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  1. I've imagined it like a dog biting your ass to discourage you from going any further. Violence is the only thing I understand.
  2. I thought Hirsute was trolling me when he showed me some of the BSP modifications that are in the PE pack.
  3. You can tell he doesn't know what he's talking about because he thinks the Halo CE community deserves respect. Nothing further to look into.
  4. For something so simple, you put enough care and thought into it to make it worthwhile. Nice. Is there a thread or something that has the entire list of the maps in this series?
  5. Your arms must be really tired from the constant circlejerking.
  6. This isn't based on Halo 2 Foundation?
  7. After three iterations it still doesn't look as good as the original map it's based on.
  8. Upping the resolution on the lightmaps to achieve higher quality/cleaner/crisper shadows clashes horribly with Halo 1's low-poly aesthetic. This is tried over and over again and the first impressions are all wows and high fives but it never really feels right. Stick to just emulating exactly what the old lightmaps looked like, but rendered faster and open source.
  10. I haven't heard of nor experienced this before. Does it happen on all versions of Windows?
  11. That is the ugliest fucking thing I have ever seen.
  12. Cawww!
  13. Please shift away from CLI.
  14. Is that from incredibly cursed Halo?
  15. They're shortened URLs that generate revenue for the person who gets people to click them. I'm guessing they subject you to tons of advertisements before letting you proceed to the intended destinations. Very classy.
  16. Technically this is true. EAC violations are handled differently depending what game it is and what rule it thinks was broken. But generally EAC violations can lead to game bans on Steam, known as VAC bans. You can get false positives or argue that what happened was a mistake to get it reversed, but it's wise to assume the worst if you get flagged and avoid it at all costs. I enjoy the opportunity to make terrible but technically valid entries in contests. I saw a loophole in the guidelines and wanted to make something funny out of it. Hopefully it was filled with enough jokes to make it entertaining. If an admin wants to delete that thread, I wouldn't object. Thank you for selecting this one for the winner. I think this topic is something that is always glossed over without much explanation and it really shouldn't be when there are real consequences. Any suggestions for improvements will happily be implemented.
  17. To play Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam, with mods, you must disable Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) or simply 'anticheat'. If you don't do this, you can get VAC banned on Steam which may lead to consequences like being unable to play multiplayer or worse. Option 1: Desktop shortcut. Here's how to get a desktop shortcut with the official icon. First get the original game shortcut which can be placed automatically as you install the game, or manually add it later by doing the following: Find Halo: The Master Chief Collection in your Steam games library list and right click it. Select Manage. Inside the Manage sub-menu, click Add desktop shortcut. Once you have a normal Halo MCC desktop shortcut, do the following: Copy and paste the shortcut Steam made for you, then rename it 'MCC NonAC' or whatever you like. Edit the properties of the shortcut. In the URL field, replace steam://rungameid/976730 with steam://launch/976730/option1. To finish, select OK. Be careful not to accidentally run the original if you have installed mods. Or just don't have the original at all. Option 2: Through the Steam games library. I personally find this method to be annoyingly repetitious but if you have lots of games, this can be a way to keep your desktop clean. Navigate to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in your Steam games library. Launch the game using the big green PLAY button. (Shown in the picture as blue CANCEL since I already clicked it.) Two windows will appear, one is a prompt. In the prompt, select the option that says "Play Halo: MCC Anti-Cheat Disabled (Mods and Limited ..." Press PLAY and enjoy your mods worry-free!
  18. Awesome, it works! Thank you- bounty transferred.
  19. Does anybody know of a Max Script or a program that can extract collision models? From a tag into 3ds Max. 1 ticket goes to the person who finds me what I need.
  20. I'm not running an executable file from somebody I don't trust. Can you share the files it installs?
  21. What does 'flight' mean?
  22. Please don't force external 3d modeling programs for radiosity. This would simply be a compromise of ease of use for an open source sticker. My experience with Aether and Open Sauce directional lightmaps was not pleasant. The results were often worse than what Halo could produce and at significantly more effort. Many of the lighting settings in modern 3d programs can be overwhelming compared to the simplicity of how Halo's tagging system allows you to automatically configure level lighting via object attachments, shader radiosity, and skyboxes. Too many lights would have to be manually placed and configured correctly. Extra steps of running multiple commands in plugins/scripts and using multiple programs is annoying as well. Unless you manage to produce a single step solution that automates this entire process, I hope you just find a way to mimic the tool lightmaps command.
  23. I'm pretty old school and like having desktop shortcuts over launching through the Steam library so this is a great solution. I have added that as the primary option.
  24. After more trial and error than I'd like to admit, I think I figured out the problem. You MUST select the level, select the rally point, select the scoring options, select the difficulty, select the skulls, then start. My mistake was selecting the level, skipping over the rally point and scoring options screens, and only bothering with the difficulty and skulls options. This would let you start the mission the way you intend to, but break all mission completion challenge tracking. After spending even more time thinking about this, I tried to figure out why you would be refused to go back and set the scoring options if you skip the rally point select screen. I guess it should have been more obvious but you are only allowed to do scoring if you start missions from the beginning and they assumed the only way to do that was by selecting rally point alpha. Starting missions by skipping the rally point select screen breaks the game behind the scenes. I wonder if skipping these screens was an oversight in mouse/keyboard implementation.