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  1. Nuke any tags contaminated with Open Sauce and work from there.
  2. Longershot A snowy symmetrical outdoor map with vehicles. Designed for CTF with about 8 players. This is an update to the previous build- LongShot. The map made in under 4 hours because I misread the map contest submission date. I have made this my submission into Round 2. With this new build I have fixed several phantom BSP and added full gametype support. I ran full lightmaps this time so inside bases look very nice. The map's name is now even more accurate. Longershot.zip
  3. Why did he give up trying to squeeze the tank inside the base? Looks like he almost got it.
  4. Is this the same script as the one you provided us with on GMYF STL OBJ? I'm pretty sure we all have Chimera. What happens when we combine it with the script exactly? A client has to have a script? What?
  5. Hello OC. I'd like to show you one of the things I've been working on and get some feedback. The level is based on an Unreal Tournament 2004 1v1 deathmatch map Roughinery. The map's working name is Smoothery. I have a final name picked but am keeping it to myself for now. This is a level that uses a modified Unreal Tournament 2004 tagset that I have stolen from Dredwerkz PB4 [here's the only thread about it I could find]. The map has a variety of fast-paced, high action, competitive gameplay. It's like Quake, Unreal Tournament, and Halo combined. The project is to the point where public feedback is desired. Project credits so far: Project Lead - DSalimander Project Testing/Ideas - Hasuku, Hirsute, Derj Most of the Halo CE Tags - Fubih's Dredwerkz PB4 [featuring m00kz, SBB and their subs, aLTis, Aquilum, Xylodrin] Halo CE Weapon Pickup Icon Tags - m00kz's UT2K4 Map Pack for Halo CE Original Level Design - Alexander Lehmann, Epicgames: Unreal Tournament 2004 Original Tagset Design - Epicgames: Unreal Tournament 2004 Unusual program credits: MEK Essentials - Ripped all tags needed, cleanly. 3D Ripper DX - Ripped level geometry straight from Unreal Tournament 2004, well enough. It started with Hasuku's desire for more Dredwerkz gameplay. A level design was needed and the easiest way to get one is to borrow straight from the source material. Hirsute picked Roughinery as a candidate. I got to work. I got a dirty rip of the map geometry straight out of Unreal Tournament 2004. I own the game so it was easy to get. I might have even been able to load the map in the included editor and get the geometry there but I haven't tried that approach. Some testers and ideas guys wanted a quick copy of it in Halo so they could walk around and confirm the layout and scale are good. The layout was better than expected but I ended up shrinking the geometry to 80% of what the raw rip was. The BSP was completely redrawn by hand because Unreal levels are a mixture of simplistic BSP and tons of high poly non-BSP objects called static meshes. The final BSP is very simplistic, almost blockout level simplistic. At this stage I questioned if I wanted to keep the level straightforward and easy to read or add tons of detail like a normal Halo map. I think keeping the level more basic kills two birds with one stone: easier to play and easier to make. If I or somebody else wants to come back and make another map with the same gameplay, it should be easy. I began fixing up the tagset stolen from Dredwerkz PB4. Sometimes the level is called Aerial but I'll stick to the current working name. Somehow that tagset had all the hard stuff done but the easy stuff wasn't. Like there were no item names or pickup icons and everything was scaled weird. This was particularly annoying because nobody had any idea which gun was which. It's amazing how much better those incredibly small fixes make. I worked with what I had so the tagset is still sort of ghetto but it's the best iteration of UT2K4 in Halo I've seen yet. I also began experimenting with which scenery and/or light fixtures would fit the style. I port and tag one of the light fixtures that's spammed everywhere in Unreal Tournament 2004. Thanks to how I redrew every polygon manually over the old geometry, there were very few BSP errors to deal with. Lighting was evolved from just the sky, then added custom light fixtures spammed everywhere, then added old spotlight scenery from Dredwerkz PB4 with invisible light planes in the BSP, then added simple lights to the BSP in remaining dark areas. The bulk of the custom light fixtures that were spammed everywhere mostly coincided with exactly what was done in Unreal Tournament 2004. Any deviation from what they did was to accommodate the other light sources and my opinion on which looks best. I had to reduce the amount of lens flares in one of the Dredwerkz PB4 shaders because it was hitting Halo's limit and made weapon effects not look right. Most of the thinking is done at this point and the only leg work needed is debugging and polishing the level. ... Behold the current build. 