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  1. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by Conscars in Ghostbuster: a phantom BSP fixer   
    I did a deep dive on what causes phantom BSP a few weeks ago and was able to develop a tool to fix it in compiled scenario_structure_bsp tags. I still suggest you first use the classic tricks like adjusting geometry, ensuring faces in flat surfaces are co-planar, avoiding high poly dense geometry, and preferring 90 degree or shallower angles between faces. However, in a pinch you can use Ghostbuster to fix the tag for you. The tool works by looking for bad BSP3D nodes with dividing planes which incorrectly assume one side is outside the map, and sets that side's child to be the same as the opposite side of the plane. This doesn't have any negative side-effects because the fixes happen deep in the BSP tree where some additional collision checks are still cheap.
    Ghostbuster is a Python command line tool based on Moses' Reclaimer library. You can find installation and usage instructions at the GitHub repo:
    I've also created a c20 page for it:
    I have tested the tool on Danger Canyon and Blood Gulch and observed it removed the known phantom BSP in those maps once recompiled. It has been used on 1 custom map to my knowledge. Given that this is fairly new and only tested for a few maps, exercise some caution and back up your BSP tag before modifying it. Let me know if you see any bugs and I'll try to bust those too
  2. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by Krazychic in Game Deals   
    Grand Theft Auto V - FREE on Epic
  3. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by Krazychic in Game Deals   
    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is free on Epic until June 4.
  4. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by ShikuTeshi in Game Deals   
    On Epic Games Store.

  5. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by Kavawuvi in Update: Floor decal fix   
    Yesterday, I fixed the floor decal on stock maps. This applies to any "double multiply" decal on an alpha tested layer.
    Here's what it looks like without the fix:

    Basically, you can't see it. The game does not appear to render it.
    Here's what it should look like:

    It should appear bright green.
    Refined works around this issue by changing it to a regular multiply:

    However, it now looks like a dark green instead of a light green. Granted, floor decals would probably look more like this in real life, but it doesn't match Xbox.
    Chimera fixes the issue by making it follow the same code path as multiply but in a way where it's still rendered as double multiply:

    Much better!
    Like all fixes that were worked around with tags, there is a caveat. Because this is an issue with the game's renderer and not the tag, if you use the Refined maps with the workaround decal, it will still look just as dark as usual as that's what the tag is telling the game to do. The issue will only be fixed if you're using the stock double multiply decal because that is the only case where the issue exists. Therefore, if you choose to make maps that utilize such decals, know that they won't be fixed unless you have Chimera. But if you would prefer the decal to be visible for all clients, then you'll have to use the workaround as always, and this will apply to all clients, even those with the fix.
  6. WaeV liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in Fog Floor?   
    The type of fog you're thinking of is inside a .fog tag, not the .sky.
    So this problem you are seeing is because of that sky. Specifically the model it uses. You need to swap it for another or modify it yourself somehow. Consider moving to Halo Custom Edition if you really want to create cool looking maps easily.
  7. Sunstriker7 liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in Universal AI synchronization   
    I found a backup on my computer. Hope this helps anybody.
  8. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by (SBB) Storm in Frigid Keep   
  9. WaeV liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in LongShot Map Dev   
    One last peak at development:

    Minimal portals, exact portals, and weather polies. Final lightmaps quality ran at '1 0.1' due to time restrictions. Added a couple beacon scenerys because you can't get a good idea of which side is which and the lighting in the bases won't emit because of the lightmap quality.
    Final pictures:

