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  1. Hello, everyone, I am the BlackLink. Just wanted to say hello in this section as well. Krazychic and Tucker are awesome people that I met. I will be joining everyone in this forum board on several things and opportunities that are available. Thanks for letting me know about opencarnage.net Krazychic
  2. It's updated thanks. We are in the works of putting this all together. Halo can be one of the games added for a community-based competition as well. We are looking for to get at least 20 gamers, streamers, etc... to get involved from affiliating with several gamer sites and more than I have built to drive funds and fuel esports competitions local and global. This could be one of the games we could bring back for a competition I'm thinking.
  3. Hello, everyone I wanted to come by and say hello. I was referred by Krazychic that we game with online. My name is DamnBlackLink. I own and run a web and game development company by the name of https://profoundsyntax.com. Also, starting an eSports team for several games https://gconduitesports.com.