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  1. Thank you!! I already fixed it, sorry for the inconveniences. https://github.com/JerryBrick/harmony/releases/tag/v2.0.1 @Vaporeon
  2. Hi everyone! I want to share with you a mod that I've been developing since last year. What is Harmony? Harmony is a mod / library which comes with some additional features for Chimera Lua scripting. It started out as an HAC2 Optic reimplementation with Chimera compatibility, but today it has some extra cool features. Features All the features listed below are available from Chimera Lua scripts by requiring Harmony library just like this: local harmony = require "mods.harmony" You can find more info about how to use Harmony in your Chimera scripts on this document. Optic Like in HAC2, you can create and display medals with sound, there is set of functions in the library you can use for displaying external images and playing sounds. Here is an example script you can see working in the video below. (excuse my meme stuff) Custom menu aspect ratio There is no much to say about this, it just changes the aspect ratio like in this UI which has a 16:9 aspect ratio: Events Like Chimera Lua API callbacks, there are some events you can use in your optic / menu scripts: Multiplayer event. This is called when a multiplayer event occurs (player kill, ctf score, killing spree, etc.). Multiplayer sound. This is called when a multiplayer sound is played (announcer voice, ting, etc.). Menu accept. This is called when a widget accept event occurs (when a menu accept button is pressed). Menu back. This is called when returning to the previous menu (when a menu cancel button is pressed). Menu list tab. This is called when navigating in a menu list using arrow keys. Menu mouse button press. This is called when a menu button is pressed with a mouse button. Menu sound. This is called when a menu sound is played. These events can be useful when you want to give a custom behavior to a menu. There is another example script with some menu events. Installation Manual Install Chimera Create a folder called "mods" (e.g. "D:\Halo Custom Edition\mods") Copy harmony.dll file to your mods folder Mercury A package manager for Halo Custom Edition. You can get Harmony by using the following command: mercury install harmony Note: Like Chimera, Harmony requires DirectX 9 to be installed in your system. Extra Some interesting stuff made using Harmony: Optic (medals script, do not confuse with the name of the feature) Insurrection UI (16:9 user interface) You can install all of these stuff using Mercury. Links Github repo: https://github.com/JerryBrick/harmony ShadowMods discord: https://discord.shadowmods.net/ Downloads: https://github.com/JerryBrick/harmony/releases Credits Snowy (Development of Chimera, the base of this project). Sledmine (Help with Lua API docs; testing and feedback). Thanks for reading! This is my first time writing such an extensive post in a forum, any suggestions about it would be very, very appreciated.
  3. Moon is a mod loader for Halo TMCC. It wraps the DInput8 DLL and loads any custom DLLs from a mods folder. Works in the same way as Chimera's mod loader, aka Monolith. Installation Copy DInput8.dll file to your Halo TMCC folder. Create a folder called "mods" (e.g. "D:\Halo The Master Chief Collection\mods"). Drop your custom DLLs in there. Source: https://github.com/JerryBrick/Moon I made this because I want to port some stuff from Chimera to TMCC (like the Lua scripting). This is my second topic so I'm not sure about if this is the right place to post this, I hope it is. As always, any feedback would be very appreciated. moon-r4-b155e61.7z mod_test.7z
  4. This script shows your ping when you are on a server. I also put in a command that allows you to enable/disable the thing. It works like any other Chimera command, it saves your setting, so you don't need to type the command every time you start the game. show_ping [true/false] This script only works in the latest version of the Lua API (2.056) which comes with latest version of Chimera. Uh, this is my first topic, any suggestions will be appreciated. player_ping.lua
  5. Well, you're right, there are a lot of people who keep forgetting the ini file haha, so yeah, keeping everything in one DLL is the best way. PS: If I'm not wrong, I found a way to fix it without having to use the Lua dynamic library, maybe I'll release a "pack" with some useful Lua libraries fixed to work with the Chimera's built-in Lua VM.
  6. I have a question. Will the Lua library be static-linked? I found a bug related to this in the -5xx API while I was trying to require a DLL library from a script, I got a "Multiple VMs" error. Whatever, good job! can't wait for it.
  7. I was not aware of this :S https://github.com/Kavawuvi/chimera/pull/50