    And the download:
  10. WaeV liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in Smoothery   
    Hello OC. I'd like to show you one of the things I've been working on and get some feedback. The level is based on an Unreal Tournament 2004 1v1 deathmatch map Roughinery. The map's working name is Smoothery. I have a final name picked but am keeping it to myself for now. This is a level that uses a modified Unreal Tournament 2004 tagset that I have stolen from Dredwerkz PB4 [here's the only thread about it I could find]. The map has a variety of fast-paced, high action, competitive gameplay. It's like Quake, Unreal Tournament, and Halo combined. The project is to the point where public feedback is desired.
    Project credits so far:
    Project Lead - DSalimander
    Project Testing/Ideas - Hasuku, Hirsute, Derj
    Most of the Halo CE Tags - Fubih's Dredwerkz PB4 [featuring m00kz, SBB and their subs, aLTis, Aquilum, Xylodrin]
    Halo CE Weapon Pickup Icon Tags - m00kz's UT2K4 Map Pack for Halo CE
    Original Level Design - Alexander Lehmann, Epicgames: Unreal Tournament 2004
    Original Tagset Design - Epicgames: Unreal Tournament 2004
    Unusual program credits:
    MEK Essentials - Ripped all tags needed, cleanly.
    3D Ripper DX - Ripped level geometry straight from Unreal Tournament 2004, well enough.
    It started with Hasuku's desire for more Dredwerkz gameplay. A level design was needed and the easiest way to get one is to borrow straight from the source material. Hirsute picked Roughinery as a candidate. I got to work.
    I got a dirty rip of the map geometry straight out of Unreal Tournament 2004. I own the game so it was easy to get. I might have even been able to load the map in the included editor and get the geometry there but I haven't tried that approach.
    Some testers and ideas guys wanted a quick copy of it in Halo so they could walk around and confirm the layout and scale are good. The layout was better than expected but I ended up shrinking the geometry to 80% of what the raw rip was. The BSP was completely redrawn by hand because Unreal levels are a mixture of simplistic BSP and tons of high poly non-BSP objects called static meshes. The final BSP is very simplistic, almost blockout level simplistic. At this stage I questioned if I wanted to keep the level straightforward and easy to read or add tons of detail like a normal Halo map. I think keeping the level more basic kills two birds with one stone: easier to play and easier to make. If I or somebody else wants to come back and make another map with the same gameplay, it should be easy.

    I began fixing up the tagset stolen from Dredwerkz PB4. Sometimes the level is called Aerial but I'll stick to the current working name. Somehow that tagset had all the hard stuff done but the easy stuff wasn't. Like there were no item names or pickup icons and everything was scaled weird. This was particularly annoying because nobody had any idea which gun was which. It's amazing how much better those incredibly small fixes make. I worked with what I had so the tagset is still sort of ghetto but it's the best iteration of UT2K4 in Halo I've seen yet. I also began experimenting with which scenery and/or light fixtures would fit the style. I port and tag one of the light fixtures that's spammed everywhere in Unreal Tournament 2004.

    Thanks to how I redrew every polygon manually over the old geometry, there were very few BSP errors to deal with. Lighting was evolved from just the sky, then added custom light fixtures spammed everywhere, then added old spotlight scenery from Dredwerkz PB4 with invisible light planes in the BSP, then added simple lights to the BSP in remaining dark areas. The bulk of the custom light fixtures that were spammed everywhere mostly coincided with exactly what was done in Unreal Tournament 2004. Any deviation from what they did was to accommodate the other light sources and my opinion on which looks best. I had to reduce the amount of lens flares in one of the Dredwerkz PB4 shaders because it was hitting Halo's limit and made weapon effects not look right. Most of the thinking is done at this point and the only leg work needed is debugging and polishing the level.


    Behold the current build. 98% of my TODO list is done and I need to verify I didn't miss anything. Let me show you exactly where the progress stands by also giving you a primer on the gameplay features.
    A big thing to know about these guns is instead of a normal grenade option, each gun has an alternate firing mode. These alternate firing modes are often complementary of primary fire modes and typically deal more damage at a higher ammo cost. Sniper weapons do not have alt fires. If you shoot at the alternate projectile of the Shock Rifle, it will detonate mid-air. Etc.

    [Left: primary trigger. Right: alternate trigger.]
    If you jump and fire the secondary starting weapon's alternate trigger at your feet, you should be able to jump even higher. This is the Shield Gun. [It's primary fire currently produces a useless shield.]

    Here are specially designed launch pad ramp things. I really need to settle on a name for them. The basic concept is this: slanted geometry gives you an acceleration boost; if the geometry is slanted AND has a ladder material, you get even more acceleration.

    While only those special launch pad ramps have the ladder material, everything else doesn't. But you can still get acceleration boosts off upward and downward ramps that are everywhere in the map.