98% of my TODO list is done and I need to verify I didn't miss anything. Let me show you exactly where the progress stands by also giving you a primer on the gameplay features. A big thing to know about these guns is instead of a normal grenade option, each gun has an alternate firing mode. These alternate firing modes are often complementary of primary fire modes and typically deal more damage at a higher ammo cost. Sniper weapons do not have alt fires. If you shoot at the alternate projectile of the Shock Rifle, it will detonate mid-air. Etc. [Left: primary trigger. Right: alternate trigger.] If you jump and fire the secondary starting weapon's alternate trigger at your feet, you should be able to jump even higher. This is the Shield Gun. [It's primary fire currently produces a useless shield.] Here are specially designed launch pad ramp things. I really need to settle on a name for them. The basic concept is this: slanted geometry gives you an acceleration boost; if the geometry is slanted AND has a ladder material, you get even more acceleration. While only those special launch pad ramps have the ladder material, everything else doesn't. But you can still get acceleration boosts off upward and downward ramps that are everywhere in the map. These are power ups. They're all self-explanatory except for the purple one. Normally in Unreal Tournament 2004, this would give you a double damage multiplier. For Halo it is simply the active camouflage. [In order, top left to bottom right: Health Vials for small shield boost, Health Packs for health, Super Shield Pack for a huge shield boost, and what is called Double Damage but is actually just an active camouflage.] These little items everywhere are ammo pickups. The Flak Cannon ammo is using a placeholder model in the PB. I have it fixed in the next build. Up on this ledge is a very handy tool. "The Redeemer is a portable thermonuclear warhead launcher and the most powerful weapon in the Unreal Tournament series." It is only available every four minutes and you must figure out how to get it. Definitely don't try what I'm doing in the picture below. These are what I have named Dummy Boxes. Anywhere you see these, there is probably a parkour-esque trick nearby. If you fail a parkour jump repeatedly, keep your sanity and just jump on the Dummy Boxes instead. The level requires no prerequisite mods. Any Open Sauce extensions present in Dredwerkz PB4 were stripped out. Any feedback on the level geometry or population is very welcome. If there's a jump that needs to be added or removed I need to know. Too much or not enough ammo? Tell me! All gametypes are supported and should be fun. Feedback on the tagset itself isn't as useful since I'm aware of most of the problems but am not in a position to do much about it other than easy fixes. My main goal is to make a good level for the existing tagset, not vice-versa. Anybody who gives me a fully featured, bug-free HUD that accurately mimics Unreal Tournament 2004 will receive 3-10 raffle tickets from me depending on the quality and effort. Offer ends at the end of this month's raffle. Beta download removed. Go get the release!
  6. Smoothery has been released as Butter:
  7. @PopeTX28 As for making the level Halo style, I have to firmly stand at no. Too much work for a map I'm already seeing an underwhelming playerbase for. Not to mention all the added complexity wouldn't mesh so well with faster paced action. Right now I'm trying to keep the occlusion portals to a minimum so weapon effects are heard/seen everywhere in the map, and that would have to change with higher poly counts. @Pfhunkie I was very alarmed when I first saw that "kill your own body thing" but I have never seen it happen mid-game to other players. Hopefully it doesn't sync over internet and I don't have to bother fixing it. One of the problems I keep seeing is people ignoring the very important alternate firing modes. Every time somebody tells me a weapon sucks, I ask them if they have tried the alternate fire and they say no. Can't help people who don't RTFM. Other updates: Going to increase damage of Minigun. All guns need a healthy dose of rebalancing but I'll only commit to what I know needs fixing.
  8. This will be my last update on this TV, I promise. The repair man came out and fixed my TV. Except he didn't. He swapped out my defective panel for an even worse defective panel. Well done repair man! Fuck this TV I'm getting a refund.
  9. Thought you'd never ask! We call it "Good Maps Ya Fucks - St. Louis - Objective Gametypes". Very similar to @stunt_man's servers, we host maps that were made popular by the Xbox mod called NHE. But it has to be said we are not affiliated with Halo1Hub or GMYF. The majority of maps the can be found in the most recent public release of said maps for PC. The gametypes are a mix of the basic popular ones like Team Slayer, CTF, FFA, Crazy KOTH, Oddball, etc. Each gametype slightly tweaked to favor competitiveness. We have various SAPP scripts running such as on-screen timer, delete empty weapons, and hit reg fix, as playing on our server is meant to be more competitive than casual, while being open to anybody to join. Occasionally gamenights are had on special maps or betas and we might lock down the server when that happens. There are plans for maybe adding a second server in California but that's on the back-burner. Basically a generous blend of casual gametypes/players and competitive maps/scripts. We have a Discord for our server and anybody is welcome, assuming they have some degree of interest in Halo 1. Be warned we have no rules against profanity so if you're easily offended by things like the F word, stay out. (The other F word.) You'll see a map called Tinker in this map pack. That was the map that I helped develop and won the GMYF map contest. I've considered making a thread for it as an official release but technically it was already released in that map pack.
