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  1. Thanks very much for replying @Kavawuvi I just have an additional question on this. My hosting provider's web based editor only lists the following encoding formats as options - Western European (Windows) Unicode Unicode (Big Endian) Unicode UTF-7 Unicode UTF-8 Unicode UTF-32 Would you recommend editing and saving .txt in the format you've specified with a desktop editor and then FTP'ing them, instead of using the web based editor?
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone here can tell me the correct/most consistent file encoding format for SAPP .txt files like the events.txt and init.txt. Non-standard characters are not being consistently read by SAPP/Halo Dedi and I'm wondering which encoding format would be best to stick to from the following - Western European (Windows) Unicode Unicode (Big Endian) Unicode UTF-7 Unicode UTF-8 Unicode UTF-32 Thanks
  3. This doesn't require a script. It couldn't be easier, just use a SAPP event. event_leave $pn:1 'w8 #;sv_mapcycle_begin' where # is the desired number of seconds before restarting the mapcycle.
  4. @DSalimander are there any resources or tutorials would recommend for modding in Custom Edition? With the current tools? Thank you
  5. Hi @DSalimander, Thank you.
  6. Hello There, could anyone tell me how to change the kind of "fog floor". I have swapped the sky tag for an old Custom Edition map from 2006 I used to enjoy playing so converted to Halo PC and when you walk into the lowest parts of the map there is a strange effect like walking into water where there is a surface. It's like the fog doesn't come down far enough or something like that? I have attached a photo. Thank you very much.
  7. hi. could anyone tell me the use of the flag tag and how to change it please? I know how to add a different looking flag by swapping the weap tag, but I don't know about the flag tag. Thanks you.
  8. Hi. I've imported two scenery tags that aren't behaving the same as the ones already on the map. They are both bushes/plants. The issue with the first is that the leaves disappear at a certain distance, but it's branches/stems stay the same at any distance. So they look nice and dense up close, but at distance they look bare and dead. The issue with the second is that it appears to have a shiny stem/trunk "shiny" on one side but not the other. The map has a night time setting so this looks weird compared to the other plants and trees as they are equally reflective from 360 degrees. I've looked at the bitmap preview and it is flat with no painted in shininess, so I think it must be something to do with lightmap or shaders, but I can't find the right thing to adjust/change. Thank you.
  9. @ScenyAin't nobody got time for dat. 8 will be fine. Thank you again for your help and this time for also confirming I wasn't going completely crazy not being able to find the float.
  10. Hi. I have a magnum tag which I have increased the loaded total on from 8 to 12 rounds, but the weapon HUD still only shows a maximum of 8 bullet icons. I can't find the float to align it, does anyone know which one it is please? Something in the whpi tag I assume, but I can't find it. thankyou.
  11. @giraffe @Kavawuvi thank you both very much. It was the Rider Damage Fraction value in the vehi tag I was looking for.
  12. Hi, I want to increase the amount of damage a Banshee pilot can take before dying. The collision tag for the Banshee model I'm using currently has a zero value in the Shield.Maximum Shield Vitality float, so I can't work out how to increase the number of hits required to kill the pilot. Is it something to do with Shield Damage and Body Damage Multipliers in the Materials chunks? And if it is does anyone know how these work? thankyou
  13. thank you @Scenyyes it was in a schi tag - the Chicago Shader.Numeric Counter Limit to be precise.
  14. hi. i have a weapon that has an in-built/on board ammo count display that only goes to a certain limit and I want increase that limit to match the mag size I've set for refill eqip and itmc tags. Any ideas how to change it in eschaton please? thank you.