    These are power ups. They're all self-explanatory except for the purple one. Normally in Unreal Tournament 2004, this would give you a double damage multiplier. For Halo it is simply the active camouflage.

    [In order, top left to bottom right: Health Vials for small shield boost, Health Packs for health, Super Shield Pack for a huge shield boost, and what is called Double Damage but is actually just an active camouflage.]
    These little items everywhere are ammo pickups. The Flak Cannon ammo is using a placeholder model in the PB. I have it fixed in the next build.

    Up on this ledge is a very handy tool. "The Redeemer is a portable thermonuclear warhead launcher and the most powerful weapon in the Unreal Tournament series." It is only available every four minutes and you must figure out how to get it. Definitely don't try what I'm doing in the picture below.

    These are what I have named Dummy Boxes. Anywhere you see these, there is probably a parkour-esque trick nearby. If you fail a parkour jump repeatedly, keep your sanity and just jump on the Dummy Boxes instead.

    The level requires no prerequisite mods. Any Open Sauce extensions present in Dredwerkz PB4 were stripped out.
    Any feedback on the level geometry or population is very welcome. If there's a jump that needs to be added or removed I need to know. Too much or not enough ammo? Tell me! All gametypes are supported and should be fun. Feedback on the tagset itself isn't as useful since I'm aware of most of the problems but am not in a position to do much about it other than easy fixes. My main goal is to make a good level for the existing tagset, not vice-versa. Anybody who gives me a fully featured, bug-free HUD that accurately mimics Unreal Tournament 2004 will receive 3-10 raffle tickets from me depending on the quality and effort. Offer ends at the end of this month's raffle.
    Beta download removed. Go get the release!
  11. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by PiRate in Useless Information You Didn't Need to Know About sleep_until   
    While doing some reversing of Halo to fully integrate client functions into the scripting engine, I came across a curiosity regarding sleep_until.
    According to the references I can locate, sleep_until can accept two arguments - one required and one optional.
    Even the internal reference generated by script_doc affirms this:
    However, sleep_until has 3 parameters, and technically accepts even more arguments.
    Note: Any addresses below are for the 1.10 PC client, because most of my notes are on the PC client and have yet to be ported to the CE client. However, what I mention below holds true for the CE client. I am posting this under the CE section because I assume more people would be using Halo script in CE rather than PC.
    Below is the parsing function for sleep_until, in Cish (i.e. no guarantees it is legal C), translated from the assembly:
    // Note: I use BOOL below to convey meaning and it does not necessarily // reflect the width of Halo bools, depending on the compiler. // Returns TRUE if the script node referred to by node_id can evaluate // to the value type specified, and FALSE otherwise. // Has side-effects. BOOL parse_script_node_expected(identity_type node_id, enum_short type); BOOL parse_sleep_until(short function_index, identity_type script_node_id) { script_node *primary_node = get_script_node(script_node_id); script_node *function_node = get_script_node(primary_node->value.id); // ------------------------------ // condition argument, required // type: boolean (enum value 5) identity_type condition_node_id = function_node->next_script_node_id; if (condition_node_id == k_invalid_identity || !parse_script_node_expected(condition_node_id, value_type_boolean)) return FALSE; // condition argument is required // ------------------------------ // period argument, optional // type: short (enum value 7) script_node *condition_node = get_script_node(condition_node_id); identity_type period_node_id = condition_node->next_script_node_id; if (period_node_id == k_invalid_identity) return TRUE; // period argument is optional if (!parse_script_node_expected(period_node_id, value_type_short)) return FALSE; // period argument supplied but could not parse to short // ------------------------------ // timeout argument, optional // type: long (enum value 8) script_node *period_node = get_script_node(period_node_id); identity_type timeout_node_id = period_node->next_script_node_id; if (timeout_node_id != k_invalid_identity && !parse_script_node_expected(timeout_node_id, value_type_long)) return FALSE; // timeout argument supplied but could not parse to long return TRUE; } You can probably guess what this third argument and its type is. To confirm its meaning, here is a snippet from sleep_until's evaluation function:
    CPU Disasm Address Hex dump Command Comments 00489980 |. 8B00 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX] ; EAX <- timeout (3rd argument) 00489982 |. 83F8 FF CMP EAX,-1 00489985 |. 74 0E JE SHORT 00489995 ; never timeout! 00489987 |. 8B12 MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[EDX] ; EDX <- time of function call in ticks 00489989 |. 03D0 ADD EDX,EAX ; EDX <- timeout + function_call_time 0048998B |. A1 6C1D6F00 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[Globals::lpGameTimeGlobals] 00489990 |. 3950 0C CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+0C],EDX ; lpGameTimeGlobals->game_ticks 00489993 |. 7D 77 JGE SHORT 00489A0C ; jumps to exit sleep_until context if game_ticks >= (timeout + function_call_time) The third argument is a timeout, in ticks relative to the time when sleep_until would be called! An updated description for the function should resemble:
    However, because Halo does not verify the number of arguments does not exceed 3, nor their type, Halo will gladly parse, compile, and evaluate the following:
    (sleep_until false 15 3600 "foo" 3.14159265359)  
    Fake edit for those that read this post: you can paste text into the client console by pressing F6. I have no idea if this holds for Mac users, but I found this information out while completing documentation of the console line buffer structure. I am also unsure if this works while using HAC2.
    Real edit: Turns out the timeout is not in absolute ticks, will slowly edit my post to reflect this (done).
  12. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by Kavawuvi in Invader   
    Another month. Another update. Here is January's update, and it's a big one, notable invader-strip being added as well as much more diagnostic messages from invader-build. In fact, invader-build has been mostly rewritten, and it can now catch many crash-prone errors tool.exe could never catch, plus it's a lot simpler to build stock maps now, since you no longer need to index/CRC32 those manually.