  10. A little more air and ground friction might be better, as mentioned. And speaking of insta-gib, some SAPP scripts could be useful for some of the popular mutators. Might have to look into that as well. Updates: Added the correct Flak Cannon ammo. Fixed item base scenery bounding radii. Found this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/421105781761376257/603401215476498449/Oh_No.mp4
  11. Yeah it needs to be said that this isn't supposed to be 100% Unreal Tournament 2004-like. It's probably more Quake-like than Unreal-like. I took some liberties with the player movement. As you can see by the ramp jump things. Some tryhards in the competitive portion of the Halo community like this kind of stuff. We are going to be playing it tonight on our GMYF OBJ STL server. Look for it in the server list, but it will probably be full.
  12. The desire to make it came mostly from people who don't have Unreal Tournament 2004. I don't have any plans for dodging at the moment. Halo's strafing should be an acceptable replacement, especially since I increased player speed. Maybe I should have mentioned the player speed change.
  13. In regards to the Refined Tagset- I am aware it exists and many people like it. But I don't like how some of the fixes were left to interpretation. For example, I think the lines for the reticles are too thick. I've complained about it but nobody agrees with me. I think people are comparing it to MCC and maybe since I've never played MCC I can't relate. Plus who is to say the Refined Tagset is even finished? If I put the current version in my map and there's an update later, how will people feel about that? If people want to play using this ambiguous tagset, somebody can mod it later. The main feature of the release is the map itself, as vanilla as possible. This is how it's always been done and I'm a stickler for consistency. -----------------------------------------Edit: Here are the downloads to all of my Outstanding Maps in one convenient place: Ballyhoo.zip Crossguard.zip Butter.zip Frigid_Keep.zip
  14. Longershot A snowy symmetrical outdoor map with vehicles. Designed for CTF with about 8 players. This is an update to the previous build- LongShot. The map made in under 4 hours because I misread the map contest submission date. I have made this my submission into Round 2. With this new build I have fixed several phantom BSP and added full gametype support. I ran full lightmaps this time so inside bases look very nice. The map's name is now even more accurate. Development Thread (lots of pictures!): https://opencarnage.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=996 First entry for second round. Should still meet both additional prize requirements.
  15. Because of Twitch streaming and alike, you never want to needlessly tell somebody their own IP in server messages. Assuming this "fou" person is using a unique IP, just ban that. If they're using multiple IP addresses, you might be able to ban the range of IPs they're using, if that's what they're doing... but they probably aren't. There is a server that I used to participate in that had a similar problem. Couldn't ban the name, CD-Key, or IP address of this guy because he would just change it and come back. We ended up just making the server unlisted and switched IPs. Hardly a solution. I hate to say it but sometimes if you have a big enough asshole trying to ruin your Halo server, there isn't much you can do. Try to keep a record of all the names, IP addresses, and CD-Keys this person uses. Try to find a pattern. If there isn't one... tough luck. Whenever you change server files like events.txt or LUA scripts, rebooting the server (or reloading SAPP) should indeed make any changes take affect. Just try replacing the files and reloading SAPP again. Double check you saved and overwrote stuff correctly.
  16. Just drop the files into the right directory and you enter a command in Halo once. Should work forever after that. This pretty much covers everything. Are you following everything in that and still having the problem? Which Optic Pack are you using?
  17. You over emphasize these colors' usefulness in this case. You say ew to Notepad, I say ew to VS. Actually the script is so big, and comments so numerous, that all the comments had to be moved to a separate file or else Sapien wouldn't compile it. I have been working on this for a while. Revised it several times and thoroughly documented all of it. If you'd like I could hold your hand and walk you through every line of it in eye bleeding black and white. You don't write many Halo scripts, do you.
  18. They want to come to my house at 8AM to try and fix what I'm pretty sure is a broken panel. This should be interesting.
