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  1. When developers make their source code inaccessible and then themselves inaccessible, that's where the problems begin. Any developer that does this, intentionally or not, is doomed to have their work forcibly replaced. Time will tell if Kavawuvi is taking enough steps to end this cycle.
  2. Map protection always had the most insulting excuses to justify it and these days if you ask why people did it, they try to act like victims. They were always selfish assholes high on chasing popularity at any cost. Leaving their work to rot is good karma.
  3. To play Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam, with mods, you must disable Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) or simply 'anticheat'. If you don't do this, you can get VAC banned on Steam which may lead to consequences like being unable to play multiplayer or worse. Option 1: Desktop shortcut. Here's how to get a desktop shortcut with the official icon. First get the original game shortcut which can be placed automatically as you install the game, or manually add it later by doing the following: Find Halo: The Master Chief Collection in your Steam games library list and right click it. Select Manage. Inside the Manage sub-menu, click Add desktop shortcut. Once you have a normal Halo MCC desktop shortcut, do the following: Copy and paste the shortcut Steam made for you, then rename it 'MCC NonAC' or whatever you like. Edit the properties of the shortcut. In the URL field, replace steam://rungameid/976730 with steam://launch/976730/option1. To finish, select OK. Be careful not to accidentally run the original if you have installed mods. Or just don't have the original at all. Option 2: Through the Steam games library. I personally find this method to be annoyingly repetitious but if you have lots of games, this can be a way to keep your desktop clean. Navigate to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in your Steam games library. Launch the game using the big green PLAY button. (Shown in the picture as blue CANCEL since I already clicked it.) Two windows will appear, one is a prompt. In the prompt, select the option that says "Play Halo: MCC Anti-Cheat Disabled (Mods and Limited ..." Press PLAY and enjoy your mods worry-free!
  4. Oh very interesting. I have been launching it from desktop shortcut. I just tried launching it from library and I got the prompt you must be talking about.
  5. I don't get anything asking me anything. The game just boots straight into the main menu after a couple splash screens. Maybe because I'm on Windows 7 or installed the game more recently?
  6. Keeping the tradition going of starting with a Bloodgulch mod. Classic. An interesting first choice for a mod but possibly misleading since that weapon will only spawn once. To add weapons to multiplayer you have to add the weapon to the globals weapon list, put the weapon into an item collection, and then place the item collection into the scenario as a netgame equipment. I think... it's been a while. Might have been better to just show how to mod the existing pistol? And I feel like people are underestimating the importance of explaining how to disable anticheat and why. Otherwise, good job showing this process in a more approachable way.
  7. After looking over the long list of all the changes, I have to say I'm impressed by the thoroughness. Looks like a quality hardcore re-balance job.
  8. It's possible to mark enemy players with nav points using normal Halo console commands.
  9. I think I should share a project I scrapped. All the information I'm providing on it is from notes I kept during development, all smashed together into a giant clusterfuck read me. This isn't a pretty release but I thought it was worth it. The only thing not explained is how to play the version of the map I am releasing: host a local LAN game on the map with an MLG Team Slayer variant- no motion trackers and 5 second respawn times. Maybe somebody will be inspired by this to take it a step further? Watch before you read. Lots of reading. Or skimming. But if you do neither, don't ask questions. Files. Includes: the map, tags (AI, scenarios, strings), the script, the above read me, and an obsolete single player version. ChillyBots Dump.7z
  10. The nuclear option. Speaking of which, I wonder how much of my MCC crashing problem is related to them forgetting that the game needs to be supported on Windows 7 still, as per the store page's minimum requirements. I only bought the game when ODST became available recently, and even then I only got H2A, H3, ODST, and Reach. Glad they discounted ODST more than the rest, retroactively acknowledging the fact that it was never meant to be sold as a standalone AAA title.
  11. WARNING: Steam tolerates invalid refund requests within reason, but if you have a habit of doing that or do this incorrectly, you may be punished severely. Before reading this tutorial, make sure you are familiar with Steam's policies: https://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/ https://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/ https://store.steampowered.com/privacy_agreement/ Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam is a game that promised big but delivered game breaking crashes, bugs, poor multiplayer matchmaking, political pandering, childish skins, missing features, a strange third-party login system, and other disappointments. Unlike typical Microsoft policies, Steam will actually recognize a game's shortcomings and allow players to get their money back. Settle on why you're getting the refund. Between us, it's probably because you're a cheap greedy bastard, but Steam wants a more concise reason. Needing the money back so you can buy a new anime dating simulator also isn't a valid reason (according to them). Login to Steam and navigate to your library of games. Find Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Verify your age with Steam because this game is only for hardened lumberjacks. No squeakers are allowed. Click Support. Click "It's not what I expected" and then "I'd like to request a refund". This is not the only way to do this process, a lot of the options shown should lead to the same refund request page. Now if you met both the 14 day period after buying and less than 2 hours of play criteria, you shouldn't need to provide any explanation for the refund request. However, the developers can see the reasons for the refunds, so this can be a teaching moment on what happens if they sell a bad game and/or poorly support it. If you did not meet the above criteria, you will need to get creative with your justification for the refund. As long as you have a reasonable excuse, like the game doesn't work at all following an update and 343 Industries won't help you, Steam is typically very open minded to providing a satisfactory customer experience. This won't be like when your sixth Xbox 360 replacement red ring of deathed a day after the warranty expired. Steam may take up to a week to process the refund. If you are denied the refund, you have a chance to explain yourself but at that point you should just accept that your only chance was just squandered. Consider a credit card charge back and/or grief counseling. Congratulations! If you failed, you may have learned something useful for your next refund attempt. But if you succeeded, you now have enough Steam credit to buy games you prefer like Sex with Stalin, Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash, Succubus Series BUNDLE, and Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad.
  12. Found a code on some pizza rolls for a game I don't play. The pizza rolls aren't very good. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War in-game content. H70F-811YM-PJTR https://www.callofduty.com/totinos If you use the code, like the post to let others know it's not valid anymore.
  13. The beautiful duality of using Sight Jacker to find cheaters. Just accept that this game can only be played in a casual capacity.
  14. As long as the honest reason was because copies were unavailable, sure. But sometimes there are... other motivations. Can confirm that an inexperienced admin caused a huge headache once when he banned a pirate by hash which of coarse unknowingly banned a massive amount of other people. It was only caught because it was a popular server with a Discord backing it. How many random public servers unknowingly killed themselves by doing the same?
  15. Shitposts, walls of text, memes, and confirmation of things I've bitched about for years? Oh my, what a lovely day!