    Also, Invader is now 0.24.2, and here are the detailed changes since the last update:
    New tool: invader-strip - Strips extra hidden data from tags. invader-build: Now shows tag space usage on map build and errors if exceeded invader-build: Added a CRC32 check on tag load. This will drastically increase build time, but it will still be much faster than tool.exe. You can turn this off by turning off pedantic warnings (-H) or reset the CRC32 with invader-strip. invader-info: Added -T tags-external-bitmap-indices which lists all bitmap tags in a Custom Edition map that use an external index invader-info: Added -T tags-external-indices which lists all tags in a Custom Edition map that use an external index invader-info: Added -T tags-external-loc-indices which lists all tags in a Custom Edition map that aren't sounds or bitmaps but use an external index invader-info: Added -T tags-external-sound-indices which lists all sound tags in a Custom Edition map that use an external index invader-build: Minor warnings are now considered "pedantic" and can be hidden with -H. You should probably still fix these warnings, as you may be getting an undesirable result. invader-build: Added warnings for non-power-of-two bitmaps being incorrectly set as power-of-two and vice versa. invader-build: Stock multiplayer maps for demo, retail, and Custom Edition are now automatically indexed to prevent crashing when joining with modified maps. invader-build: Stock multiplayer maps for Custom Edition now have their CRC32 automatically forged to whatever the stock CRC32 is to allow users to join other servers with modified maps. invader: Added color support for Windows invader-build: Added -O which can reduce tag space usage invader-build: Added numerous warning and error checks which can be used to spot and report problems with maps invader-build: Added more helpful text output Changed
    invader: Node count is now capped to a maximum of 255 invader-build: Adds markers in the same order as tool.exe invader-build: Node indices are now checked invader-extract: Now recalculates detail node count on extraction invader-extract: Extracts markers in the reverse order that tool.exe adds them invader-extract: Removes the blend_shared_normals flag on extraction to prevent generational loss (since tool.exe may change the normals again!) invader-dependency: -r and -R no longer show tag errors invader-extract: -r no longer shows tag errors invader-build: Detail node counts for gbxmodels are now calculated. invader-sound: Permutations are now alphabetized. For split sounds, only the "actual" permutations are alphabetized. invader-sound: Warns if indexed damage effect or object tags are stubbed out invader-sound: Disabled the creation of split dialogue. This does not work well with the game, anyway. invader-sound: Older sound tag data is now copied over. invader-build: Specifying the target engine is now required when building a map. invader-build: If building a Custom Edition map with a stock scenario name, the following values are set:
        vehicles\rwarthog\rwarthog_gun autoaim angle: 6 degrees
        vehicles\rwarthog\rwarthog_gun deviation angle: 12 degrees
        vehicles\banshee\banshee bolt stun: 0
        vehicles\banshee\banshee bolt max stun: 0
        vehicles\banshee\banshee bolt stun time: 0
        vehicles\ghost\ghost bolt stun: 0
        vehicles\ghost\ghost bolt max stun: 0
        vehicles\ghost\ghost bolt stun time: 0 invader-build: If building a retail map with a stock scenario name, the following values are set:
        vehicles\rwarthog\rwarthog_gun autoaim angle: 1 degree
        vehicles\rwarthog\rwarthog_gun deviation angle: 1 degree
        vehicles\banshee\banshee bolt stun: 1
        vehicles\banshee\banshee bolt max stun: 1
        vehicles\banshee\banshee bolt stun time: 0.15
        vehicles\ghost\ghost bolt stun: 1
        vehicles\ghost\ghost bolt max stun: 1
        vehicles\ghost\ghost bolt stun time: 0.15 invader-build: If a value is changed automatically due to the map being a singleplayer or stock map, a warning is now displayed. invader-build: Improved the accuracy of building invader-bitmap: Now uses the new parser invader-font: Now uses the new parser invader-string: Now uses the new parser invader-string: Changed "utf-16" to "unicode" invader-extract: Tag IDs are now set to FFFFFFFF when extracted. This will make extracted tags more reproducible independent of the map being extracted. invader-extract: The maps folder the map is in is used if no maps folder is supplied Fixed
