fulfilled this request already.
  10. Thanks. It's my first script so it's not much but I'm glad I got it working. They goodness for devieth doing most of the work by making the OnNameRequest function lol Update 1.1: - Fixed duplicated "BannedName" players in scoreboard - Added new console log showing what the users new name was in addition to the old name - Still persecutes halo PC users, i think (haven't tested because why would I its halo pc)
  11. Good stuff. I'll try this out later.
  12. Do you think Halo 2 and 3 will bring the player count back up? I left for ~40 days and the game lost a TON of players. Hopeful or naw?
  13. What are some games that just won't die? TF2 and Halo CE are my main ones. I don't see how the community on these will ever fully die.
  14. Glad you got some stuff working. I don't have much experience with lua and no experience doing scripting for SAPP so I wish I could help. Not even sure how to change peoples name from LUA (gotta mess with memory? Not sure) so hopefully someone can help you.
  15. I've heard it before but can't remember but wasn't there a chimera script that essentially rewrote the netcode and solved a bunch of the issues (used in combination with a sapp script)? Where can I follow the development of "Chimera Revamped"? Does it have a github?
  16. Is lua disabled in modern chimera?
  17. You can use events to do this quite easily. These files mainly store data that is created in game with commands. In most cases you won't need to edit this stuff. Admins: Holds information regarding to who has admin access using ingame commands (prefix commands with '/'). Admin management can be found on page 32 of the SAPP documentation which I believe you have. That will show the the commands to add admins. Areas: Areas related commands are found on page 33 of the documentation. You are able to use coordinates to create a region and later use that information for events, scripting, etc. Areas.txt simply holds all of the data on area bounds. IPBans: Banned ips stored here. Locations: Similar to areas these are specific coordinate points on the map that you can name and teleport to or use in events/scripts. Here is an example of what your file would look like after adding locations (commands on page 34 of documentation) bloodgulch:red_base:95.57 -157.44 1.70 bloodgulch:blue_base:40.05 -80.95 1.70 bloodgulch:flamethrower:106.41 -108.71 2.92 bloodgulch:blue_cave:69.63 -88.21 5.65 bloodgulch:red_cave:98.87 -108.78 4.33 bloodgulch:red_cliff:61.87 -157.80 5.73 bloodgulch:red_upperCliff:104.39 -185.24 12.68 Users: Can't remember what is stored in this file. There are multiple ways of doing some of this stuff so it will be up to you. What I know for certain is you can use conditional events and send messages when a player reaches a certain threshold and kick once they go too high. I can probably look into the best way of doing this or someone else here can help but in the meantime look at the documentation regarding events. It is pretty easy to do basic logging but thats for halo custom edition. For you you'll probably need to use a script. Here is one I found: https://github.com/Chalwk77/HALO-SCRIPT-PROJECTS/blob/master/SAPP SCRIPTS/UTILITY MODS/Advanced Server Logging.lua
  18. I decided to create a beginner video to help people in the future with getting some basic things set up with SAPP. If anyone thinks other things should be covered let me know as I'd love to make some more videos. At some point I will probably redo this video but for now it seems decent for walking someone through the process of hosting a server on a new windows machine.
  19. Still has servers hosted all these years later.
  20. the homies do be chillin tho
  21. Would be interesting. Some people already have some good server list web solutions and it would be so cool if we could port dedicated server (and with it LUA scripts) to MCC before 343 adds this stuff.
  22. FAQ

    Were lurkers causing problems??
  23. I guess it depends on what is meant by "die". I always worry about jagex and OSRS. You never know what they'll do next..
  24. Source surf and bunny hop feels a TON better than CS:GO. Non intended third party game modes feel good in source to me.