  19. I'm going to try and pump out a map that meets the two additional prize criteria in the map contest. This will be for the first round which ends in like 4 hours so prepare for a lot of self-bumps with "progress" updates so I can hit that 10 post minimum. Yes, shameless; but what would you do when given 1 day to make a map (and procrastinated until the last 4 hours)? The name of the map is LongShot, an appropriate name for the intentions for this project. Behold the first update of many, my fabulous MS Paint map concept: I'm pretty sure that counts for an initial post. As you can see, it's a symmetrical outdoor map with a few different paths. One is driving, one is teles, the other is just walking straight there via tunnels. I think the main population here enjoys fun maps compared to gritty competitive ones, so I will design it as such. Each path has been "balanced" to offer an evenly distributed fun experience. I might make the map snowy themed so I can throw in some slick ice spots which make driving hogs more challenging/fun? Stay tuned, I've got a lot of posts to make in 4 hours!
  20. Let's be realistic here- most new maps don't get played as much as they should. Sadly these days you only make maps for you and your friends to enjoy, or contests. I suppose you're right about simply settling for the Outstanding Maps tickets if money is your motivator. But the contest also makes it fun and competitive. (Plus you win money directly instead of gambling with the raffle.) I keep drawing parallels to the first contest. (Second contest had no minigames IIRC.) What you should to take away from that first contest is exactly how close first and second places were. The reason Pope's map barely won is because it was exceptionally well done. Way better than a majority of the maps in existence. Good luck coming even close to Pope's modeling skills. Whereas second place was... yeah. These minigames are cool and all but it's comparable to being in different weight classes in MMA. Same goes for SP maps. And a side note- the stipulation that people can use any build of Chimera they want is a little circle-jerky and weren't the builds that allowed client LUA purposely discontinued because they're potentially exploitable? Speaking of which, I swear I never saw any mention that the Round 2 project had to be a continuation of the Round 1 entry until one of the second to last edits of the contest submission OP. I guess I need to get my eyes checked. My assumption was you could enter as many maps per round as you want. Seems like people only released half-assed maps in Round 1 not to win it, but to get to Round 2 because that's where the good prizes are. If I'm forced to only work on refining LongShot, then I have to respectfully pull out of Round 2. LongShot's core level layout is intentionally ridiculous. I appreciate you believing I could turn it around into something better (even winning that additional prize you just announced), but dedicating a month to trying to make the map not suck isn't desirable. I've had to do that too many times for the NHE maps.
  21. Somehow I didn't see your post until today. I really did jump into this quicker than I should have since I misread the deadline. In the moment I was having fun trying to challenge myself with that 4 hour time restraint. Because of this, I made a second mistake by not looking at the previous contests' entries and winners to get a better feel of what I should expect. I remember your map Hemoasis won because somebody showed it to me and briefly mentioned why it was made. Very cool map and good publicity for this website too. But looking back at that first contest, the second place was some LUA scripted minigame thing. And now in this contest there's another LUA scripted minigame thing! I feel like these minigame maps are sort of unfair because very few people know LUA scripting and people are really easy to impress with LUA scripts. Supply and demand I suppose. (Honestly makes me sick looking at 002's SAPP script bounty thread because he's the most capable person of doing what he's trying to bribe others to do.) Top these minigames off with some retro nostalgia and you've got a proven strong contender. At the time of me writing this, aLTis's Halo Invaders is leading the poll and I'm feeling disappointed that I have to compete with it. I assumed the map contest was for fully developed MP maps. Somebody has to make an MP map as good as Hemoasis or better to win and frankly that's an impressive amount of work. I've been trying to get a map concept made, but can't bring myself to officially begin work on it because I have growing doubts about being able to win--regardless of what I submit. I'd be fine with going against you and probably letting you win, but apparently beating you would be the easier task if going against minigames. I hate having to whine about it like a sore loser but that's how I feel.
  22. Is that meant to say people instead of projects? I'd be okay with polishing LongShot for Round 2 but I was intending to start a better project instead.
  23. If anybody is interested, you can experience that hippy rainbow level yourself -the one that won last month's contest. You can play through the level if you're brave (it can crash), or you can just switch to BSP 3 manually. I wasn't credited, but I made that BSP (modified AoTCR control room exterior)and the peace sign effect (modified snow). Oh and if my memory serves correctly, the map has some Open Sauce extensions that make a nightmarish hell of screen effects for that part of the level. So maybe disable OS before playing.
  24. Small update on my TV. Looks like it has shipping damage. They protected the edges of the TV with foam but there was nothing but a thin layer of cardboard protecting the front of the screen. I assume that's what caused this. Wish me luck getting it replaced since it's a discontinued model.
  25. Fuck yeah turbo smooth.