    invader-build: Fixed ejection port recovery rate being calculated as 1 for some tags invader-build: Fixed "zoner" gbxmodel tags not having the correct detail node counts invader-extract: Fixed change color permutation weights being extracted incorrectly. You will need to re-extract your tags!!! invader-build: Fixed change color permutation weights not being converted to cutoffs. invader-build: Fixed a bug where negative-scale weapon HUD interface values were NOT defaulted to 1 invader-build: Fixed various maps with decals crashing invader-build: Fixed some weapon HUD interface tags not compiling due to finding an error when there was none invader-build: Fixed some various division-by-zero issues invader-extract: Fixed some values being extracted when unnecessary invader-extract: Fixed an issue where certain singleplayer tags' values were not restored to the original HEK values such as pistol.weapon's error angle invader-extract: Fixed not clearing do_not_cull flag invader-build: Fixed defaulting height/width scales for interface numbers in weapon HUD interfaces to 1 invader-build: Fixed decals not being put in the correct cluster on some maps invader-build: Fixed camera shake wobble period not being converted to ticks invader-build: Fixed resource bitmap tags with different bitmap data count matching when they shouldn't when building for Halo Custom Edition invader-extract: Fixed camera shake wobble period not being converted from ticks invader-resource: Fixed a segmentation fault when building resource maps invader-build: Warning for non-power-of-two was fixed (it warned only if it was an interface bitmap, not only if it was NOT an interface bitmap) invader-sound: Fixed std::terminate being called on an invalid WAV being used. invader-sound: Fixed not loading .wav files with fmt subchunks that are larger than standard. invader-extract: Fixed recursive extraction causing segmentation faults with some tags invader-build: Fixed an out-of-bounds issue resulting in undefined behavior invader-build: Improved the accuracy of encounter firing position location invader-build: Fixed various light tags not working correctly invader-build: Fixed sound_looping gain not being defaulted to 1 invader: Fixed an easy-to-reproduce segmentation fault crash on Windows. As always, the latest build can be retrieved from https://invader.opencarnage.net/builds/nightly/download-latest.html 
  13. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by aLTis in Ascetic   
    Ascetic is a small symmetrical map designed for 4-6 players. Best played on CTF and KOTH but other game types can be fun as well.
    The map was originally being made back in 2015 after I had a dream of a small map similar to Sandtrap. I didn't think the map worked well so I stopped working on it. In late 2019 I had an idea that might make the map more interesting: mirroring one side of the map and duplicating the middle building to make the map bigger. After messing around with that idea I got inspired to finish the map. Since the map is still fairly small it allowed me to put a lot of detail on it without hitting the engine limits which I'm used to and that gave me more freedom. I spent a lot of time working on visuals to see how good I can make things look and I hope it shows. The map still isn't perfect and there are some things I'd rather change (I wish I had done something better with the doors in the middle that serve no real purpose) but I don't want to spend any more time working on this since nobody is going to play this map anyway lol.
    There is a backpack weapons script that requires a Chimera build that supports scripting. There are 2 Open Sauce post-processing effects: ambient occlusion and volumetric lighting. Volumetric lighting also requires Chimera to work.
    There are a few well-hidden easter eggs in the map. You won't be able to find them using devcam so look for clues first. I challenge all of you to find all of the secrets!
    DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!RP5ihQSb!tSAgsnYzlnB5gUVAMyIMOIFNxx5kJiGHwvb9V71l7vk
    Author: aLTis
    Thanks to:
    StormUndBlackbird team and everyone else who tested the map
    Solink: Forge Island sky
    Halo CE Refined team: HUD
    Burney: some light textures
    ShikuTeshi: upscaled spartan textures
    MrChromed: upscaled armor cubemap
    CtrlAltDestroy / [ZMT] L33T: backpack weapons
    sbdJazz, Hunter,Iq and Marty McFly: post processing effects
    Some textures are from textures.com
    Some textures are from the map Seclusion
    Some assets are from Halo 3 and Halo Reach

