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  1. Can't wait for that <3
  2. Hello, I'm Patxi. Been modding Halo Custom Edition for over a decade now. I like metal, some anime and I use Linux.
  3. Working on a new map I started some days ago called Latitude. I'm just here to have fun and stuff, so I decided not to plan anything on Gimp/Inkscape and just model as I go. Right now the things that I have planned: 1) Human Structure (No Covie or Forerunner), 2) No open terrain, everything will be inside one huge base/ structure. 3) Asymmetrical, 4) H1 tags, 5) No ship in the sky I will edit this as I go. currently, don't have much to show, but with work, my time is restricted. No to mention I have to launch a really old W10 laptop I have because I'm too lazy to install HaloCE on my Linux machine.