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  2. This definitely. Also bookmarking servers
  3. I created a Halo: MCC fan group. Feel free to pop in if you want to play with anyone or just hang out. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/HaloMCCPC
  4. Halo is back. ITS BACK. I T S B A C K!
  5. Alright cool
  6. Where do I get the server script and dll?
  7. Never had that before, on my old internet provider I could use my public address. Thanks, though.
  8. Hello, I have the port 1108 forwarded. When I run another game server on port 1108 it is detected as open by an online port checker (https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/) when I run haloceded (SAPP installed) on the same port the online port checker says its closed and I can only connect from a local machine. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  9. Yup, it appears open when using a port checker that does UDP and it was open. It seems that I can connect to my server using the external IP when I am on a VPN but when I am just only my local network I can't connect using the external IP. This probably won't be an issue since I can use the local IP but have you dealt with that before?
  10. too late
  11. Script that does what the title says. The situations would be either when speed command is enabled (/s in SAPP) or when getting out of a banshee. Would like option to disable and enable these individually. Thanks if you do this, no worries if you don't.
  12. True. I have a bit of knowledge of java, python, and can figure out what lua means but the memory editing crap confuses the heck out of me.
  13. It would be useful if you could block it and have an option for being invulnerable for a couple seconds after portalling. I don't think I would use it but some people might.
  14. Great. My second request and its another one with a reward lol.
  15. Is satelite internet a thing that is good?
  16. ok
  17. Bug: When using the alt tab graphics feature it works fine but if you use other methods of unfocusing such as the windows key it will not keep the graphics going.
  18. No, just the main one. You have to enable the linux subsystem and then you can install linux systems like ubuntu through the store
  19. I was using the linux subsystem in windows system but have had the same issues in a VM (Since its basically the same thing).
  20. Currently getting issues still. I just reset my ubuntu and you can see version info at the beginning. This video shows the full process I went through.
  21. Ill check it out!
  22. No worries. Should you release this in the releases section?
  23. Id like a script that simple gives infinite ammo (NOT BOTTOMLESS) but the grenades aren't infinite. Thank!
  24. Alright script works perfectly now. This is very useful.