  14. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by Sunstriker7 in Forge World: Survival   
    I can't answer the first question but I can provide this:
    taken from a halopedia article https://www.halopedia.org/Modding#Halo:_Reach
    I do know that people have been making forge mods but I don't know what tools they're using.
  15. PopeTX28 liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in Infint-MP   
    Lovely work as usual. 9/10 How do you have time to do maps when you're so busy working overtime?
    The theme. Perfectly executed.
    Modeling and UVs, obviously.
    Xbox-like shaders. You know your target demographic well.
    Cliche but effective layout. Level as well as item placements.

    Outdoor lighting is too dark; indoor lighting is too saturated. I'm a big fan of dark moody ambiance but for juicy 2's action, it's just a tad too dark.
    Way too much scenery.
    Teleporter source and destination rotations are different, resulting in you coming out of the destination teleporters with sideways velocity.
    Personally, I didn't like the fog.
    The "secret" room.
  16. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by PopeTX28 in Infint-MP   
    Here is my map Infint. It's a small 2v2 map, great for team-based gameplay. The readme has more info. But this is probably not going to be the final build.

    Lighting has significantly changed since the time the images were taken.
  17. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by Vaporeon in 32-bit-Enhanced Refined stock maps for Halo PC   
    There has been another update to fix lens flares that were broken on all maps using MEK tags. Also the "Assault on the Control Room" and "Two Betrayals" glass workaround was removed as the original shader works on full halo provided you use a d3d9 wrapper like dgVoodoo2. Since this is better than the fake glass used in refined I changed it back.
  18. WaeV liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in Hypothetical Modding Tools   
    I bet there won't be any mod support at all. It'll be one of those things where the more you can mod a game, the easier it is to cheat. These days game developers prefer a solid competitive game over something that can be modded. 343i has established a reputation for putting out the minimum viable product in my opinion and this is right in-line with that. If the game requires an Xbox Live subscription, then it probably won't have decent mod support- like Halo 2 Vista.
    But to answer your question, an all-in-one tool is definitely best if you can make it work. The small amount of stuff Tool does could easily be grouped into either other program. I've seen mod tools with the ability to do what both Sapien and Guerilla can do. Modern engines like Unreal use an all-in-one editor.
  19. Tucker933 liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in MCC for PC Info Thread   
    Anybody that preorders this will get stage 4 butt cancer.
  20. Tucker933 liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in MCC for PC Info Thread   
    Anybody that preorders this will get stage 4 butt cancer.
  21. Tucker933 liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in MCC for PC Info Thread   
    Anybody that preorders this will get stage 4 butt cancer.
  22. Kavawuvi liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in Update: Interpolation fixes and more   
    Seeing you mention interpolation problems reminded me that a glitchy interpolation issue in newer builds kept me from trying the newest Chimera[s]. In general I'm lost with what's been added and can't remember what other bugs kept me from switching from -366. I looked around for a nice overview of all the commands/features/bugs of the latest Chimera. The OP is well formatted but needs updating. I checked Github since I assume you're probably more active there and saw that some of the command usage arguments/parameters/variables are a little vague.
    And I can't really tell if Github has the latest information either, but that might be because I'm unfamiliar with how Github works.
  23. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by tarikja in devcheats (updated 02/21/2018)   
    Maybe it does work but for you everything feels normal? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  24. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by DSalimander in Telebox Scenery   
    Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace the normal way of doing teleporters. If you can, model the geometry in the BSP and use the teleporter_shield.scenery and teleporter_loop.sound_scenery tags in conjunction. I am only releasing this because I had to make it as part of a larger project [to be announced?] and the existing available 'telebox' scenerys are extremely poorly made.

