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  1. Lovely work as usual. 9/10 How do you have time to do maps when you're so busy working overtime? ;)



    The theme. Perfectly executed.
    Modeling and UVs, obviously.
    Xbox-like shaders. You know your target demographic well.
    Cliche but effective layout. Level as well as item placements.

    Outdoor lighting is too dark; indoor lighting is too saturated. I'm a big fan of dark moody ambiance but for juicy 2's action, it's just a tad too dark.
    Way too much scenery.

    Teleporter source and destination rotations are different, resulting in you coming out of the destination teleporters with sideways velocity.

    Personally, I didn't like the fog.

    The "secret" room.

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  2. I've been out of the loop on MCC Reach news. Exactly how much can you mod this game? Is it easy? Can you get in trouble for modding the game? What methods did you use to do your mod?


    The 'moddability' of MCC Reach was a hot topic prior to release and now that it's out... how is it?


    Hope you don't mind me clogging your thread up with these questions. Maybe this info could be a separate thread.

  3. 16 hours ago, Kavawuvi said:

    I'm surprised servers don't have super badass log forts like this, instead opting for some really silly healthpack teleporters, instead.

    Well scenery mods don't sync over the internet. One of the first mods I ever made was a huge floating racetrack on Bloodgulch made entirely out of those logs. Halo could only render like half of it at any given time but it was still cool.

  4. Seeing you mention interpolation problems reminded me that a glitchy interpolation issue in newer builds kept me from trying the newest Chimera[s]. In general I'm lost with what's been added and can't remember what other bugs kept me from switching from -366. I looked around for a nice overview of all the commands/features/bugs of the latest Chimera. The OP is well formatted but needs updating. I checked Github since I assume you're probably more active there and saw that some of the command usage arguments/parameters/variables are a little vague.




    Does this want 0-1 decimal values or 0-255 integer values-
    chimera_console_prompt_color [<red> <green> <blue>]


    No idea what this command wants-
    chimera_deadzones [deadzones]


    I assume this is supposed to be a boolean toggle but it doesn't say-


    Reading the description on this one really confuses me-
    chimera_fov [fov]


    This sort of makes sense but a better idea of ideal values could help-
    chimera_model_detail [detail]


    For this one, I would specify that it's the index you want, not the name. I see that's why you used angle brackets on it but that's pretty subtle-
    chimera_player_info <player>


    Stupid nitpiky stuff but whatever.


    And I can't really tell if Github has the latest information either, but that might be because I'm unfamiliar with how Github works.

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  5. For the server I help administrate, we disable sightjacking simply because it's a method of cheating. Nothing to look into there. But there is one huge downside to this- administrators cannot sightjack either. This is supposed to be fixed but it never was. Because of this, us administrators are handicapped against our will. We do not use the built in aimbot detection because there are known methods where trolls can get HAC2 to false positive on an innocent person and get them banned.


    Blaming server administrators for HAC2's deficiencies isn't fair.

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  6. There are many places that have collections of tutorials but the most OG collection I can confidently recommend is TheGhost's. With that said, you will need a 3d modeling program and that's the most difficult part. Most people use a copy of 3ds Max via student licence but there is a free alternative called Blender as well. For image editing, you can use GIMP or find an old outdated version of Photoshop, version CS2, which was released for free.


    Other tutorial collections:





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  7. 1 hour ago, Krazychic said:

    I actually tested the map before going to bed last night and found the wind noise overbearing

    I tried to replicate Sidewinder but I used a different sound environment tag. I've never considered this before but possibly the sound environment tag makes the overall volume louder? I always assumed it was just for EAX stuff like echo/reverb. Can anybody confirm?