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  1. Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace the normal way of doing teleporters. If you can, model the geometry in the BSP and use the teleporter_shield.scenery and teleporter_loop.sound_scenery tags in conjunction. I am only releasing this because I had to make it as part of a larger project [to be announced?] and the existing available 'telebox' scenerys are extremely poorly made. A pre-made teleporter entry that is meant to butt up against a wall. It contains everything you need, done properly. More info: This is a piece of scenery that combines what would normally be BSP geometry, with the teleporter_shield scenery, the teleporter_loop sound, and a non-dynamic light [because shaders that normally cast light won't do so when in scenery]. I have ensured that the shader applied to the geometry looks correct. The bounding radius is exact. The gizmo you use to move this piece of scenery around should correspond exactly to where you need to place the netgame teleporter flags, for added convenience. The extents of this telebox scenery are further than they should be on purpose so it can properly seal to the BSP and in-case the BSP wall isn't completely flat. Push the scenery back into the wall so it doesn't stick out too far but not so much that the wall behind it clips into the center of the telebox. Don't forget to run radiosity after placing scenery! Notice where the Sapien gizmo is for the scenery object. This will help you also place the netgame teleporter flags in the correct spot. Push the scenery this far into the rear wall if possible. It is much larger than it should be in case the wall is uneven such as a cliff wall. The bottom of the geometry also protrudes downward more than it needs to, but not as much. You shouldn't be placing these on extremely uneven ground anyway. This requires some tags not included in this release. All of these tags should have been included in the default installation of HEK. If you find the scenery is not working, you are probably missing these tags for some reason. Download: Telebox Scenery.zip
  2. For the server I help administrate, we disable sightjacking simply because it's a method of cheating. Nothing to look into there. But there is one huge downside to this- administrators cannot sightjack either. This is supposed to be fixed but it never was. Because of this, us administrators are handicapped against our will. We do not use the built in aimbot detection because there are known methods where trolls can get HAC2 to false positive on an innocent person and get them banned. Blaming server administrators for HAC2's deficiencies isn't fair.
  3. Or just include the required Refined tags within the release already.
  4. Good combination of ideas thrown into that, while building off of Echo77's recent release, nice. I was wanting to see what that skin looked like--applied to the model. Results are very interesting. I wish acquiring the HUD wasn't so convoluted.
  5. Gifted Minecraft to @Derj with some of the map contest money.
  6. Very good map though. Checks all the boxes in my book.
  7. Watched the Fantastic Four from 2015 to see if it really is as bad as they say. It is.
  8. I don't recall shitposting and bumping old threads, but ok...
  9. Nice to meet you too.
  10. This is going to piss so many people off. I love it. Next do a fix for the double melee glitch.
  11. Is this a new version of https://haloce3.com/downloads/ui/ddlc-styled-ui-for-hce/ ? That old version had a bug where the polka-dots would disappear if you used Open Sauce IIRC.
  12. There are many places that have collections of tutorials but the most OG collection I can confidently recommend is TheGhost's. With that said, you will need a 3d modeling program and that's the most difficult part. Most people use a copy of 3ds Max via student licence but there is a free alternative called Blender as well. For image editing, you can use GIMP or find an old outdated version of Photoshop, version CS2, which was released for free. Other tutorial collections: https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/forum/63-halo-ce-modding-tutorials/ http://www.modacity.net/forums/showthread.php?18957-The-Ultimate-Halo-CE-Tutorial-Index http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?pg=1&sid=23 https://haloce3.com/tutorial-index/
  13. I wouldn't say there's a lack of interest but rather you're covering all the bases so well that there isn't anything to do but like your posts. As is with your past projects, most bugs reported are already known and praising for the sake of showing interest can get old quick. Keep doing what you're doing.