    A pre-made teleporter entry that is meant to butt up against a wall. It contains everything you need, done properly.
    More info:
    This is a piece of scenery that combines what would normally be BSP geometry, with the teleporter_shield scenery, the teleporter_loop sound, and a non-dynamic light [because shaders that normally cast light won't do so when in scenery]. I have ensured that the shader applied to the geometry looks correct. The bounding radius is exact. The gizmo you use to move this piece of scenery around should correspond exactly to where you need to place the netgame teleporter flags, for added convenience. The extents of this telebox scenery are further than they should be on purpose so it can properly seal to the BSP and in-case the BSP wall isn't completely flat. Push the scenery back into the wall so it doesn't stick out too far but not so much that the wall behind it clips into the center of the telebox. Don't forget to run radiosity after placing scenery!
    Notice where the Sapien gizmo is for the scenery object. This will help you also place the netgame teleporter flags in the correct spot.

    Push the scenery this far into the rear wall if possible. It is much larger than it should be in case the wall is uneven such as a cliff wall. The bottom of the geometry also protrudes downward more than it needs to, but not as much. You shouldn't be placing these on extremely uneven ground anyway.

    This requires some tags not included in this release. All of these tags should have been included in the default installation of HEK. If you find the scenery is not working, you are probably missing these tags for some reason.
    Telebox Scenery.zip
  25. DSalimander liked a post in a topic by Kavawuvi in Update: Chimera 1.0 does support retail Halo PC   
    After some careful thought, I've decided to reverse a decision I made when starting Chimera on what is supported. As such, Chimera 1.0 will fully support the retail version of the game (AKA "Halo PC"). Currently, if you want a retail-compatible version of Chimera, you will have to compile it yourself, but I'll start posting builds of it in the future.
    The main reason for this is due to the graphics in Halo Custom Edition being even more broken than the retail version of the game, and these bugs are unfixable with my understanding of the game. Workarounds have existed for this, such as the Refined campaign's usage of model shaders instead of environment shaders, but this results in a less detailed, cut down appearance, similar to the difference between Halo PC's teleporters vs. Xbox Halo's teleporters.
    It is true that Halo Custom Edition provides a few features that retail doesn't have:
    Names over heads Gametype rules More servers and players Custom map support However, in singleplayer, with the broken fog, Halo Custom Edition provides an overall inferior experience to the retail version of the game, as well as multiplayer for people who do not use these additional features. Take a look:

    This means that, for the first time ever for the retail version of the game...
    The motion sensor won't be stretched when the widescreen fix is enabled. The main menu will be adapted to your aspect ratio when the widescreen fix is enabled. The console will be adapted to your aspect ratio when the widescreen fix is enabled. Zoom blur can be fully disabled without turning on DART or fixed function shaders instead of only partially. Mouse acceleration will be disabled by default. The sun will be fixed at higher resolutions. The vehicle camera centering can be fixed. The loading screen will instantly hide when joining a mulltiplayer server. And more!