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  1. Here's my basic as heck PC desktop. I always have my desktop backgrounds set to pictures of the next place I'm travelling to - in this instance, I'm heading off to Georgia in October later this year (the country, not the state!) and as I'm going there for some lovely mountain views, I've obviously got to have a mountain in there and the one on the right is the city where I'll be based, Kutaisi. Amazingly cheap and looks gorgeous so I can't wait for that one!
  2. I've always been of the thought that where infrastructure which is of national importance, I suppose could argue that 5G is, should be where possible manufactured 'in-house' so to speak by the country at hand. Of course, that's not sustainable though. I can't imagine little Lesotho in South Africa suddenly popping up as a telecoms manufacturer so of course, as @Solaris said, China do indeed have us by the balls. It's a necessary evil in my eyes, unless anyone's got any ideas and/or are willing to the pay the price to develop it nationally, I'll keep spending my pounds on Chinese goods. They're welcome to spy on me though, if they like crap memes and dog pictures we're in business. I'm sure we're all spying on one another already anyway so meh.
  3. Here's my one - glad I've managed to snag the lovely status of 'Nuclear Submarine' for 2/3 bits. Really need to get myself a new hard-drive though and maybe an extra SSD to replace my broken one (meant to have three of the dang things). Wish I was a little better on the 'Workstation' one though but this is infinitely better than my old computer, the sloth. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/18031596
  4. Instead of having a year in which to build up the money for a comfortable house deposit for me and my fiancee we've now got all of 3-4 months to bring something together (we've got a little put together already) and hope and pray that the banks are feeling lovely on the day we pop by for a chat about how much we can borrow. It's all a bit accelerated and quite stressful knowing we'll be at the bottom end of the market. ><
  5. No that's very true @Sunstriker7 - I just would've not expected to have had to see something like this come into force. I can imagine the court case referenced will be an actual interesting one with respect to what's said, the interpretation of the law and how that will cascade across the platform if it get's that far. Surely Facebook should be doing more to aid pages in moderation and tools to manage it more effectively in my books.
  6. I've just finished watching a BBC series called Years and Years myself - it only a six-part series but it's very interesting in the way it presents a sort of alternative future for us. It follows a family through a 15 year period in where the USA nukes a Chinese island, Russia pipes up and annexes Ukraine and so on. Really well done and very interesting, one of the better shows I've watched in awhile actually. I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for something different!
  7. I've just managed to bag myself a DJI Ronin-S, I'm by no means a YouTuber/Professional videographer but I just wanted to treat myself to something that I can use to make my travel memories that bit more different when I look back over them, which I often do. A bit expensive in some respects but it's all about if you can afford it, and if you'll get the use out of it for me, I think I will so why the heck not.
  8. I'm probably answering my own question by looking at your signature with your job role in but why do you need that many VM's open at any one time? Just curious. I've never been able to really dive into Linux at this point in my life so I'm always curious about what people are getting up to on it. I only usally have a Mac VM open because I like the interface, would have no idea what to do with myself if I had 4-6 on the go!
  9. Good god this is one of the more useful things in my life. For whatever reason at work, the tech's have locked the system down hard so I have to make do with a version of Firefox that appears to have the spellcheck enabled - but it doesn't work at all, anywhere. Considering my job is social media based, I'm writing a lot online, scheduling platforms and so on, it's the bane of my life. I'm unsure why they've allowed me to install grammarly versus just letting me have FireFox spellcheck but I'll take what I can get at this point.
  10. Believe in yourself Storm, I'm sure you can be a vehicle engineer yet. On a serious note, I just don't understand why all these manufacturers, who tend to have far too much money also, cannot just work together to create something that is greener/more efficient/etc without the need to resort to software in order to attempt to cheat the regulators. I'm aware it's probably a cost thing but with the way the world is going anyway environmentally, why not try and get ahead of the curve a bit?
  11. If you're a fan of slaying your way around Orc's in the Middle Earth then the Middle Earth bundle has a very good sale on right now, I just bought Shadow of Mordor seperately as well, I wish I would've waited! Might get this one just for the big bundle of DLC you get with it as well. £4.55 for the game + 17 DLC packs. Bargain in my books. - https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor-bundle
  12. My television does this from time to time, although it's not a 4K one but all my troubles went away when I swapped over to new (and slightly above cheap) HDMI cables that just seemed a bit more long-lasting than the cheap rubbish I got last time. I used to get the black screen flicker every now and then and one day, it just suddenly started completely dropping out. Took me ages to figure it out (Yes, I'm a bit dumb) but I was swapping cables around ports, checking all my wires etc for ages. But yes, it was the HDMI's for me, I'll not buy cheap ones again!
  13. Do the Germans have some kind of thing of whacking such software on their cars? I would've thought that they would have learnt after the whole Volkswagen fiasco but hey, apparently not though. Just seems odd that they seem so determined to cheat the regulators. Why not just try and create more 'greener' cars for society instead of keeping on producing the polluting beasts, how ever lovely and noisy they may be.
  14. Dang, what a great little upgrade to the Pi. I think I'm going to recommend that we pick up a few of these for work as we're trying to set up a STEM club to get some of our students interested in coding and computing because we really don't have that much uptake around the college I work in. Seems fabulously cost-effective though for us, I think we could get a good load in. We've been working with the Pi-Tops as well previously so this will compliment it nicely.
  15. Do you think you'll find yourself upgrading in the near future with another 16GB kit or similar? I'm always tempted by all these kits that I see because like I said above, I'd just like to be running around showing off my RAM to all and sundry - despite the fact I've got no reason for getting another 16GB. I'd like to think I can find a use somewhere though for it if it was demanded.